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Park 2 Compared To Field 1 Or Field 2?

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22 minutes ago, bado1 said:

Park 1 is more " tame" but really hits the higher conductors harder. Field 2 hits the lower and moderate conductors harder. ID on coins in Park 1 is better ( more consistent with the charts).

Good point on consistent id on coins. In general running lower sensitivity/less gain results in more stable target id. Park 2 and Field 2 are inherently more high gain due to the extra weighting to higher frequencies, and the underlying true "un-normalized" target id skews higher. All that does mean more dependable target id on coins in Park 1 and another reason why I do not fight the machine. When hunting Parks for silver coins Park 1 is my go to mode. Park hunting for gold jewelry I would go to Park 2 for enhanced sensitivity to small gold stuff.

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23 hours ago, flakmagnet said:

Nope, when you say it like that Steve, it's not complicated. I have had good luck with Park 1 using Dirtfishing's tone breaks and switching to all metal when I want to check uncertain tones. I will switch to learning Park 2 next time out.

could you share the tone breaks , curious to try them out

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