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I have been looking for a website like this for sometime now.
I am quite new to prospecting and have so many questions for you guys.
I have 4 questions today
a- Are there metal detectors that are made specifically to prospect gold only?
b- which is the best if they exist?
c- Can they locate gold at a very deep depth?
d- Can they be used on land and in water?

Look forward to receiving your replies. 

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Welcome to the forum goldgeek.  

Unfortunately there is no detector that will ONLY detect gold.

There are detectors that will help to discriminate between ferrous and non-ferrous but even these are not 100% accurate.  Generally these are VLF detectors (have a look at the Minelab Equinox Fan Club sub-forum of Steve's for a fairly recent addition to this group of detectors). 

There are some Pulse Induction machines that have discrimination also. I have never used one but I gather that they are a long way from being 100% accurate.  

That sort of makes the rest of your questions moot. 

However, yes the PI and ZVT machines can locate gold at depth = 1-2 metres on really decent size pieces. 

Yes, many detectors are waterproof - some to >100 metres. 

Sorry to burst your bubble but hope that answers your questions :wink:

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Hi there goldgeek. We are all gold geeks on here :biggrin:. Welcome to the forum/madhouse. Let me guide you to here. http://www.detectorprospector.com/gold-prospecting-equipment/metal-detectors-metal-detecting-accessories.htm

These are mostly detectors for searching for gold. There are a few that will do gold & coin & relic. There is quite a bit of difference in gold dedicated detectors & coin & relic detectors.

To answer your questions very quickly, there is a lot more to it which you can find out by having a very good look around this site. But

A)  No. There are gold dedicated detectors,  BUT.... they still pick up all metals & are insanely sensitive.

B) In my humble opinion. Minelab without doubt.

C) MMMmmm....how deep is deep to you? It depends on the size of the target & the size of the coil on the detector. Generally, from the surface & down 1 meter. 1 meter would be a sizeable nugget. On average within two feet.

D) Yes there are waterproof ones. Dedicated gold detectors to about 10 feet. Coin & relic types as Northeast has said >100 meters.

You still interested??

Good luck out there

JW :smile:

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7 hours ago, goldgeek said:

I have been looking for a website like this for sometime now.

I know the feeling goldgeek, and today is your lucky day.  I've looked around too, and this is the best site I've found.  Lots of friendly, helpful, and knowlegeable folks here.  I'm certain you'll find lots of good info if you spend some time here.

Happy hunting!

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Do yourself a favor and go thru that link that Kiwijw posted.  You will not regret it.


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The link is good and runs through the detectors fine but as an example if you read the bit about the Gold Bug Pro, its saying it's Steve's go to detector for gold nuggets when in trashy areas, so that may make someone jump onto a GBP thinking it's the best for that job seeing Steve is using it as his go-to detector, but times have changed and he's no longer using it...  Other detectors have replaced it as the go-to machine, you may do well with it, but you will probably do better with something else.

I've fallen for reading outdated information too many times! 

So yes, it still pays to ask people currently doing it and doing well with it what they're using to do the job, this forum is great for that.  

For ease of use and someone new to detecting, I would recommend a Gold Monster 1000 by Minelab, simple to use, it works and it won't break the bank.  It's designed for Gold Prospecting so isn't much good for anything else except maybe fine jewellery and a bit of beach stuff however you couldn't possibly get an easier detector to use and then if you decide to upgrade at some point to one of the far more expensive Minelab PI machines you will still want your Monster to complement your PI as it finds Gold the PI won't and most of the experienced prospectors here use one as their pinpointer in the holes for their PI digs to get even more gold out and find the bit of gold their PI detected.  The Gold Monster can also be used in water, as long as you don't put the control box under water, it's only rain proof, the coil end can go under about a meter.

Welcome to the hobby! it's great fun.


I would rely on this link a bit more



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