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rob baum

Picked Up A Minelab Pro-Sonic

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i was at the pleasonton gpaa gold show yesterday and got my hands on a pro-sonic.  there price is $269 and they said they shipped them out to all the vendors on friday so everyone that wants one should be able to get one shortly.


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i hope to get out this weekend with it hooked to my sdc so well see how it does by itself and with the treasure screamer plugged in.

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Rob, the Pro Sonic already has 3 watts of amplification built into it; adding the screamer on top of it would be overkill. But it would be interesting to hear what it sounds like...if the external speaker survives😀


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I was able to take this out a week ago and got a few hours in on it with my sdc2300.  although I didn't find any gold it was really nice not getting tangled up on the bushes.  as far as the volume goes it is plenty loud with the head phones but when I would unplug them to let my friend here the target, the speaker was way to low.  I plugged in my amp and external speaker and it was much better.  I couldn't notice any delay at all with the unit although I would get some kind of interference every once in a while as if the unit was loosing connection.  I tried wiggling the wires and other things but could not figure out what was doing it.  I plugged it in my friends x-terra 705 for a few minutes and didn't seem to have any interference.  I hope to get out with it some more soon to see if it was the area I was in or its my detector not playing nice with it.

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