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My First Day & First Gold With The Eq 800

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Bugger it, that was the review I'd been waiting for...  I'm ordering one! 

-- Order placed.


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Really nice small gold, congrats kiwi..... I also got my Equinox 800 the other day, and tested it with a small .10 (tenth of a gram) little picker nugget, and it picked it up nice and loud and clear both in the 20khz and 40 khz freqs...


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20 minutes ago, DolanDave said:

Really nice small gold, congrats kiwi..... I also got my Equinox 800 the other day, and tested it with a small .10 (tenth of a gram) little picker nugget, and it picked it up nice and loud and clear both in the 20khz and 40 khz freqs...


Looks like Minelab has went and done it again! 


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It's fun finding gold with the 800.  A detector, headset, scoop and a pick.  Once you get it in the scoop it sings to be rescued.

Your experience with the headset was similar to mine but I think your 'work around' didn't give you the power you will find once you charge the bluetooth set.  I plugged my supplied bluetooth into the WM08 and found things at the beach but it was muffled.  The next time I went out I turned them on and what a difference.

I think you could 'hear' with the volume all the way up but it was not powered.  I later read that the WM08 is designed for headphones to be attached ... not the bluetooth.  I had used them just as I do other headphones but I don't think (someone correct me) they are normal headphones ... if they are then they still sound better charged and amplified like a booster.  

I didn't do anything with the iron bias or the recovery speed when I found my two nuggets.  I will the next time.


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18 hours ago, Dig It said:

I know that feeling of It's Got To Stop Snowing First !!!  :angry:

Off the charts JW! Dig it , finally stopped here after 3 weeks :laugh:Ig

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Great job detecting those tiny pieces JW.

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On 3/4/2018 at 2:00 AM, Mop said:

Thanks JW for the review,

This is looking like the perfect second detector for my kit as I holiday at the coast. In a previous Minelab talk you spoke about the GM as being a great tool in your kit, would the Equinox 800 do the same job as your Gm100?

Hi there Mop, Detecting for this tiny gold isn't really my cup of tea as I usually end up with a pocket full of shot gun pellets & not a lot in gold weight for all the effort that goes into it. I would rather spend the time with the Zed & get bigger deeper gold. Sometimes though it isn't all that much bigger..... of lately. :rolleyes: But I do know of a few little hot spots that seem to carry this small gold & it is a bit of a novelty & bit of fun to chase it every now & then. I always carry the GM 1000 with me in my truck & generally use it as my discriminator & pin pointer when I get down into a bit of a deep dig with the Zed. I do have to admit that the GM 1000 has found me quite a bit of small gold from Zed digs that the Zed didn't pick up on. Both down in the holes & small bits in the dig out piles from the initial Zed dig. The Zed had picked up on a bigger deeper bit & the GM mopped up the crumbs. The EQ 800 with the 11" coil wouldn't do the same job down in the hole but probably would on the dig out piles. Thanks. :smile:

Thank you to the rest of you for your comments & kind words. I am out of likes for the day.:rolleyes: The EQ 800 has really surprised me with its tiny gold capabilities. Despite what I have read & seen from others out there finding gold with it. It truly is something special & the Multi IQ is something else. There really is some voodoo magic going on there with that 11" coil & such tiny gold. Gosh....I wonder how the little 6" coil is going to go & even the bigger coil. Exciting. Cheers

Best of luck out there

JW :smile:

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Pretty amazing small gold finds. A good detector in the hands of a good operator.

Fun to read.

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A lot of these detectors have become so good now it's all about the operator, John (kiwijw) finds a lot of gold compared to me, we are in the same hunting grounds.  He could go swing his Monster for a day and come home with a reasonable loot, I could do the same with my Monster and be EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY lucky to get 1 small little piece.

I'm still learning, it's more about learning where gold deposits itself, John's put countless hours into educating himself on this, I have much work to do.  


