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What Do You Do When You Get Your Equinox 800?

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I'm going to be getting my Equinox next week.  I assume it will not be fully charged.  That will be the first thing I do is charge it for a few hours.

What should I do while I'm 'waiting?'

I know there is the Quick Start Guide .  I know there are the Beach 1 and Beach 2 modes.  Is that where I should 'walk' it before I try to make it run?

Do you recommend people have a test garden of just go for it?


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The very first thing I would not do is go to the very worst place you can think of for the maiden voyage. Do a little bench testing with coins or whatever to get familiar with target id numbers and controls, then go detecting. The presets are actually very good, needing little more than adjusting the sensitivity. My first outings I like sand boxes or beaches - easy digging - to get familiar with machines and targets by digging everything.

It is a new machine and I hope people give it the time it deserves but I know how it goes. There are many things about a detector I either like or do not like, and so for some people Equinox will fit like a glove. For others it may be a jarring experience if the machine is far different than what they have used or are comfortable with. Those are the people who I hope will give it a fair go.

All I can say is I hope you enjoy the machine as much as I do Mitchel! It’s going to be an interesting couple weeks, and I am as curious if not more so than people to hear the reactions.


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Good question Mitchel.

I will charge her up.

And while charging get my test targets in order.

I will likely do several 360 degree meticulous looks at detector rotating many different ways.

I will likely do a mix of testing and actually sweeping in a few sites.  Sites actually I may not find a thing in.  Loaded with iron though. I need to hear the detector's response on the different shapes/sizes of iron. So I need a baseline.  Freshly buried coin testing too, to see what gives.  As well as coins buried a while, and will sweep this one place with more modern coinage, won't dig these, but will be watching how Equinox reacts.  Will also try to booby trap a dime and nickel to see how detector reacts/ responds to super duper imo challenged scenario.  To give me something to go on when in the wild detecting.  I actually don't expect to find much at all my first week with Equinox.  But do expect to gather some great Intel on detector performance.  My nighttime hours when not detecting, likely run Equinox on pack indoors and play with menu settings to get the navigation nailed down.  I will be very busy with detector.  The mighty Deus will be brought out for some comparisons too.  I will share my experiences, my concerns, give the detector what it truly deserves- a fair and honest report.  


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I won’t be able to control myself.. I’ll probably be out in my test garden within the first ten minutes...  


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I guess I have a ritual when it comes to a new detector, right or wrong it’s just what I typically do.


Prior to receiving a new machine I usually study, not just read the manual.  Sometimes it might be a couple times before I have a fairly clear understanding as to what each function/setting does.

When it arrives, of course I assemble and install new batteries if it’s not a rechargeable unit, else plug in and charge according to recommendations.

Next will be the test bench where I’ll check several different coins and jewelry items, just to see what each sounds like along with their TID.

Then off to the test garden, which is very exciting for me because of the age factor on the buried items.  10+ years has revealed a lot of important information from the many detectors used in this area.   Some have done well and others just outright failed to perform even close.  I might add, even the most expensive machines were not the top performers which was quite shocking at times. 

Please note: the test garden, even though it’s been undisturbed for 10+ years, it’s not a full proof way of testing, but it will give a good indication of what might be expected on an actual site.


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After it charges up, I'll be off to the beach with a nail, a pull tab, a bottle cap, some gold/silver jewelry and some coins in my pocket.

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Probably just gonna enjoy that new detector smell for a few minutes.

Charge it 

test garden

put my socks back on after it blows them off

brag to the wife about money well spent

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