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Public Mining Sites

This page has information on where and how to look for gold and other minerals for fun and profit. Public mining sites are places open to the general public, either for free or for a fee, where you can search for gold and other minerals.

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A key concern for many is access to places without fear that they are accidently going to be on mining claims or breaking some sort of rule. Many people have families and so areas are desired that are suitable for both the young and the very old. Ease of access is important. Many people are tourists who want to experience some local history and who may know almost nothing about prospecting and mining. Areas that are clearly defined and with easy to understand rules are important. The focus of this section of the website will be to list sites set aside specifically for public mining.

Look here also for links to mining related parks, tours, or museums. If you have a public mining operation or run a mining related attraction you can get your own link here for free. Just contact us with your information and your link will be set up at no cost to you. If you do not have a webpage, I will be happy to set one up for you, also for free.

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