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    • By oneguy
      Been about a month since I've found any but this little guy gave me some redemption...finally!!!!!
      Supposed to rain hard all weekend so I aborted a trip.  Don't get too wet Reese and good luck over there!!!!!

    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys, It had been three weekends since I last swung the Zed. Last Wednesday we had another fall of snow down to low levels. I didn't even get to work. Not that I minded as I would have been working outside in it.  Bugger that. Total carnage on the roads as people tried driving in the conditions totally unprepared for it. Saturday came & the weather wasn't supposed to be overly good but I was hanging out for a detect so I went for it. Bit of a late start but I was at my destination & swinging by about midday. It was to an area I have absolutely thrashed over the years but it still on occasions coughs up gold for me. It is where I very first tried the Gold Monster, snagging two bits.
      It was also the exact area where with the 4500 & my then new 11" Coiltek Elite coil I got on to a small pocket of reef gold. It was more just a small rich little quartz leader or stringer that soon dried up on me. I really thought I was on to something good back then. I had to back fill the hole as dark got the better of me & I had to wait until the next weekend to get back to it. Boy was I fizzing.
      As you can see it is very rough reefy gold with quartz still attached. I was hoping that due to the snow, which would have melted away from this area, the ground would be moist & hopefully for some depth. It was & I was hoping to latch on to some more of this reef gold as the damp ground conditions always gives me better depth & sensitivity. So I got to the spot & rigged up the Zed. I got far enough away from my truck so it wouldn't interfere with the detector before firing it up. Checked my settings. High Yield/Normal & full max sensitivity at 20. Settings as of my last mission. Auto tuned. Ground balanced over the ferrite ring & I was into it. Straight away I was hit with noisy ground. I don't usually get such a bad reaction in damp ground. Maybe it was this particular location on top of the damp ground. I backed the sensitivity to 18. It wasn't as bad but still more noisy than I usually get. I forced myself to put up with it & tried my best to tame it with very slow coil sweeps, as I knew there had been gold here in the past so I was in no rush, & I managed very careful coil control keeping it very smooth & avoided any slight lifting. Keeping the coil as flat to the ground as I could & a consistent height. Which was a low as I could get. Otherwise I was plagued with moans & groans & the Zed warble.
      I was into it about two minutes fighting the ground noise when I thought I heard a target signal. Gosh.... I wasn't overly sure with the noises going on but it did appear to always be in that one spot ever so slight. A couple of scrapes & it had moved. Bugger.... probably a shotgun pellet.
         You can hardly even see the scrape mark but a small bit of gold it was. 
      .21 of a gram
      Then not even three feet away another very faint target like signal among the noise.
      Another bit of gold but this was tiny for that big coil.
      .04 of a gram. 
      Then believe it or not but another signal about three feet away. Another very shallow scrape.
      But tiny gold again. .07 of a gram.
      Gosh my first three signals & three bits of gold. I was on a roll.... or was I? No that was where it ended for hours. The ground noise was doing my head in so I flicked into High Yield/Difficult. That made things a lot more bearable, I was able to crank the sensitivity back up to 20 & felt I had to to get back some sensitivity but knew It was no match for High Yield/Normal. It was also when the gold dried up for me. I did get a few pellets & on an old patch area I got a signal that had me down 10" on to the rotten schist bedrock where all the gold from my old patch was on. I was 100% sure that this was going to be a good bit of gold. Finally got the target in my hand & it was a flat bit of lead. Bugger. I ended up with a few of those & it was starting to get dark & I was just hoping for one more bit of gold to end the day on. The weather had been ok for the day but the wind had really picked up & was most unpleasant. I got a signal that again was just a shallow scrape but it was onto bedrock after about 2 inches when the signal was out.
      Ye Ha. A bit of gold to finish the day on.
      .16 of a gram
      So all up 4 pieces for just .49 of a gram 
      And the associated rubbish
      Got back home in time to watch the All Blacks, our national rugby team, play France & beat them 52-11 
      Good luck out there
    • By mlgdave
      All from 1 pocket actually 140 feet underground

    • By phoenix
      And I mean little.      The 2300 could just barely hear it and I had it the scoop 4 or 5 times before I could hear it in the scoop 😯  I`d say it`s a 0.05 g max. Dave

    • By Lunk
      So I headed to the hills yesterday to get acquainted with the Gold Mode of the EQX 800. Equipped with ear buds and the WM08, I used Gold 2, and only deviated from the factory presets by adjusting the volume to 5, the tone volume to 5, and notched in the 0 segment on the discrimination scale. The ground mineralization was a little too hot to run max sensitivity; backing it down to 20 quieted the ground nicely, but still allowed the targets to really pop. I chose an old thrashed patch that I’ve worked with many detectors in the past, including the Gold Monster last summer. Seems someone had been detecting the area recently , as they left their excavations open. I powered up the EQX, and performed a noise cancel and auto ground balance. Not 5 minutes into it, and the Nox got a nice hit in the bottom of one of the shallow dig holes; scraping out an inch or two revealed a bright little nugglet.