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10 hours ago, kiwijw said:

Hi there Mop, Detecting for this tiny gold isn't really my cup of tea as I usually end up with a pocket full of shot gun pellets & not a lot in gold weight for all the effort that goes into it. I would rather spend the time with the Zed & get bigger deeper gold. Sometimes though it isn't all that much bigger..... of lately. :rolleyes:

Hey John,

Are you finding the VDI numbers are helping rule out the shotgun pellets or do they come up the same as small gold?

Also, does waving your hand in front of it set it off like the Gold Monster? I'm still not used to not being able to do that, I did it all the time with my GBP and T2, will I still be forced to use a scoop?


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    • By foreverteachable
      I took Dean's advice about using higher sweep speeds in trashy area to separate signals betters. Two wheaties I found yesterday were in the same very trashy areas I had detected previously with a sweep speed of 1. I believe the higher sweep speed on the 600 of 2-3 did help unmask them. If you go from Park settings to Field settings you will notice the difference as well in how the signals stand out more in trashy areas. There seems to be sort of a lag time/longer signal in Park 1 than in Field 2. I have also been checking signals found with a sweep speed of 1 with different sweep speeds to see if depth is affected and haven't seen a major difference. I have been keeping the sweep speed settings low because I watched an air test video on Youtube showing a major difference in depth during air testing. I am not convinced that lowering sweep speed gives one more depth but I did notice more falsing on cut nails and bigger iron when I raised the sweep speed. Has anyone else noticed it and has anyone seen a difference in depth at higher sweep speeds on actual targets in the ground?
    • By Dan(NM)
      I called Minelab USA this morning asking about the 6" coil, the rep informed me that the 6" coil will be shipping out next week. Now, I didn't ask if that was from Australia or from Minelab USA to the distributors. It looks like the coil will finally be available very soon.
    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys, I headed back to the spot where I got 10, Eleven but lost one on getting home, bits of gold that I showed a couple of posts ago. I got chased out by the dark & hadnt quite finished the area. Due to my little bit of success I was keen to go back & finish it. I just took the GM with 5" coil as per before. Traveling nice & light. 👍 I didn't get there until 2pm & we had a hum dinger of a frost this morning & got a stunning clear blue sky day out of it. This spot at this time of the year gets no direct sun & was still in hard frost when I got there.

      Bugger. going to be hard ground to go with it. It took me a while to get my first signal.

      I had to use the pointy end of the pick to "break" the ground out & the signal was coming from that frozen clump of dirt. 

      I broke it in half & then saw a bit of gold poking its tongue out at me.

      A 2nd signal wasn't long in coming

      Another small bit of gold

      That was it from this area, In could get nothing else. So I moved on to another area that had been good to me in the past. I got a few pellets & quite a few signals all in a very tight area. The ground didn't look overly favourable so after a few pellets I decided to give the other signals a miss & jumped across an old tailing race to a spot where I got a nice haul of chunky gold back with my GP 3000. Thinking this would be worth having a go for tiny gold with the Gold monster. I knew there was rotten schist  bedrock not far down & I was going to scrape off the top dirt to expose this bedrock for the monster. I did a quick scan before doing so & BANG, got a signal. Not thinking it was going to be gold.
      But it was

      Nothing more so I scraped away about an inch of gravels over a bit of an area. Got numerous very soft faint signals.


      And more Gold

      I then whittled down a very positive hit to a bit of small schist 

       It was nutting off. How I didnt discard it initially I dont know. I was in full max sensitivity 10, Deep all metal mode & the gold chance indicator was hard all the way to the right & not flickering at all. I went into iron reject & the audio was nutting off & the gold chance indicator still hard to the right. I had rubbed the stone clean of dirt, or so I thought, & couldn't work out what the heck was going on. My magnet ignored it. I rubbed it again to clean or dislodge any gold that might have been stuck to it. Nothing dropped off into my scoop. I tumbled the stone over in my hand.....and then I saw it.

      Mystery solved. Was a bit of a head scratcher.

      Once these signals dried up I just scraped down to the schist bedrock & signals & gold just kept on coming. I ended up smashing into the bedrock & still they kept coming.

      I then got a very good hit & the biggest bit of the day came to light.

