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Sourdough Scott

Whopping Price For Meteor

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Scary Space art.

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    • By mn90403
      I was going out to watch the meteor shower tonight and detect nuggets in the desert but it is cloudy.  
      If you are in clear skies this is the night!
    • By Lunk
      Pictured is a 15 gram meteorite fragment I came across while detecting for gold nuggets in the Arizona desert today, in an area with no recorded meteorite falls. The stone is from a relatively recent fall; the primary and secondary fusion crusts are still quite black and unoxidized. Now the real fun begins: searching for more fragments!

    • By Lunk
      Searching a new spot in the sunny Arizona desert this morning netted 3 small nuggets. While aimlessly swinging the mighty Zed back to the truck for lunch, a faint signal stopped me cold; what at first glance appeared to be a small magnetite hot rock  turned out to actually be a meteorite fragment. After lunch, the Zed went to bed and out came the Gold Monster. While searching for more fragments, the GM 1000 signaled with a strong non-ferrous target response that turned out to be another small gold nugget. All in all, a fantastic day.
      More details here:

    • By Zach Robertson
      Should I buy a Fisher Gold Strike
      and will it work on Bradshaw for nuggets 
    • By Gerry in Idaho
      So many people call me and ask about getting into Nugget Detecting and then comment,  “Hasn’t it all been found by now?”. I’m here to tell you what I found out last week on a short trip to Yuma to get some sun. The last minute, I decided to take a GPZ-7000, as it actually packs in airplane luggage easier than my 5000.
      Anyway, we did the usual stuff for the first 3 days and then got the call to meet up with Lunk and another of my customers the next morning at around 9AM.

      I was worried my rental car 2WD Ford Escape was of no use?  But when we met up at the site, I realized my riding lawn mover would have done just fine.  After all, we turned off real genuine pavement and drove less than a mile on gravel, seen some dry wash piles on the side of the road and decided it was good to hunt.

      OK… lets cut to the chase… How did we do in the 5 hours of detecting?  All 3 of us found gold with our detectors.  Are we all swinging the high end GPZ-7000 that most folks can’t afford.. you ask?  Nope.  Only me, as I did not realize smaller coils would have served me better for that site.  My one buddy was using a more moderately priced detector, SDC-2300 and he recovered more than I.  Lunk was swinging the best VLF gold machine under $1000 and he too found more than me.  After all, coil size to match the terrain is pretty important as I found out.

      So whats the verdict on AZ and Yuma specifically?  Plenty of gold out there folks and I was able to drive my riding lawn mower less than a mile off a paved road when we seen old Prospects so decided to try.   Each of us using 3 different detector price ranges and even technologies (VLF, PI & ZVT) scored some Au.  We all went home with gold…and a few great memories. 

      I’m still awe struck that gold can be so easily found a half mile from a paved road, 15 minutes outside of Yuma?  I guess those folks enjoy dry washing more than nugget hunting? 

      I'm thinking next winter I know of an area to put on a Gold Detector Field Training class for my customers?  At least I know it is really close to town and most anyone can get there.
      BTW… There is plenty of lead targets in that area too, so you’ll get your share of pinpointing practice.

      And on the way back to the hotel, you can pull off the side of the road and get another kind of nuggets, fresh AZ oranges.

    • By AUminerAK
      Hello Steve, or other fellow detectorist. I’m going to be in Yuma at the end of February and the first week of March and wondering if it’s worth bringing a dectector with me. Parents go on day trips would like to add a piece of AZ gold to my collection