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On 2/16/2018 at 7:06 PM, kiwijw said:

like a magpie, over the years I ended up with buckets full of jaspers & opalised jaspers. :rolleyes:

So interesting.  I had never heard of this phenomenon (we don't have magpies in Michigan), but then I watched The Detectorists on You Tube after hearing about it on this forum.  A magpie actually became a character of sorts on the show by making off with a great find... I think it was a gold coin or something.

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I just came across this very recent academic paper that goes into many different forms of replacement mineralization of petrified wood, beyond the more recognized polymorphs of silica: opal-A, opal-C, chalcedony, and quartz.


Even if the article is too technical and nerdy for most to read, it is cool to look at some pics of alternative finds you might come across in your prospecting. 

I'd love to come across one of those petrified pine cones!

Are those in Fig. 12 (Iron carbonate) similar to the ones mentioned from Alaska?

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