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Unfortunately due to weather my plans for a gold hunt today are destroyed.  

I was going to hit my favourite creek with my sluice.  It's a Keene A52, I normally run the gravel through a 1/4" classifier before putting it into the sluice and I am finding quite good amounts of gold, even the tiniest little flour gold bits are staying in the sluice.

The creek has quite a good fast flow and I've never had an issue with the sluice not handling my gravel, is it necessary for me to classify and am I using the right size classifier, it sure slows me down a lot but I don't want to lose gold by just shovelling straight into it.  Also, is it safe to leave the sluice in all day, with water flowing through it while I stop for 30 minutes or so for lunch, or should I pull it out if nothing is going through it for a while? Just worried that I may lose Gold if there is nothing passing through it.



Thanks for any tips!




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My experience... if the flow is kept to the minimum needed for exchange and to move the light material down the sluice box... then the heavy materials will stay in the box.... Classifying is most definitely a big help... stones travelling down or stopping in the box are more likely to disturb settled gold

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