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Parks, Tours, Museums and Other Mining Attractions

This page lists visitor attractions that may be of interest to those engaged in prospecting and mining. Many are not sites where you can mine but that may be of interest nonetheless, like old mines of historic interest and museums. Other sites have material you can mine or sort through that has been collected for you. If you want to dig it yourself see the Public Mining Sites page. To suggest a listing for this page please email



  • Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum - Once known as The Queen of the Copper Camps, Bisbee is nestled among the Mule Mountains, an area world renowned for the diversity of its minerals and the wealth of its copper.


  • Empire Mine State Historic Park - The Empire Mine is the site of the oldest, largest, and richest gold mine in California. From 1850 to its closing in 1956, it produced 5.8 million ounces of gold. This 5.8 million ounces of gold would fill a box 7 feet on each side.
  • Strike It Rich Adventures - Gold panning and mine tours.


  • Consolidated Gold Mines - When you visit, you will be taken on an underground tour of the gold mine by our friendly, knowledgeable staff. Consolidated Gold Mine in Dahlonega was the site of America’s first gold rush. After the tour you will do some gold panning, and gem grubbing.
  • Dahlonega Gold Museum Historic Site - The Dahlonega Gold Museum, located in the old Lumpkin County Courthouse, offers visitors a look at the mining history of Georgia. Gold coins minted in Dahlonega and nuggets – one weighing more than 5 ounces – are on display.


  • World Museum of Mining - Don't miss this 44 acre museum with over 50 structures to explore in Butte, Montana.

New Jersey

North Carolina

  • Thermal City Gold Mine - Material is dug from our pit and delivered to the work site. The gravel is not "enhanced or enriched". The gold that is found here is in its natural state - right where nature has deposited it! We also have a Gem Mining operation where rough gemstone material may be found.

South Dakota

  • Black Hills Mining Museum - Enjoy our numerous exhibits and activities, including gold panning, in Lead, location of the Homestake Gold Mine.
  • Wade's Gold Mill and Mining Museum - Learn to pan for gold. You can use some of the same placer gravel that is being put through the mill. You may find a little gold. Also you will find some interesting rocks and minerals, such as Quartz, Jasper, Garnets, Hematite iron ore and many other rocks and minerals of interest.


  • Museum Victoria - Museum Victoria has an extensive gold collection. The majority of the specimens are from the Victorian and Western Australia goldfields although representative samples from many localities are present. Victoria was famous for the large gold nuggets which were prolific on some of the alluvial goldfields. Unfortunately most of the large nuggets have been melted down, although the Museum has a selection of models of historical and recent nugget finds.
  • Perth Mint - Gold of every description is on display, and watch a gold bar being poured!
  • Sovereign Hill Gold Museum - Discover the beauty and power of gold through one of Australia's most impressive presentations. The Gold Museum houses an extensive and valuable collection of gold nuggets, alluvial deposits, gold ornaments and coins.


  • Britannia Mine Museum - Historic copper mine and museum in Britannia, BC.
  • Dredge #4 at Dawson City, Yukon - Dredge No.4 is located 12.3 km (7.8 miles) up Bonanza Creek Road just outside Dawson City. A tour allows you to explore the massive machine, the largest wooden hulled, bucket line gold dredge in North America.


  • Museum of Lead Mining - The Museum is unique in Scotland as it is the only former lead mine open to the public. Gold panning lessons are also available for a fee. | Where To Go | Claims For Sale | How To Guides | Steve's Journal | State Info
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