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Steve Herschbach

New Makro Gold Kruzer Page At Makro Website

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    • By MiTreasureHunter
      I have a flawless Minelab Equinox 600, charged 2 times, one being when arrived new, headphones were never used. Lookimg to trade for an equally flawless Makro Multi Kruzer. Deanos cover and GG wired headphones do Not come with 600, I am using with my 800.
      Great machine, but my 800 just arrived yesterday (Tuesday) so this machine has served its purpose of testing and making a few YT demonstration videos.
      Also looking for *serious* offers to sell the WM-08 module and the Low Latency Bluetooth headphones that come with the new 800.  Both are NEW Unopened in the factory sealed packaging. Both are 100% compatible with the 600.
      United States Lower 48 only, will not deal with shipping outside the country.

    • By Nokta Detectors
      New Makro Kruzer, Makro Gold Kruzer, and Makro Multi Kruzer metal detectors!

    • By Tom Slick
      Received my Kruzer accessory coils, the 5x9.5" DD, 5" round DD, and the 7" round concentric. I like having my extra coils on their own lower rods but kinda hated spending $30.00 for each Kruzer lower rod so I ordered three Racer 2 lower rods at $16.95 each. The only difference being the Racer rod weigh 4 oz each and the Kruzer rods weigh 2.2 oz each. I like a light weight detector as much as the next guy, but the Kruzer is light enough that I can add 2 oz to it without issue. I put the Kruzer rod on the 7x11" standard coil and the three smaller coils all have the Racer rods mounted. The Coils and Lower Rods all came with coil bolts and washers so I have plenty of spares.
    • By Terry Soloman
      I went to a park in Yonkers, New York, the second "hilliest" City in the United States, just behind San Francisco, and detected a park that has been heavily hunted since the 1970s. It is in a very old part of the City, that is now run down, and dangerous. I was approached by two sets of policemen during my 90-minute hunt, and after short conversations, me giving them my business card, and them warning me to "keep your eyes open," I continued detecting. Not my best hunt ever, but the Multi Kruzer, three-tone, 5kHz, gain 80, really sniffs out copper and silver missed by countless other detectorists over the last four decades!

      Really starting to get a feel for the machine as I approach 100-hours on the headphones. I got out of the area without being robbed or assaulted, got some wheats, an IH with a marble beside it, and a silver. Happy-happy!

    • By Hotled
      Picked up a multi kruzer to compliment my Whites MX Sport.
      Today was the first day of use and im quite impressed. I think its more sensative and a bit deeper.
      I was able to pull an old Polmolive token in an area I have been pounding for quite a while.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Five new coils for the Kruzer and Multi Kruzer (but not Gold Kruzer) from Mars MD Website...
      7” Round DD 6” x 10” DD 10” x 13” DD 13” Round DD 15” Round DD