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My First Day & First Gold With The Eq 800

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Hi Simon, Firstly...thanks for the kind words. I will now have to wait for my head to deflate in order to straighten my halo. :blush: :biggrin:

Due to the gold being so small & not really much of a target for the EQ 800 to get a good bite at there is very often no VDI numbers at all & once I am digging/scraping I no longer look at the screen but just recover the the target on the signa givenl. Occasionally it can read a VDI number as low as -9  & anywhere between that & into the low positives. Often flickering across the lot which at least seems to rule out iron stone hot rocks. They stay pretty consistent in the high negertives.Tiny Gold or shotgun pellets can alternate quite radically on the VDI numbers.  I still just dig them all at this stage. VDI numbers are new to me in a detector. I don't think you can trust the VDI numbers on such tiny targets, even shotgun pellets. Maybe on bigger nuggets when the detector can get a good bite & so spit out more accurate info first off. But where I hunt my tiny gold I have thrashed over the years with the GP 3000, 4500 & the Zed so no bigger bits of gold are on offer now, only the tiny tiny bits. Yes you should still use a scoop, even though it doesnt react as badly to your hand as the GM, GB2 or the GMT there is still a slight hit. A scoop is a lot easier to recover tiny gold any way than trying to do it in your bare hands. Especially with that open web coil. You have no place to dump a small handful of dirt on the coil & poke & prod at it with your finger to chase & separate a tiny target. Once the tiny bit of gold is in the bottom of the scoop it is amazing at the strong Zip Zip response from the EQ 800. Very reminiscent of the GB2.  Hope that helps. Cheers.

Good luck out there

JW :smile:

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Thanks John

Perfect response, you always manage to describe things in a way a beginner can understand, for that I'm grateful.




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