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Jack and dog

Tesoro New Detector - The Cazador

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Now that we know the name , I remember Steve saying their Lobo ST was getting a bit old.

So hope it's a new gold detector ? :huh:


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"So hope it's a new gold detector"

I very much doubt that, so I hope they prove me wrong. More likely if they are smart they are taking tips from Keith Southern on building a better machine for hunting in thick nails. Something more along the lines of a Vista Gold but with expanded discrimination range would be a good fit for them.

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Im watching the Cazador with great anticipation...


1-I hope its a reworked Tejon with a nice tight Elliptical DD as stock...


2-I hope they give us a better housing...maybe along the lines the X5 shadow...very robust and dust proof...


3-Work on the battery life...right now the Tejon looses audio gain once the power dwindles...and it dwindles quickly..


4-have the first disc range just cover iron and where ever you set the disc allow it to also break the tone from low grunt to higher tone for accepted target's....((((((((((((((((((why add the low tone for rejected target's? well the silence is killing us in iron...the more rejected target ( nails) we hear the more we know how to hunt it more effectively.. alert you to slow swep speeds down, approach different angles the AUDIO GATE staying open will unmask a tad better than the nulling effect of a silent disc'd item.. you may ask say just a tad? But every bit helps when your at the disadvantge.. it could mean a gold coin left for the next more precise hunter to get))))))))))))))))))))


5-Add a volume control for the low grunt tone..


6-Add some selectable filtering for clean to noisy report on the disc reject..


7-A boost circuit would be most welcome for the fainter hits that we have to really listen for on the tesoro's to get the deepies..


wait a minute I just decribed the GMP and the DTVG...


But you Know whats funny...Ive  had it in the back of my mind the GMP was actually built off the tejon and just added to it to make it a site unlocker....


Tesoro has a great circuit  and very depenable it just needs to be revamped...Hopefully they are looking to compete with the newer machines...


The thing is depth is tapped out...seriously... most all modern machines are within an inch or 2 of each other on in ground target's some hotter on one thing than another but in a collective mix their all pretty uniform in the dirt...


The best advantages to be had are in the habitat sites of yesteryear..where there was people staying for long periods of time  there are the most goodies lost..and one of the biggest things lost in those sites is iron... nails to be exact... and to combat that you need specialty machines especially if those sites have been hunted for years already...


The things left masked by just simple nails is mind blowing..the sites like house places or military camps sites or even old miner 49er spots are littered with iron debris and the easy targets have been got and even some masked target's to boot but the stuff got already does not equal whats still left...


Nails have a tendancy to rise to the top coins, GOLD, silver, buckles bullets etc go to the bottom.. 1  3 inch long nail will cut out a jar of money that's 14 inches deep...if the nail is jut 1 inch deep under the coil but in the field of view of the coil over the top of the quart jar.. So imagine what thousands of nails to do hundreds of non ferrous item's...We just scratch the surface even with the newest tool's...


Im a firm believer that theres more in the ground right now than has ever been found to date combined..



Manufacturers are starting to catch on that the depth is maxed out so they are looking for site unlocker's now.. and hopefully Tesoro is serious...


Just like a P.I. is a must for unlocking bad, dirt a site machine Like the GMP or the DTVG or the DEUS are a must for serious iron unlocking. and even some newer machines to come along lately like the AT's and the G2's and such are also very good to have on hand for a few more keepers out of irony site's...


Hope the Tesoro Cazador is a contender..





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I have read your stuff over on Tom D's Forum, going back over several years of your posts.

What you posted above is the clearest and best summary I recall seeing of your insights. Your want list should be nailed to the wall of the engineering department of any manufacturer who wants to sell high performance relic hunting machines.

The part I love is that the machine/brain interface for you is aural. Like some sonar man on an escort vessel in the North Atlantic in 1943 hunting Nazi subs, you are dragging every bit of intelligence out of what the machine can offer.

I'd still like a free pony however.

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