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MontAmmie I live in Montana and there are many many good places to detect for gold that have not been pounded to death with a detector for such as az and nv. If you are going to be in Bozeman look at joining the go as so you can drive up to Raidersburg just south of Canyon Ferry reservoir. There is good gold found there with detectors. The gold is shallow. Surface down to about 8 or 9 inches. Gram size nuggets. A Gold Monster 1000 would work amazingly well in this area. It isn't all that far from Bozeman. I have a couple friends from Bozeman that hunt this area every year with success. I can help you out with other areas as well. You have to find the right kind of tailing piles here in Montana for the nuggets. It is time consuming and a lot of the time can your efforts can come up empty. Stick to bedrock or areas near bedrock. Also areas known to produce nuggets. If you can get up around Helena or between Helena and Butts that would be good. Basin Creek is good with a detector. Order a good pair of snake guards from Chris Ghoulson at Arizona Outback. You will need them as these areas are prime rattlesnake country. Just don't stick your hands down to start digging until you investigate for any hidden snakes. Even small baby rattlesnakes. Just keep a lookout and be cautious and you will be fine. Any other questions feel free to ask.

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