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The Reg Wilson Gold Album

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Sorry didn't mean to drag off topic, just there were pictures of the sled in the album, but most of the large pieces seem to have been found by hand helds. I was just wondering if they were successful in finding some of the larger bits. I was also curious about the EMI as the off roaders here drive my detector nuts


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Redz, no mate. No big bits found with the sled, but it is a great tool for eliminating a large area in a relatively short time. Diesel is the way to go as far as lack of interference is concerned. The alternator will cause interference, and that is why it must be disconnected while the detector is running. Four stroke engines are no good at all, as they need spark to run, and that causes havoc with the detector. We once tried a Faraday shield and various suppressors with no success, although VLFs are not as susceptible to engine interference as pulse induction.

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When I first looked through this album about 6 months ago I swore I knew Ian's face but couldn't place it for days. Then I remembered I met him back in 1994 when he owned the Logan pub. I was rousying in the Avoca Forest shearing shed and we would walk down to the pub for a drink (I'm a strict non drinker now). I was about 19 and crazy about gold prospecting and I remember looking at the photos of nice nuggets on the pub wall and asking Ian if he did any detecting. With a quiet smile he said something like 'Yeah, a bit' but didn't elaborate. 

Ian would remember a couple of brothers who shore at that shed, Colin and Graham. Colin was a detectorer too but was tight lipped about how well he did, at least with me. 

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18 hours ago, Chrisco said:

- With a quiet smile he said something like 'Yeah, a bit' but didn't elaborate

Now you know some of his story  :smile:

Reg ran into Ian a while back, but I haven't seen him for many years.

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On 10/11/2017 at 2:29 AM, jrbeatty said:

Many of the paddocks in that area were pegged and "pushed" in the 80's/90's. I've got some ancient VHSC videotape of such work on my MRC claim at Billy Goat Gully (Kingower) featuring John and Ian with SD 2000 prototypes:

To see the result, check out "Kingower Gold 2"   :smile:

Did anyone notice the gold auras and orbs at 1:45 seconds??

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I spoke to a few friends in Wedderburn about the Buttericks find, but being 70 odd years ago only a few of the older folks knew much about it. Wedderburn was where I found my first small color with a Whites 6000D at a spot called Schicer gully. In later years I found some better colors, and a 60oz patch. At one time I found two 14oz bits in the one gully. Ian Jaques (one time publican and owner of the Logan hotel) and I worked together for a few years, and found some really good gold in the Wedderburn area. My best piece being 23oz.

The buttericks gold was associated with an indicator which ran from behind the ANZ bank southward towards the state school across the road. Various attempts were made to locate more gold in the close vicinity, but were mostly unsuccessful. Norm Fitzpatrick, a magistrate from Warnambool somehow got permission to sink a hole in Wilson street outside Buttericks house. The 20ft. shaft from all reports was a 'duffer'. Max Knight tried sinking his hole behind his property. (the old bank building) but it also proved a disappointment. Some suspected the run of gold went across the road under the Anglican church, and it was said that the Vicar would get down on all fours, and put his ear to the stone steps to hear any tunneling below. Neighbors were tunneling in all directions trying to pick up the run, and suspicion was rife as to who was tunneling where.

 Butterick's indicator runs roughly north south under the town of Wedderburn, and how much gold is still down there will probably remain a mystery.


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Are you documenting any of these stories somewhere Reg?  Apart from on here of course.  

Anecdotes of old and your personal stories of gold in the electronic prospecting era would be a pretty interesting read.  

