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    • By matt
      Picked up an SCD2300 for my son from a fellow member of this forum right before Christmas. Thanks Allen!
      Finally made it out for just a few hours today with my 9 year old son. Third target, a nice little picker! First 2 targets were the tiniest shot I have ever found with a detector. I am amazed at the response from the SDC on such a tiny target. We were working around a small bedrock outcropping and I was teaching him what to listen for and how to retrieve a target. After the first two targets were lead shot within about 12 inches of each other, the third target had to be shot also (within the same area). I wanted to move on and he said no way let's dig it. About an inch into the decomposing bedrock the target had moved. He grabbed a handful of dirt and had the target in his hand. The target was small and he was having a little trouble figuring out how to split the dirt between his hand and the scoop, but when he finally had a few small bits of dirt in the scoop I could see a glint of yellow. Once he realized it was gold he kept saying I told you we should dig that target! Dad you wanted to walk away! I will probably never hear the end of it. Well, he was right!
      We spent about 3 hours out in the Motherload on an absolutely beautiful afternoon. Temps on my truck showed 60 degrees. We moved to another spot that I found several nuggets at a few years ago to give the sdc a go to finish the day. Steve H. you, Chris R., and Steve W., and Mike G. were there the day I found the nuggets at this spot. First target was the tiniest piece of gold I have ever found with a metal detector. It does not even register on the scale. I didn't take a picture of the tiny piece cause it probably would not even show up in a picture it was so tiny. I am amazed that any detector could find a piece of gold so small. I doubt it will even register on my gmt.
      We had a great day and my son should be able to really use this detector on his own next time out. He took to it like...on... Funny thing he found some old rusty sardine cans and a broken old flashlight to take for show-and-tell at school tomorrow along with his piece of gold. Looking forward to getting out again!

    • By tvanwho
      I keep on having strange things happen at sites I map dowsed for gold and minerals, one time for treasure.
      Just wondering if this ever happens to anybody else? This last time I am 95% sure I was talking to a ghost woman
      in the Maine woods and trying not to be attacked by her snarling white Labrador dog. She seemed to know I was searching for something? I was trying to find a gemstone deposit I had left alone in them woods 30 years previous when I had found this perfect dark blue pointed hexagonal  crystal under a rock formation, long as my index finger, and flawless, sun shining thru it but could not bear to break it off...dammit...was in the right place at the right time for a change...might have been a dark blue topaz crystal I am thinking now...
      Somehow she knew I was looking to find it I am thinking? This woman looked just as real as anybody else that I see every day and ditto for her dog but I thought it was rather odd she was out in the deep woods wearing short shorts and the ferocious pooch NEVER once barked at me, just was snarling, growling, teeth bared, looked like it wanted to tear my face off, and unleashed, and she did nothing to calm it down...She also had a leather thing on her belt, by her hip, which she kept pointing towards me.It looked too small to be a pistol holster, am guessing it was about 3 x3 inches square.
      I had a heavy knapsack of rock busting tools and a 6 foot crowbar in hand but was exhausted from my hike up and down steep hills
      and trying not to fall down in the rocks along the creek. I was standing beside the creek, admiring the tumbling mountain waters
      when I turned around and the 2 of them were right behind me.
      She asked for my name and I gave her my first name. Then she says she was out for a walk in the woods to see who might be out there. I had got all my permissions arranged but she did not accuse me of trespassing. Just wanted to know what I was Searching for? I told her I was kinda lost and my car was parked by the ford. But she seemed to NOT know what a ford was until I explained it to her. So then she points up the hill behind her and says that trail will take you back to your car.
      I only took my eyes off her and the angry dog for a few seconds but when I turned back , she and the mean dog had totally vanished
      , no branches cracking, nothing...I took this event as a sign I should give up my search for the crystal deposit and hoofed it back to my car. When I went by the shop where I had to get the permissions, I related my tale. One of the workers lived barely 1/2 mile from where the incident happened and told me she didn't have a clue who the woman was?
      Dunno if I will ever get brave enough to go look for the crystals again now? Heck, how do you test if you are talking to a ghost
      vs a real person and that snarling dog? Heck, I couldn't move a muscle without that beast tensing his hind legs, looking to tear me to pieces... I never heard of ghosts guarding mineral deposits ,only pirate gold....

