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Keith Southern

Hello From Keith Southern!

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Thought I would say Hi...


Just joined the forum...


Im registered with most of the popular Forums on the Net...


I relic Hunt mainly...


I like to try and unlock history in  Iron laden sites as My main intrest...


What brings ME here?


I love to talk about P.I.'s


I have a garrett ATX Ive been using for about 3 weeks now...and I have decided to add it as my main P.I.


I have been looking for a replacemnt  P.I. unit for my North Georgia area relic hunt's.....I've used the Minelab 3500 the TDI,TDI PRO,TDI SL..and the infinium...


The ATX seems to offer enough features for the price point to make it worthwhile for me to add to the arsenal...


I look forward to discussing the ATX with all of Yall!!







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Hi Keith,


Thank you for joining. I have a tremendous respect for your detector knowledge and expertise. Anything you can add here is most welcome. Getting gold out of mineralized ground is not much different than getting bullets out of mineralized ground, if at all. And there is a lot of gold out there hiding in ferrous trash infested locations that mimic your carpet of nail scenarios. Miners had a habit of building their camp as near to the best ground as possible, and that often meant right smack in the middle of the best gold ground. A bonus is any coins and possibly relics that might be found, although on public land relics is a dicier situation.


I am really enjoying the ATX and am sure you will like it also. The audio just knocks my socks off.

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