Probably won't make you as much money as prospecting will though  :wink:

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    • By DDancer
      This year, 2018, I'm working thru the year to pay up on last years not so great stab at a golden prospects in Australia last year, 2017.  It was a great trip, always is, but a lot of little factors kept me gold poor *which I use to pay for food, fuel and amenities* so I leaned on the credit card a little to hard.  Hahh!  No one ever said I'd get rich but ehh~ One can dream by the camp fire.~~  Another driving factor for this post is that my email does not like to send pictures so this is for you all who have asked "Where are the pictures?" when I tried to send them.
      Well that aside Its Always A Good Go down under.  I stayed mostly in the region of Kalgoorie last year, hard hunted land that, so I could be of help and hang around with my mates in Coolgardie while they fixed up a new caravan and ute.  The gold was small and hard to come by but I still got a few ounces in littles from the EL's I applied for, and yes sent the reports in for, but in all here are a few good days on the scales :

      And here are what most days went like.  I only had a few days streaches during the weeks out bush where I caught the skunk... but I entertained myself otherwise 😉

      I did find one small meteorite but it chose to find the hole in my pocket instead of coming home with me.  Bugger.  But while I was out and about I decided to look for another mineral I knew occured in the region were I was and took a few days driving the fence lines to find it.  Chrysoprase.  Never did find the mine that my mate pointed me towards but I did find an area that had the right indicators, what is called white and blue chrysoprase and chalcedony, and on stopping there I took a couple of days to speck around.

      I was finding mostly low grade stuff, the above picture, but found one good bit with just the tip sticking out like an iceberg:

      Among other interesting rocks like this one, semi-crystalline quartz with some nice shiny bubbly limonite and from another area of flats a fulgerite, solidified lightning strike:

      So my rock hounding itch was scratched 🙂
      Now camp is always a treat in the mornings and evenings but I also mentioned I kept myself entertained on days when I was not finding much.  Aside from just enjoying nature and walking Kays getting no where on the gold a few days of yabbie fishing made for a great reliefe after catching the skunk.  I visited various dams nearby and treated myself to a Yabbie feast on many evenings.

      So all in all a great time, good eats and nice finds.  If you want to go my suggestion is : Make a Plan and stick to it.   You wont be dissapointed.  There were a great many other things that occured but like I said, a short story.
      Regards and go live the dream.  Next year who knows..... I'm thinking opal or sapphires myself with a little gold and yabbie.

      Thanks for reading,

    • By Edsped
      I’ve taken the equinox underwater with the Hungarian headphones twice now and I think I’ve experienced the best and worst scenario for the equinox.
      Firstly I went into a popular rock pool which I’ve detected successfully with one of my Pulse Induction machines (ATX) with decent success although I did ok, I had to greatly reduce sensitivity and increase pulse delay for it to be stable but still it was enough to find about 60 coins and a few rings in this small pool HOWEVER, the equinox was very very unhappy in these conditions and struggled to signal when the coin was placed on the rocks which was 2- 3 inches on our 10c coins (which is very similar in size and conductive to a nickel and therefore general gold ring territory) but when detecting purely through salt water it was capable of 7-8” on the same coin (just estimating but it was MUCH more than over the rocks)
      I messed around with sensitivity, discrimination, different modes (was using beach 2), sweep speed, swing height, ground balancing with tracking on and off, recovery speed as well as testing to see if the test items would register in all metal (if they came up as iron) to no avail, I don’t know what kind of rock it is but detectors clearly don’t like it.
      Next outing was a sandy beach with sandstone rocks and clay base which the detector functioned adequately over.  I only used beach 2 and found recovery speed 4 is good because swing speed is slower under water so theoretically gives more depth, the sensitivity couldn’t really be run over 14 (I was 2m deep in salt water) at this location apparently but 10c targets were recoverable from 8” 
      The Hungarian headphones aren’t very loud underwater (even to my 24 year old ears) which seems to be a theme with the equinox so I believe it COULD be that the 3.7V lithium battery is insufficient to run these kind of Piezo’s but I’m far from an expert.
      Anyway, the nox went well and found some smaller than usual gold pieces 👍
      Today’s treasure:

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      I like some of the creative photography experiments here with gold nuggets and more....
    • By roddosnow
      Just thought i would post this up, i have been watching his clips for a while now, 
      He is the most prolific gold finder with the monster i have seen,
      certainly shows how good the monster is at pinging those specimens and tiny flakes.
      I have been loving the posts by Kiwijw & Phrunt who have been doing well with the monster in NZ but i haven't seen much of the monster in Australia and more in the more mineralised ground until i came across this guy.
    • By Tnsharpshooter
    • By Tnsharpshooter