    • By LuckyLundy
      Robin & I, planned to met our Friends in Las Vegas!  After carefully stuffing everything from her high heels, camping gear and detectors into her Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland, we hit the road to the Luxor Casino for a weeks stay.  Needless to say, my Partner Mike and I, planned on leaving the Wives back in Sin City with our $, for a couple days of chasing nuggets on the Arizona side of the river.  We met up with another friend, who Winters in Glendale, AZ and hit the hills in and around Gold Basin for a fast hunt of some old patches.  Mike, didn't let us down and we scored several nuggets with some great Weather and comradeship...it's the hunt and the sweet sound of a nugget under your coil.  Nuggets are just the bounus!  All good things have to end and we headed back to Las Vegas and our Ladies and finished our Las Vegas gambling, drinking & eating spree.  Now, to re-pack that Jeep to head down to 29 Palms to hunt the Dale District with Robin.  She has never hunted there with me, but seen the nuggets I'd bring home and the many stories and pictures of some very special nuggets.  Well needless to say, she was nursing a very fun last night with her Girlfriend on our drive South.  We arrived and I stopped and tossed the Jeep empty and then loaded up our mining gear and hit a nearby patch...Robin, was moving awful slow, lol. So, we went back to our gear and I setup camp before it got to dark.  Set the tent up and made it almost as comfy as that Kig size bed back in Vegas, lol.  Next Morning, she looked like she didn't sleep a wink.  I made some strong coffee to knock the last of her Margaritas out of her and gave her a pointy finger and I set off for the hunt in the chilly desert morning with her sipping coffee.  Well every now and then I'd pop up on a hill and I'd think I could still see her sitting there?  Couple hours later I look over that way again and see the hatch back of the Jeep was shut, well she must be feeling better and she is hunting?  Well 4 hours and no good, but I was hungry.  Headed back to camp for a fast sandwich and I hear her say any luck!  Robin was in the front seat of her Jeep reading a book!  I told her no luck, and there is no gold here, lets load up and drive back home! She was happy and she had that Jeep nearly loaded before I finished my breakfast, lol. Yes, all that stuff fitted into that Jeep!  Well until the next hunt...good or skunked, they are all fun!

    • By Jim_Alaska
      Silly me, I didn't think you could do any worse than getting skunked, but today proved that there is something worse. Somewhere along the way, in a very rough and steep hydraulic pit I lost my detecting pick.  
      I didn't just leave it laying, it somehow got brushed out of my pivoting hammer holder on my belt. Too darned wiped out to go back and look today, I'll make a special recon trip tomorrow and find it. I just hate "do it twice" type things.
    • By Condor
      I took my well worn Polaris 500 out for some exploration in an area that produced gold last year.  It had been giving some fuel problems so my son replaced the carburetor and all the fuel and vacuum hoses.  It ran fine at home, so I thought it was good to go.  I got out to gold country and about 3 miles out from camp it crapped out from a want of fuel.  I could get it started and running only if choked.  I had no tools with me and decided to walk back to camp and futz with it tomorrow.  This morning I packed basic tools and plotted a walking course that would at least take me past some spots that had produced gold last year.  After numerous hills and gullys I crossed a gully that had some exposed bedrock so I detoured and noticed signs of digging in a portion of shallow overburden.  Sure enough someone had scrapped a signal and given up thinking it was just hot bedrock.  I pulled 2 tiny bits of gold out of the same hole and noticed that this particular gully ran NW in the direction I needed to go anyway.   As I got further up the gully I could see that the oldtimers had handstacked portions of the gully and someone in the near recent past had detected it, marking target spots with a few stacked rocks.  I can only assume they detected it with a VLF because I started finding gold with the Zed in the deeper sections and in the banks under handstacked rocks.  After 3 decent nuggets I was stoked and forgot all about that crapped out quad.  As always good things come to an end.  I got to the end of the gully finding all the gold pictured below. 
      I climbed a high spot to get my bearings and found that the quad was only 1/2 mile away.  I got down there and futzed with the quad and found that I could get it going with minimal throttle and choke locked.  I poked along until it died again with no sign of restarting.  After futzing with the fuel lines a while longer I found the newly installed hose had pulled the fuel return cock fitting out of the carb.  I jammed it back in, she started right up and ran like a scalded dog. 
      So, if my quad had not crapped out and forced me to walk over some new ground, I probably would have come home with a few crumbs.  Although, I still have high hopes for the area I intended to explore, you just never know. 
      Bye the way I was running the Zed WFO, HY Normal, Sens 20, Volume maxed, Threshold at 1(only because there is no 0).  Very quiet ground to work in, minimal trash.  The lack of threshold is making some tiny nuggets pop through, maybe its just me, but I'm really liking these settings.
      Until next time, keep er low and slow. 

    • By LuckyLundy
      The unpleasant effect of unloading your truck with all your gear!  Now, I don't mind loading it up with the same gear and I more than enjoy the hunt for nuggets.  My poor truck is always stuffed with gear and I'm glad I had the forethought of purchasing a Dodge Mega Cab which is also packed with stuff I don't want to get wet during the trip!  I've also, slept countless night in the back Cab as the seats fold down big and flat.  But, unloading it is a chore that I must be medicated for!  I had a fun Veterans Day Week hunt in the High Desert...can't wait to load my truck up again, but...Until the next hunt!