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Enjoying The Local Soccer Fields And Parks

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I was never much for finding modern coins or hunting newer ballfields but I think my mindset has changed after taking a break from detecting for several years. I sure like finding relics, buttons, and an occasional coin hunting in the woods but 1 or 2 brass buttons in several hours, while really exciting, doesn't buy cofee or cause my wife to encourage me to go out and detect more 😊 I hit a local soccer field with only an hour till dark and found a few bucks and my first jewelry in a while.


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    • By Rivers rat
      Hello and good week end to all !Went for a session this morning lots of eyes only searchers,i spend 2.5 hours digging on everything then end back to the exit stairs  and decided to give a last go,i had victorian coins and yessssssss i strike GOLD so it is my 3rd precious metal finds in a row so well happy i havent clean it yet.But it hasn't been a while i striked gold like that .
      So the Lobo has proven again his abilities to find stuff in extreme condition .I am still looking for a 5.75 concentric for another lobo which i had had tuned to concentric.

    • By Nuke em
      This morning at 5am i had a few hours to do the beach with the Nox before going to the Hospital to meet Mum who was having a scan and biopsy on her right Lung which is likely to have Cancer. At 5am the tide was almost out and as the tides are long at the moment i wanted to only do the sand which exposes only at long tides mostly . 3 weeks ago i heard of a 14k Gold ring lost by a foreigner from Germany and i was hoping to find it . But today the weather has been windy and the sea has been running a bit higher than wanted . As soon as i got there i knew it would be hopeless today so carried along the beach on the sand that was exposed further up . Mostly it was quiet but no long before i got to the end of that section of beach i had a very high tone in the mid 30's TID and thought Silver or Aluminium ? so i dug and out came a 13.3g Silver band . In the same area i found £2.40p of coinage including 2 old style Pound coins .
      I started back along the beach again and then i came across a target reading 17 in a mid tone , i thought Aluminium again as many of those number between 17 and 20 are Aluminium but as i was on the sand i would dig anyway . And was i glad i did .
      In the first spade full in saw a glint of Gold , i picked it up and it was a 22k 8.8g Gold ring . After that i found only a Lead fishing weight and as i was around 7.30am i thought time to go , the tide was coming up and the sand was covering quickly .
      Tomorrow i will go again for low tide and take the Nox and this time have my chest waders on and a scoop with me . Time to find that 14 k , i wont be going for coinage so if i dont find the ring or a ring i wont have a report but i will be going into the water up to my knees at least , would go further but the current is strong and wearing waders is risky .
      I cant be sure but i think i was using Beach 1 in my settings for the rings and swapped over to 2 in the water .
      I checked on my E.Trac and the Gold ring read 12   27 .
      I have now had 2 Gold rings and 15 Silver rings so far .

    • By Skate
      As some of you know I underwent my second hip replacement 4 weeks ago at the ripe old age of 52 which has short circuited any detecting at all. Rehab has been going well though and I'm way ahead of where most folks are at this stage. I was able to ditch my walker after two days post surgery and have been since working up to taking a walk on the beach much less detect. All that changed today as I got a call from a young man who had lost his wedding ring on Saturday just on the north side of the Ventura Pier. He lost it in the dry sand and wondered if I could come out and help him find it. Since school is officially out for the summer I decided to throw caution to the wind and go. My concern was walking in the dry sand as a newly recovering hip doesn't like the variability of highs and lows that dry sand brings. When i met him he explained that he was putting sunscreen on his young son, took the ring off and placed it on his son's shirt. A moment later he got dive bombed by a group of seagulls hunting for a grubstake and a seagull took off with the shirt and sent the ring flying. He tried to find it but as you know gold sinks and the sand isn't your friend unless you have an Equinox 600!!
      I drew a 20x20 box in the sand and proceeded to detect and bam, got a nice 20-22 solid sounding tone and into my scoop came this beautiful rose gold wedding ring. So I'm one for one on my first day back detecting. Truth be told the dry sand is a bit much for me right now so my batting average may remain 1.000 for a while as I can't see myself bending down to dig 50 plugs in a park yet but man it was great to get out and do some good finally. Those of you who know what it's like to find someone's lost jewelry know it's a great feeling and put's you on a high for the rest of the day so i'm going to hold to that for awhile. 

    • By Againstmywill
      Stopped at a friend's house for a night's stay, and his wife saw that I had brought a metal detector along on our way to move to FL. She mentioned that her husband had lost his wedding ring about 6 years ago while spreading mulch in the front yard. He had his son look one time, but he was using a cheap detector I guess. I tried swinging for about 15 minutes in the flower bed, but there was an iron border that was not playing nicely with detecting. I even got down on my hands and knees and just used my pinpointer to no avail. So, why not try the well-manicured lawn! I had the sensitivity lowered to about 12, and there were no signals when in the grass. I guess that's why the consistent ID of 15 stood out so much. After digging a small plug, the ring popped out on the first hole. I wish I was videoing his reaction... priceless. He had just gotten done saying to my wife that he would give me $200 if I found it. He actually cut me a check for $200, but I left it with him when we left. I told him to keep it as a token of thanks for letting me detect along the way to FL on our move. That's 2 gold rings that have ID'd at 15 for me, the usual number for pull tabs. 
    • By abenson
      My Sister-In-Law who normally uses a Minelab Sovereign, wanted to go metal detecting at the beach with me over the weekend at a real sanded in beach, also lots of black sand. I figured one of my PI's would be too frustrating for her to use so I let her use my Equinox 600. I set her up in Beach 1 sensitivity 23, 5 tones, iron bias 1, recovery 3 (equal to 6 on the 800) and GB 0. I used my GPX 4000 since I hadn't run it for a while.
      We hunted the wet sand about 25 feet up from the water line. After about an hour I had dug a few pennies, a nickel, some lead bullets/sinkers and some shallower can slaw. She walked over to me and said she really hadn't found anything but foil and pieces of aluminum, which didn't surprise me because all of the coins I had found were 12 inches plus deep.
      So I suggested that I would go ahead of her and mark some targets and then have her go over them with the 600 and see what to listen for. I had about 8 targets marked and told her to start going over them and we would listen to the signals.  Some of the targets she couldn't get a signal at all, which I expected since I was using a PI. But I told her to go ahead and dig them because I knew something was down there. Of the 8 holes she dug 2 pennies, a nickel, a piece of copper wire, a spark plug, a few pull tabs and a small 18k ring. She was impressed at how much deeper the PI was vs the 600.
      Now the interesting thing we found was that on these really deep targets, the Equinox could get some of them but they were usually one way signals and read much lower that they would out of the ground. For instance the pennies were reading in the 6-8 range. On the small 18k gold ring the Equinox was coming up with a erratic 1-2 and she said that's what the foil had been reading so she stopped digging it. I told her to dig it anyway because it was too deep to be foil in my opinion. Boy was she surprised when it ended up being a gold ring. From the size of the hole we figure the ring was about 10-11 inches deep. BTW the ring read a solid 6 on the Nox out of the ground.
      This was a good reminder to me that as with most detectors, when targets are at the fringe of the detectors depth capabilities, we really do need to dig everything at the beach or we're going to miss gold.