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Norm S

Hit My New Honey Hole Today

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For almost 5 weeks I had been hitting a park for about 2 hours a days and raking in the clad and a few rings. I averaged $3.50 - $4.50 everyday and found a little over $150 in that park alone. The last 3 hunts I went through to clean up on targets I had passed over when I was collecting 9 to 15 quarters in each hunt. I finally got it down to finding only 50 cents during the last hunt so I started looking for a new place. I hit a few places with littles success and a cpl where I found 5 cents or less. 

Well I found this place I had been eyeing for two years and it was finally open so I hit it about 5 days is a row and collected $40+ in clad plus a rubber duckie..lol On the 6th day I went back and it was locked up again so I couldn't hunt and moved on to places I knew were hunted heavily if not hunted out. So for the past week I been struggling to find $1 in clad on each hunt and a cpl times nothing at all. 

Yesterday morning I drove past my new honey hole and the gates were unlocked so I drove in. It was already getting hot about 86 degrees when I got there but I decided to hunt anyway. I started where I left off and as soon as I put my detector to the ground while adjusting the head phones I had a 30 signal dug my 1st quarter before I even swung my coil once. In 1 hour and 15 minutes I walked out of there with $5.72 in clad. I went back this morning and in one hour I found $4.75 in clad. I also found a way to get in without going through the main gate. Yes I have permission to hunt there. The beauty of this site is I am the only one that has hunted it..

I have about 50% of the place hunted and I think maybe I have at least one more week to get it pretty well hunted out. 

I still hit a bottle cap or two but I can usually tell what it is even with a flattened bottle cap. I can't explain it but they give off a different or even multi tone even though the target id is 29 - 30. There is a lot of trash there but the Equinox ignores 95% of it unless a bottle cap or tab. 

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    • By MCH2
      At the moment I am a quantity clad hunter. Just looking for more efficient ways of operating. Currently I am using the Equinox 600 with wireless low latency headphones.  I use park mode 1 with 50 tones and leave open VDI numbers 13, and 24 to 38.   My method: I mostly bend at the waist with a little knee flex to dig (no kneeling); most coins are less than 5" deep. I use a Lesche 10" hand trowel and a smaller wider trowel for popping near surface coins. I only bend over once per target. I use a pinpointer after initial coil pinpointing leaving the pinpointer on facing away from the target while digging, dig target, pinpoint again as needed, recover target, turn pinpointer off, fill in hole, pick up tools, then straighten back up, pocket finds, holster tools and give the hole a final step on and start sweeping again. I have gone from using the pinpointer holster to using my back pants pocket as this is faster to draw and replace without having to stop and look to holster. Also started using a quicker holster for my larger trowel and keep my small wider trowel in my other back pocket. I use a small tie on hardware apron with a pocket for finds and a pocket for trash.  My 600 is tethered to my belt with an elastic bungee cord so it hangs and moves with me when I bend and straighten up; it never gets laid on the ground.
      Anyone like to share their method of streamlining to increase efficiency and cut down on redundancy.
    • By Belgy1972
      Now that we've all had a bit of time to enjoy the Nox whether that be the 600 or 800.
      Which mode do you think is the best and why, more to the point what do you think the benefits are over the other modes. I prefer park 2 as i find with the right sweep speed there is very little falsing compared to the others especially field 2.
    • By midalake
      Can someone tell me how long the coil wire is? Coil through connector,
      Thanks Dave
    • By Nuke em
      On Youtube i saw from another forum link that a bloke has found another way to check for bad targets on his 600 . I assume its the same for the 800 .
      The Minelab Equinox 'Hack' - Target ID Trick.
      Starts at 1.49 minutes
    • By foreverteachable
      I took Dean's advice about using higher recovery speeds in trashy area to separate signals betters. Two wheaties I found yesterday were in the same very trashy areas I had detected previously with a sweep speed of 1. I believe the higher sweep speed on the 600 of 2-3 did help unmask them. If you go from Park settings to Field settings you will notice the difference as well in how the signals stand out more in trashy areas. There seems to be sort of a lag time/longer signal in Park 1 than in Field 2. I have also been checking signals found with a sweep speed of 1 with different recovery speeds to see if depth is affected and haven't seen a major difference. I have been keeping the sweep speed settings low because I watched an air test video on Youtube showing a major difference in depth during air testing. I am not convinced that lowering recovery speed gives one more depth but I did notice more falsing on cut nails and bigger iron when I raised the sweep speed. Has anyone else noticed it and has anyone seen a difference in depth at higher recovery speeds on actual targets in the ground?
    • By Aurum
      First day out yesterday with the 800 was much better than I expected. Definitely some luck, especially with the toe ring which was in the hole with a memorial and zinc cent. Since we happen to be in a historical area involved in the War of 1812, and will be leaving in a week, I tried to prepare myself as well as I could by reading posts about the Equinox on a couple of forums. I also watched youtube videos, and read the manual a few of times. Past experience with the CTX and especially the Explorer II helped with the initial learning process, though it’s going to take some time to fully utilize the Equinox’s capability. After experimenting with the first hour with the different modes, I settled on using the Park 1, 50 tones, and mostly recovery speed 6. Park 1 seemed to hit the targets harder than Field 1, plus it seemed like Field 1 falsed more easily on the iron than Park 1. Since both areas I detected had a significant amount of iron I kept the all metal mode on all the time to keep from having to constantly check the falsing signals.  I also saved a 10kHz User Profile for checking bottle caps and targets in general, though 10kHz didn’t give a better response to targets especially deeper targets. The negative was that the 80ML headphones began hurting my ears after a couple of hours. Not sure why because the ear muffs are very soft but possibly because they’re a little smaller than I’m use to.