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Well, I say we need a stop the adblockers campaign on Steve's site and click the odd add every once in a while to contribute, I don't mind clicking on an ad every time I see one, its a few seconds of my time. I put it in a more commonly used part of the forums, I'm sure absolutely every user on the site would agree with me. 

Thanks for the site and the effort you put into it.  Here's hoping my campaign goes viral :biggrin:


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Steve - Thanks A Million for All You Do"...We Appreciate Your Work that Makes it easy to Learn and Share Au* Knowledge! :rolleyes: 

Cheers Buddy !  Ig

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    • By Norm S
      This is by far the best detecting and prospecting forum on the internet. What other forum does the site owner not only answer questions but gives you the answer from the manuals or personal experiences. I have been reading forums for about 8 yrs and there are many sharp guys and gals that know what they are talking about and I learn in bits and pieces because I never make radical changes to my detectors. I try and keep my detector settings pretty simple i case of a factory reset. 
      On the other hand there are many people that either complain or don't have a clue what they are talking about. 
      Running a website takes a lot of work aside from knowing what you're talking about. 
      As more people learn and use the Equinox which is my detector of choice I learn a little more. I been reading a lot about the Equinox and gold hunting because I am planning my trip west in the fall and finding gold with a metal detector is on my bucket list. 
      I love the new website because of all the articles to read before you go to the forums.
      I want to thank Steve for such a great website and the effort he puts in to keeping it great
    • By Steve Herschbach
      I keep getting requests for at least one forum with a looser format and in particular a place where people can make "that first post" and introduce themselves. So here it is. Meeting people and getting to know them often means general chit chat and such. Anything is pretty much ok here but more than ever it is important people abide by the forum Prime Directive - treat others with decency and respect. Past history and baggage from other forums is not allowed here so just leave it at the door, or do not enter.
      Other than that - enjoy!
      Now a little history for those totally new to the forum. I used to hang out on all the other forums. The problem over time is I kept bumping into rules. No mentioning certain brands or dealers for fear of offending sponsoring dealers. That will never happen here as the forum members come first. The one that really irritated me was no links to all sorts of things, like other forums. Here, if the subject matter is relevant, please link to it! No silly "Google it" games etc.
      And then there are the trolls. People who just like to stir things up. Childish and rude people. Tons of off topic garbage to wade through to find decent information. Etc. I just got tired of it all because over time it all got worse as forums became more commercial.
      I started these forums to escape all that and with the goal of attracting like minded people who are also tired of all the nonsense. So the main thing here is very, very simple. With the possible exception of this forum, keep discussions on the particular forum subject matter. Be a decent person and better yet, try to help others. On topic, be good - it really is that simple here.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      I am in the middle of trying to move all the old handbuilt website pages into the newer forum based portion of the website. It is a huge undertaking and unfortunately old links on other websites will end up broken in some cases. I have got most of the internal links here fixed now but will be tweaking for some time.
      The biggest part I have been transferring over the last two weeks is my Steve's Mining Journal. I not only moved the pages but replaced the small images on older posts with new higher resolution versions where available. I also added over a dozen new entries catching me up over the last three years.
      The old home page that few people saw is now reformatted into a magazine style setup, with various articles highlighted. This new setup will allow me to create articles from the best forum posts. Right now it's all just coming together but will hopefully be worth all the effort when done.
      The new Steve's Mining Journal
      the new Home Page
    • By Steve Herschbach
      New Member Signup - Click Here!      Lost Password - Click Here!
      Forum Tips & Tricks
      The Classifieds ad forum is provided as a free service for active, involved forum members. Members will have to have made at least ten posts on the other forums before being allowed to post in the Classifieds. Herschbach Enterprises is not responsible for issues resulting from the use of the Classifieds forum. As always, buyer beware!
      No negative comments. If you see an issue, contact the seller or a moderator via pm. Notify everyone when the item has been sold. Use the edit function to modify the original post to do so or add a post saying the item has been sold. Protect yourself. Be careful about giving any sensitive information to prospective buyers. Advertising deemed inappropriate or out of place for any reason may be deleted without warning. The standard Forum Terms of Use apply. Dealers are welcome as long as the items advertised are somehow involved in products related to the prospecting and metal detecting world. Dealers must identify themselves as such. I ask that dealer ads be limited to genuine special deals like closeouts and used detectors. See my general policy regarding dealers for details.

      The Classifieds is designed to protect you from unwelcome contact. Only registered forum members can contact you via PM (Personal Messaging). This does mean if you want people who are not forum members to be able to contact you that you need to put that information in your ad.

      Be as descriptive as possible and always try to include clear pictures of clean items. Many ads are ruined by blurry pictures or not taking the time to clean items before sale. Be sure to make note of any remaining transferable warranty, if any.

      Review your ad one last time after you place it to be sure everything is accurate. You have the ability to edit it at any time.
      Go to your ad and at bottom next to quote button hit edit You should be able to edit everything there, including the title. The Prefix selection lets you put colored For Sale, Wanted, and other banners on your ad. Put up a Sold banner when your item sells or ends and the ad will be deleted within a couple days. Ads may be deleted by the admin after 90 days if no attempt is made to update them or otherwise indicate they are still active. A big tool for sellers is the eBay sold listings. Go to eBay and search for what you plan on selling. Then click the "used" box on left. Then click the "sold listings" box. Now you can see all similar items that sold recently and what they sold for, giving you a realistic way of checking current market value. Oddball items unfortunately may not have enough sales volume to get help this way.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      There was a thread going about some interactions in another forum. People were personally identified, and those people contacted me and protested. The thread has been deleted. My apologies for anyone whose posts went away at the same time but the back and forth with these people was such that I needed the problem and them to just go away. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in letting this go.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Enjoying everything but one person’s posts rub you the wrong way? Go to your settings in upper right and look for “Ignored Users”.
      Ignoring a user allows you to block some or all of their content from showing. Users are not notified that you are ignoring them.
      Just add the user name you wish to ignore to the list accessed under “Ignored Users”.