      Still the signals & tiny gold kept coming. I gave up taking pics as it was not far off dark & getting bloody cold. My feet were going numb. I called it quits at 20 pieces & will have to come back to it.

      .61 of a gram. Was bloody fun though. I will be back. It ain't over.....
      The Gold Monster was on fire.

      Good luck out there
    • By Nuke em
      This morning i took my Mum out with me for a drive and thought take the Nox with me . I drove 30 miles West and parked at a town with a sandy beach and river . The tide was going out and the sand goes out for around 500 meters or more alongside the river . I started on the dry and worked down , as i was going i picked up the usual 14 to 18 TID which always turned out to be crown caps and Aluminium . When i got to the groin that is next to the river entrance it turned to black sand and from there was black sand with around 3 or 4 inches of normal sand on top .
      I picked up a high tone with occasional low tones , there was lots of Iron in the area too but i will dig all targets on sand and when i eventually found the target it turned out to be this ring below . It looks like its a Silver band with a Gold top part with an Amber stone set in it , there are no Hallmarks or none i can make out but i'm sure its Silver and Gold and possibly 18k , i did a scuff test on the Gold part to see if it was plated but i didn't see any Silver below . I am thinking the band itself might have been Gold plated at one point and the ring sold as full Gold ?. The stone is scuffed and looks old . Its now 3 Gold i have had with the Nox and 16 Silvers if i count the Silver on this.
      After that find i worked the sand for 2 hours but only found 3 coins for £1.06p .
      We left the beach and we went to my local Dealer which is Detecnicks and i looked at a Macro Multi Kruzer , i have been wondering about it for a while and as i sold my Explorer 11 a short time ago and had £341 for it i could buy the Macro if i wanted with the extra cash coming from somewhere else . But it was that somewhere else that i was wondering about . As coin hunting is getting harder and the cashless society is getting worse i decided to sell my X.Terra 705 . It has had enough money off the beach to cover the small loss i would take from selling after buying it new . So that is what i have done . Now i have another new machine to learn , my mate Martin says it works well in the salt wet , we'll see. But i want it for land too .
      After staying at Detecnicks and chatting for around 3 hours we left for home.
      More than anything the Macro is another lighter waterproof machine . I now only have the ET for the noisy tops of my local beaches . But that should be enough .
      Also i will be buying a few sets of wired XP backphones for the Nox , i want to see if the WIFI still affects the Nox using them . I think its the Wireless Module not the machine .

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    • By kiwijw
      Mrs JW & I headed off to the hills today to a gully I haven't been to for a long time. I was hoping the gold had grown back.  I took with me the Zed, Nox 800 & the Gold Monster.

      The ground being damp I was hoping to get a depth & sensitivity edge from previous successful times here. Got stuck into it with the Zed first off. I was able to run High Yield/Normal & 18 sensitivity. I hit an old  patch area first & got a faint signal that disappeared on me when I scraped it. So I used the gold monster to re find it & locate it. Damn shotgun pellet. Bugger. This happened a few times. I then tried the EQ 800 over this old patch area but the coil wasn't very suitable so I gave up on that. Long story short, I got skunked with the Zed & the EQ 800. The day was saved with the mighty Monster. I came to an area in these old turned over gully workings from the old timers that I had found some tiny gold in the past.

      Broke out the GM & very slowly combed over the piles. Deep all metal mode & sensitivity on full max 10. First signal was not long in coming.

      Bingo. Skunk averted.

      The beauty of me having been over these old workings many times is that there is not much rubbish, & the rabbit shooters seem to have not hit this area in a long time. It is a bit of a drive to get here so that is good for that reason.
      2nd signal, another bit of gold.

      Then another

      This went on for a further 4 pieces making 7 in total for .31 of a gram 

      The white rock is a cemented quartz conglomerate boulder & is the same rock that is in the foreground of the above pic of the gully workings.
      I ended the day trying again with the Zed but got skunked with it today. So I was saved by the mighty Monster. My rubbish haul was 6 pellets & one hobnail boot tack. So gold to junk ratio was 50/50    Cheers  
      Best of luck out there.