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    • White's Engineering
      By tboykin
      I handed over the White's Instagram account to our engineering department for a while. Not as fancy as Minelab's, but we try and make up for it with hard work, fresh ideas, and heart. If you have an IG account let us know if there's anything you'd like to see while Jacob is in charge - White's Electronics Instagram
    • Fisher Rumors
      By Digger Jones
      Hi Steve
      Just wondering if there is any new news on the Fisher rumors that were being talked about 6 months or so ago.
      I.e. multi frequency units. Pi units, etc.
      Anyone feel free to chime in.
    • Deteknix Quest Gold Metal Detector
      By Steve Herschbach
      Deteknix first made their name with their XPointer pinpointer. The products are made in China and the company has a U.S. office in Covina, CA. The website is at http://www.deteknix.com/
      The first detector by the company got a lot of notice prior to release based on photos showing a relatively simple and modern design. Key features were a straight shaft, light weight, built in rechargeable battery, built in wireless headphone capability, and supposedly waterproof to 3 meters. However, the new Deteknix Quest Pro got savaged pretty bad on release. http://www.dankowskidetectors.com/discussions/read.php?2,98160,98881
      The brand was also discussed back in April on this forum at http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/1904-new-deteknix-metal-detectors/
      Then Findmall set up a forum at http://www.findmall.com/list.php?106 for the new brand. it only has a few people posting but one caught my eye - George Kinsey, who goes by woodchiphustler. George has been around and I have found his opinions to be of value. I thought it interesting that despite early bad reports he seemed to not only like the units, but had interest in being a representative for the brand. My assumption is new brand/new model teething pains but otherwise looking good enough to get more than a passing glance from George. I can't say for sure having never been even near a Quest Pro.
      The main reason for this post is that the company plans a similar machine but aimed at gold prospectors - the Deteknix Quest Gold. It is to be a 19 kHz machine and except for the frequency appears to be a general purpose detector. There is no release date at this time for the Quest Gold or another planned model, the Quest Diver, a waterproof unit.

      The company does make a wireless headphone setup with a transmitter module you plug into any detector, and a receiver module that lets you use any headphone you want. Looks good on paper, but again some initial issues reported with lost signals, etc. I assume that will get sorted out.
      Anyway, no real reason for posting other than to keep people alerted to possible new prospecting detectors. I can't say that I personally have any real interest in yet another 19 kHz single frequency detector. There are too many now as it is, and no new one is going to do something that existing models can't do also when it comes to detecting gold nuggets. It really is just the design itself that is interesting more than what the machine can do that is interesting. That, and the Chinese finally making a credible attempt at entering the market by at least opening offices in the U.S. You might think this would mean more low price competition but the Quest Pro at $599 will not put much fear in the competition. The Quest Gold is rumored to be about $100 more than the Quest Pro.
      The Quest Pro was supposed to be waterproof to 3 meters. Some websites selling the unit still say it is, but the company website only says "All Terrain Structure Design" so I am not sure just how waterproof these units are.
      I think single frequency VLF is now at commodity stage with the number of new names producing models seemingly growing by the day. This can't go on forever and we are seeing some hints of a coming price war.

    • Minelab Go-find Series Wins Good Design Australia Award
      By Steve Herschbach
      Minelab is pleased to announce that our GO-FIND Series of treasure detectors has won a Good Design Award® for 2016. There were 34 entrants in the “Sport and Lifestyle” category and GO-FIND impressed the judges with its innovation and aesthetics. The winner was announced on Friday 27th May at the Good Design Awards ceremony in Sydney.  
      Minelab Project Manager, Simon Mazurek, accepted the award on behalf of Minelab, stating “it was a great collaborative team effort between Minelab, Katapult Design and Planet Innovation, resulting in an exciting new product range for beginner detectorists and outdoor enthusiasts”.
      The GO-FIND Series is the latest addition to Minelab’s extensive range of metal detectors designed for the consumer market, featuring a lightweight collapsible design, easy-to-use controls and a smartphone app.     For more information about our entry, visit: https://www.good-design.com/entry/go-find/
      For more information about GO-FIND detectors, visit our product page: http://www.minelab.com/go-find-40
      About Good Design Australia
      The Good Design Awards is Australia’s longest standing national design award and promotion program, and one of the few forums for professional Industrial Designers and manufacturers to showcase their design expertise to national and international audiences. As a result of more than 50 years of design benchmarking, the program has focused on progressively raising the standard of design and innovation in Australia.  For more information about Good Design Australia, please go to:  http://www.gooddesignaustralia.com/about/
    • Tour Of Garrett Metal Detector Factory
      By Steve Herschbach
      From 2014
      And here is an older series from 2009 - much lower quality video unfortunately.
    • Minelabs New Military Contract
      By DolanDave
      With Minelabs military contract to develop a new advanced prototype detector within 3 years, it would be interesting to see if they will model new civilian detectors from this?