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None to my knowledge...the enhancer would have to be part of the water proof headphones...I don't know if the DepthMaster company is still in biz but you could look them up and ask...

I hope my memory has not screwed up the name


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Recently son gave me a neat booster to trial, Treasure Mate V3


Very compact, Speaker inbuilt, HDphone plug, inbuilt 9v Lithium battery, external USB recharge, volume control etc . Brilliant, no drama way to go for me..

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OOppss....I made a mistake with my comments about the SDC 2300 having the small headphone jack. My bad. It of course has its own special plug due to its waterproof ability for the waterproof headphones. The headphones it comes with have the same plug connection but they aren't waterproof. The waterproof headphones are an extra that you have to buy separately. For the price of the 2300 you think they would be part of it. I believe that none of the other waterproof Minelab headphones are compatible with the 2300. :rolleyes: Cheers

JW :smile: 

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Wouldn't you think that by now Minelab would have built their own headphones, as the ones they provide with their very expensive detectors are cheap rubbish.

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Reg, you are so right.

Cannot imagine why they would leave it to others to build headphones that are the equal to their wonderful detectors.

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21 hours ago, Swegin said:

http://steelphase.com.au/index.php/products.   I wish these were available here in the States.


As I am making larger batches now, they will be distributed throughout the US soon. We can however ship direct to the US via our website.

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    • By MCH2
      Has anyone tried the Ausdom AH3 Apt-x low latency head phones.  I just got them for my Equinox 600 and they paired right up with low latency.  I then took them to a fairground that I have partially searched.  My coin count was way down while using them.  I will check them in my coin garden tomorrow.  Just wondering if anyone else has tried them and their opinion.
    • By cdv
      Finally, they have arrived, now I can put the snorkel back on.....
      Extra long cable, 41" of straight cable from connector allowing you to Velcro under the arm and still have plenty of cable to the headphones. No cable having to dangle in front of your face! Loudness is good, preliminary garage tests show constant mid 70's decibels on a target with full volume on the machine settings. Fit is typical Koss yellows and can be improved with gel ear pads which will be on order shortly.

    • By phrunt
      So now I've got a Gpx 4500 my phobia of headphones is really getting to me, I hate the things.  
      I want to hook up an external speaker to it, I have tried an external speaker I had laying around and unfortunately the amp on the battery doesn't kick in using it so I assume its to do with it having a stereo plug on it.  
      Kiwijw mentioned he thinks you need a mono plug for the amp to kick in, if this is the case I'll just cut the end off and add a mono plug but I wanted to be sure before doing this that's what kicks the amp in.
      I've also ordered what seems to be the popular speaker for the 4500

      However it comes with a 3.5mm mono plug, so I'd need to change that to a 6.5mm plug (1/4")
      The problem I see is they're being advertised for GPX detectors looking like this

      So they've put a stereo plug on that one, and advertising it for GPX 4500's
      Would that not mean the amp won't kick in and you'd need a booster? 
      Does anyone know for certain what makes the batteries amp kick in? 
      Even JP sells his one with the stereo plug, I'm puzzled
    • By Randy Dee
      On one of the earlier posts someone mentioned that they were using The Sennheiser CX 6.00BT wireless  APTX Low Latency in ear headset (Ear Buds) and he said that they were excellent with the Equinox.
      I followed his advice and bought a set and I am now waiting for delivery of them, does any one use this type of APTX Low Latency Ear Buds and if so how are you finding them.  I am almost completely deaf and have to use my hearing aids under the cupped headphones and as a result my ears tend to become sweated up and I am not sure if all of this dampness will be detrimental to my hearing aids and it is now becoming really hot here in the UK so went with the idea of using the Sennheiser CX 6.00 BT wireless Low Latency ear bud phones, I have also bought the Avantree Audition Pro Aptx Low Latencey wireless headphones and I have used them several times over the past 4 weeks and I am finding them much lighter and with better ear scope to allow me to keep my hearing aids in and with plenty of free space to prevent my hearing aids squealing and whistling, my Minelab ML80 wireless headphones do not have the same loose cup freedom fitting and tend to squeeze on my hearing aids and set them off whistling which is most annoying.
      Any feedback will be appreciated.
      Good Hunting
      Randy Dee          
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      I have a set of Apple AirPods that I can’t get to pair to the Equinox. Has anyone been able to try this successfully?
    • By Edsped
      Really curious to know how these Hungarian waterproof headphones are going for underwater use so far because a couple people do have them.
      loud underwater?
      Other notes?
      I’m just so keen to hunt in the water and still no proper release date for the minelab phones!
      thank you 😊