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Steve's Treasure Talk Blog. 4th June

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I see Steve did the same post back on 11th April under A Couple Of Firsts....Oh well. Worth looking at again.:biggrin:

JW :smile: 

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I don`t own a Equinox and probably never will, but I read it out of interest and the Equinox is pretty amazing stuff.  Terrific finds Steve 🙂

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    • By foreverteachable
      I used baking soda and water to clean the coins since I don't plan on selling them.

    • By foreverteachable
      Thanks everyone for the amazing information and for taking the time to write it all down. Today I went back to the same spot that I had iron falsing and now I know the difference in tones. The main green is littered with iron too but there is a distinct difference in tone that was mentioned in your responses. The tone is higher and more abrupt. I walked into the spot where I found the 44 merc and got a nice tone and 24-26 vdi using park 2 with the minimum sweep and recovery speeds and a sensitivity of 22. Amazingly I got my first seated in many years, an 1872. There are a lot of signals with park 2 so I tried field 2 and it is awesome. There is less lag time with responses and signals are narrowed down more than in park. I hunted with field 2 and then switched to park 2 to see if the signal is still there. They are similar but field 2 is easier on my ears :-) I then found a 1902 barber quarter and later on an 1899 Indian down 9 or 10". The compact or watch or photo frame was from another area and was at a similar depth. I do not find much silver anymore and never found a lot to begin with so finding silver 2 days in a row has made me a believer of all the rave reviews I had read and seen about the Equinoxes :-)


    • By Norm S
      I went out this morning actually to try out my new Quest Xpointer. I haven't been out in a cpl because of getting my truck ready for my fall road trip with tuneup, tires and battery.  I went to this field I hunted really hard last year with my Etrac and early this spring with my Equinox 800.  I was pretty confident there wasn't much left to find with the exception of a few pennies I knew I had passed on and I knew about where they were because I was going use them for trying different sensitivity and recovery settings. 
      When I got to the park I thought why not try field 1 here just to see if I can find any more clad. I set it up leaving open 12- 14 and 21 - 38. I set the sensitivity at 23 and recovery 7. I also used 50 tones. I started to wander toward a spot I knew where a penny was and try out my new pinpointer. 
      The foot traffic area of this old field I had hunted really hard with my other detectors knowing I had left a cpl pennies. 1st off I found 3 pennies and expected to find them and about 5' away I got a solid 30 and found a quarter and not far away another one. Well I ended up finding 9 quarters in an area 50' x 450'. I couldn't believe it because I had hunted the exact same area very hard with my Etrac and this spring with my Equinox. 
      I hardly believe that using Field 1 is why I found that many quarters  but the evidence seems to point that way. All the quarters were 6" or less deep. I also found 2 dimes. I hunt areas in Park 2 I have hunted in Park 1 and have never found much more in Park 2. 
      I am going to try Field 1 in a cpl other places I have hit really hard just to see if maybe I am onto something but I really believe I just missed the clad I found today during my other hunts
    • By Randy Dee
      Well guys it isn't often that I can't figure out and find a solution to a metal detector problem myself but this time I must admit defeat.
      I have a permission where there is an annual outdoors 3 days music festival and over the past five years I have used my CTX-3030 with my home made "Coin Shooting" program whereby on the CTX VDU I blacked out (Discriminated) the whole screen then I took the signals from our £2, £1, 50 & 20 Pence coins also some gold and silver rings and accepted them on the VDU the reason I did this was because this festival field was covered in thousands of ring pulls, crown caps and wine bottle tops and when I used my coin shooting program I wouldn't find a single one of these discriminated junk finds but I would end up with £100's & £100's as all of the good losses were in the top grass and I used a small hand rake.
      Now here is my problem and although there is a vague guidance in the Equinox Manual I just cannot achieve a similar program with the Equinox 800, I have rejected the whole signal spectrum using "One & Two Tone Break"  then tried to get a signal from my selected coins and rings but it is a case of nothing happening on the screen when I press the Accept / Reject (\//+) button, I know how to reject a find on the open default Equinox  VDU screen but I need to operate the other way around I need to accept the good find signals on a fully rejected screen as the only other method is I would have to take hundreds of different types and twisted /bent pull tabs and crown caps and twist caps off wine bottles and carryout individual rejections.  Another thing which I must consider is that these ring pulls can show up as different conductive numbers for similar pull tabs when on edge. If I can't find a remedy to do the same with my Equinox 800 I will revert back to using the CTX which is much heavier on this festival field with thousands of fresh losses.
      Your thoughts on this matter would be gratefully received.
      Good Hunting     Randy Dee  ( IN UK )
    • By Nuke em
      This morning at 5am i had a few hours to do the beach with the Nox before going to the Hospital to meet Mum who was having a scan and biopsy on her right Lung which is likely to have Cancer. At 5am the tide was almost out and as the tides are long at the moment i wanted to only do the sand which exposes only at long tides mostly . 3 weeks ago i heard of a 14k Gold ring lost by a foreigner from Germany and i was hoping to find it . But today the weather has been windy and the sea has been running a bit higher than wanted . As soon as i got there i knew it would be hopeless today so carried along the beach on the sand that was exposed further up . Mostly it was quiet but no long before i got to the end of that section of beach i had a very high tone in the mid 30's TID and thought Silver or Aluminium ? so i dug and out came a 13.3g Silver band . In the same area i found £2.40p of coinage including 2 old style Pound coins .
      I started back along the beach again and then i came across a target reading 17 in a mid tone , i thought Aluminium again as many of those number between 17 and 20 are Aluminium but as i was on the sand i would dig anyway . And was i glad i did .
      In the first spade full in saw a glint of Gold , i picked it up and it was a 22k 8.8g Gold ring . After that i found only a Lead fishing weight and as i was around 7.30am i thought time to go , the tide was coming up and the sand was covering quickly .
      Tomorrow i will go again for low tide and take the Nox and this time have my chest waders on and a scoop with me . Time to find that 14 k , i wont be going for coinage so if i dont find the ring or a ring i wont have a report but i will be going into the water up to my knees at least , would go further but the current is strong and wearing waders is risky .
      I cant be sure but i think i was using Beach 1 in my settings for the rings and swapped over to 2 in the water .
      I checked on my E.Trac and the Gold ring read 12   27 .
      I have now had 2 Gold rings and 15 Silver rings so far .