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Clay Diggins

Big Win For Southern California Miners!!

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Thank you for clearing that up Clay.

Was there any rationale given, or was it an arbitrary and/or political move?  Thanks for any light you can shine on my ignorance of the situation.

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4 hours ago, Clay Diggins said:

The ban was only on locating mining claims. Mining sales and leases were still allowed. Prospecting was still allowed. Mining of non locatable minerals was still allowed.

The BLM enforced the ban by refusing to maintain a mining claim case file for a new location. No BLM case file = no mining claim.

The line was drawn at locating a mining claim. You could prospect for and discover valuable minerals but you couldn't claim those minerals for yourself.

If you discovered oil, coal, sulfur, phosphorous or a bunch of other non locatable minerals you could lease the discovery and mine it. If you needed sand or construction materials you could buy those and mine them. Only the valuable minerals like gold, silver, copper, lead, tin etc. were banned from location.

Neither hiking nor anything else was banned.

Typical bureaucratic management..............:blink:

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