      Just a few feet away I got another good response, this time in virgin ground. After removing the overlying carpet of moss, the target was still in the ground and much stronger. Digging another inch or two into the weathered quartzite bedrock, and the target was out: another golden bit.😉

      After hitting a small patch of tiny foil bits, the ground yielded one more yellow goodie.

      During most of the hunt, I was running in all metal, unless I got into a healthy patch of hot rocks. They read a consistent -7,-8,-9 on the EQX display, whereas the nugglets were at 1 or 2. Iron falsing on square nails and such was much higher at anywhere from 11 to 35, and was easy to identify because the numbers weren’t consistent and wouldn’t pinpoint.
      All up, 0.25 of a gram.

    • By phrunt
      After a busy day on the slopes doing some skiing yesterday I managed to score an afternoon around Queenstown area to myself as my wife had some friends staying there and was hanging around with them, I'm not a social bumble bee and very far from it, in fact I'm a recluse, especially with people I don't really know so I took the opportunity to take off and do some exploring. It's a wonder kiwijw puts up with me, It's said I'm very antisocial which bothers my wife, I on the other hand don't notice it.
      A couple of days ago I went to one of the spots kiwijw had shown me that I've done OK at especially with my high frequency VLFs and he's done pretty damn good at using his GPZ but unfortunately that turned into a skunk for me so I wanted to try find some new ground closer to town that I can get to easier.   I used my GPX 4500 with Joey coil on that trip.
      I had read the previous night about some old workings close to town that could be easily accessed in the time I had.  I put my Mountain bike in the back of the car so I could speed up my trek even more rather than walking to these workings. I had no idea where they were and I'm very prone to getting lost, all I knew is a walking track takes me to them so I jumped on my bike and took the track.
      I wasn't even sure I was going to do any detecting so I just threw my Gold Bug Pro with Nel Snake in my backpack as it packs down tiny and weighs nothing.  It also doesn't overly react to shotgun pellets so I thought may as well use that on the scouting missions so I don't spend my time digging up pellets as I didn't have very long.  I have had a bit of a love hate relationship with my Gold Bug Pros, I've struggled to have any success with them but I haven't put the hours on them either as I quickly upgraded off them.  Today proves they are very capable of finding TINY gold.
      I found various spots along my ride that looked alright for detecting, some that looked to be bedrock.  I wasn't sure so I detected around a few locations along the track and wasn't having much joy.  I stopped at a spot right by the river which was very rocky with a thin layer of dirt over the rock and looked promising. After 15 minutes of detecting around I got my first tiny little nugget using the Gold Bug Pro.  It was in a bit of a crack in the schist, I had to scrape it out with a screwdriver, my guess it was about an inch in a crack. It was 0.021 of a gram, the size I only ever expected to find with my GM1000 or Equinox 800.  I only had about 2 hours all up so after another 20 or so minutes checking the area I decided to call it quits and head back to the car. I ended up only being 15 minutes late for the wife pickup 🙂  I didn't have my phone with me so I couldn't take any photos at the time, I left it in the car by accident as I was in such a rush.
      What is significant about this for me is it's only my second ever nugget with the GBP, it was absolutely tiny and far exceeding my expectations for the GBP and my first detected nugget that I've had no help with, all my other nuggets I've detected in the past kiwijw showed me where and how to find them.  This was my lone wolf nugget, I found the location and the nugget alone.
      I never did find the old workings but there is always another day.  I am hoping kiwijw hasn't found this location yet so I can finally share with him a spot I've found that has gold, he's been a good teacher, mentor and friend.  It would be hard to find a person willing to show you how to find gold in an area you work yourself, thereby taking albeit small bits of gold off him that he would of potentially found.  A nice gesture that I am grateful of as I really enjoy the hobby and it's possible I would of given up without his help to get me started.

      It looks far bigger in the photos than it is, it's a tiny spec on my finger tip.  The Gold Bug Pro is very sensitive to tiny gold especially when combined with a tiny coil like the Nel Snake.