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Gerry in Idaho

Wanted Wtb 10" Ellip Coil For Minelab Eureka Gold

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I am trying to find a used 10" Ellip coil for the Minelab Eureka Gold.  It is the blue in color one.  Must know it works and is decent shape.

Let me know what you have please.  Thanks, Gerry


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      I'm trying to find someone who is not using their old Minelab GP-3000 or GP-3500 or is interested in up-trading it for a GPX, Gold Monster 1000 or Equinox 800.
      I am also trying to find the original 10" Elliptical coil for the Eureka Gold (blue in color).
      If you have any of these items I'm interested in talking with you.
      Let your friends know too, as sometimes they just might have one sitting around.
      Attached are photo of the 2 detectors and 1 coil I am looking for.  If you have either of these 3 please contact me.
      Thanks for your help.  Gerry

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