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Makro Multi Kruzer Field Test Finds Big Spanish Silver

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Took a field trip to field test the new Makro Multi Kruzer on the Spanish Trail:

I tested the 2-TONE, 3-TONE and 4-TONE search modes exclusively.  Out of these three modes, the 4-TONE is hands down the hottest, with 2-TONE and 3-TONE about tied.   4-TONE is extra sparky, and does it LOVE silver!  

I mentioned this in another post, but I did previously run into EMI issues on a consistent basis at one of these sites when I had my F75 LTD, and even after upgrading to the F75 LTD2, EMI was pretty noticeable, but tolerable. I was running the extra sparky 4-TONE mode on the Multi Kruzer, and it ran flawlessly, not even a hint of EMI (except when you set the machine down to dig). 3-TONE mode handles EMI better then 4-TONE, but 4-TONE is more powerful and hence, more susceptible to EMI.  I had a great time,  and I'm amazed at what was found from our "hunted out" sites.   The Multi Kruzer in 19kHz 4-TONE mode is a confidence builder in that you do not feel you are not leaving targets behind, unlike I've experienced with some other detectors.

Funny story - The site I dug the seated dime you'll see in the video isn't really a big secret, a couple dozen period coins (British gold coin, reales, seateds, IHP's, etc.) have been recovered at it.   It's getting tough, the last time I was there prior to this trip, I didn't get any period coins.  It has sea of nail environs, with myriads of shotgun, riffle and small arms shells to weed through.  Just a few days before I went on my trip, Tom got a call from one of his detecting acquaintances that he saw the site and asked if he knew anything about it. Ended up that he and another guy detected it with a CTX and a Dues XP and got no coins. I went in and hunted right behind them (I could see their dig holes, as unfortunately they didn't even bother to fill them in) and managed to pull out a nice seated dime.  The icing on the cake was that the dime was only a couple of feet from one of their dig holes :rolleyes:

Spanish Trail Multi Kruzer Road Trip Wrap-Up Video

This is the same site I tested the Makro Racer 2 when it was first publicly released:


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Great stuff Cal. I am sure a lot of us are real glad Nokta / Makro is in the game now. They are setting new standards for customer communications in particular, and come up with new machine in a year or two that takes other companies ten years. Very impressive.

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Impressive Cal.  Your videos rank supreme.

Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for the time and effort to make and share this video. This machine has me rethinking my next purchase!

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Thanks for sharing.  Wish we had sites like that!

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