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    Latest expedition - pocket gold hunting in Oregon. Rough gold found with White's Metal Detectors. Can't be more specific than that. Total weight for the day around 1/2 oz.
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    After being tied up last weekend, I was finally able to get out into the hills with the Equinox today, and decided to spend some time fine-tuning the settings on the Gold Search Mode. I also decided to give max sensitivity a go on the mildly mineralized areas and, while it made the Nox quite sparky, I had no problem sorting out the various noises and homing in on the gold. While gridding a small area that has been hit hard with various VLFs, the Equinox hit a solid, repeatable target that read 1-2 on the display - right in the small nugget range. Upon recovering the target, I found that it was indeed a small nugglet. 🤘 I checked the dig hole before backfilling it and still heard a nice, crisp 1-2; a little more digging and BOOYAH: another golden goodie! This process went on 3 more times, for a total of 5 pieces of gold out of the one hole...I like it when that happens! And just inches away, the EQX snagged 2 more nugglets. Needless to say, I’m astounded by the performance of this machine at locating some pretty tiny gold. Total weight 0.38 of a gram:
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    Hi guys, Ended up heading out about 3pm for a late afternoon detect with the Zed to a local spot of old timer workings. Within 5 minutes I had my first signal & it sounded good. So good I decided to do a short video clip so you could hear the faint but positive little signal in among the schist bedrock. After a bit of smashing & hard effort it morphed into a damn shotgun pellet. I ended up getting a few of those. They all sucked me in. After a few hours I had nothing to show for my efforts. The sun sets about 5.30 & it was approaching that time with maybe another half hour before dark starts to descend. I even got my share of large hot rocks that had me digging quite deep in glacial deposit material. From the last one of those I walked up to the top of a run of schist that the other side dropped off down into a deep tailing race. Tailing race to the right, glacial material to the left. I got a faint little hit & wasn't holding my breath with all the pellets that sounded exactly the same that I had been getting. Dug into it & it lived on to a bit of depth before the signal was out. Doesn't that schist just look so great for trapping gold. Might have to get the GM & GB2 into it. Ye Ha. Gold it was. Broke what was looking like going to be a skunk. Whew.... That was my lot. Happy with the find I high tailed it out of there. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
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    Thursday I went out to a Southern California gold location with a couple of friends. The intention was to prospect hard all day but things didn't work out quite that way. We did get a chance to hunt on an old patch that had raked hills and then another area where a quartz stringer had been chipped at many years ago. My friends attacked the raked hills which they thought had been detected with GB2s. They had 7000s. (I had my 7000 with me but I wanted to swing something different!) I started out on some of the same little hills but quickly tired of nothing good and I headed for some areas that had not been raked. We spent about an hour at this location and we were about to leave when I got a signal on my 800. It was a 1. I did a bit of a foot scrape and pick scrape and it was still there. This time it was not foil. I scrapped a bit more and was encouraged by its depth of 4 inches. I came upon a piece of quartz and got it out of the way and the signal was gone. I swung and the signal was in the quartz but the rock was dirty. I put it in my pouch with the other trash. It weighs about a pound and a half. We left. About 2 hours later we stopped at another place to explore and I had time to pour some bottled tea on the quartz. I looked and tested and my friend had a loop and he said it is definitely gold. I looked and sure enough it is. I haven't been able to do a specific gravity test on it yet but I don't think there is much gold. Upon further testing the 7000 can see it from about 15 inches above on an air test and the 800 can see it about 8 inches. There are a couple of more dense masses in it somewhere but I'm just glad the 800 could see it. I was in Gold 1. Mitchel
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    I have the pleasure of sporting the worst cold I have ever had. I should be doing battlefield metal detecting, but for the past 5 days I am just enjoying this cold.😡 So, not feeling like doing any real work or going anywhere, I decided since my beach hunts are over until fall, I would gather up and count and post all my finds for the whole season…. A season wrap up, if you will. Since I couldn’t muster up the enthusiasm to do everything in one post I figured I would at least post the good stuff. So here it is – the Gold and Silver finds from last Labor Day thru this Memorial Day. I managed 36 beach trips, not sure how many hours but probably about 250 hours of detecting. The breakdown goes like this: Gold total – 36 pcs, at an average of 1 pc per visit. Silver total (coins and other) – 207 pcs, at an average of 5.75pcs per hunt. The breakdown for silver is: 146 coins consisting of 6 Half Dollars, 27 Quarters, 98 dimes, 15 War Nickels. The other items (rings, chains, earrings, pendants, odd broken pieces etc.… - amounted to 61 pcs. Coming later “someday” will be the clad count, and a breakdown of the junk items to show the ratio of good to bad that comes with the territory. It was a great season for me and I look forward to shifting gears and doing the battlefield hunting and maybe some cellar hole hunting if I get a chance. And since I have neglected my other hobbies, maybe doing some of those until Labor Day. Most of the gold was found because of the Equinox, probably 75-80% of it. Most of the silver was found with the GPX (at depth) probably 90% of it. Not a great comparison since I have found most of that gold in 8 visits and the silver was found with about 28 visits and I was specifically looking for deep silver, so I did not use the Equinox for that, mainly due to the fact that it was busy finding gold Seriously, I was too inexperienced to get that kind of depth out of the Equinox, as most of that silver was in the 14" deep range, basically sitting on a clay layer with the sand above it containing small wisps of very fine black sand. But that combination worked well for me and I'll probably stick with it for a while.
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    The long awaited post about Suction Dredging in California Simply put…….Dredging is coming back to California Spring of next year. Firstly, we know you are as skeptical as we are, after all, we’ve been told things over the past 9 years (like rulings from courts and such) which give us hope, but it always ended up being the same BS, delays, denials and shutdowns The small mining community donated millions to go to court, Brandon Rinehart was dragged through many court battles and that too we all donated to. All to no avail. The politicians and courts didn’t give us much to trust in their words. , they stabbed us in the back every single time. It was all pure politics and science was ignored. Then AMRA introduced SB1222 and things busted wide open. We first of all want to thank Senator Stone and our small mining community for showing up, making calls, sending letters and getting the heck off their butts and being heard, it made the difference. To quote one of the Senators, they didn’t see that support coming. But most of all, our AMRA staff. History and stuff: California passed a law (signed by Brown in Jan 2016), SB637 and because of that and their right to “reasonable regulation” in the state, we must abide by it until things can either be reversed, or changed at the federal level. Some believe the state cannot regulate suction dredging and we agree to some degree here at AMRA, but what would happen if you dredged right now without the permit mandated by SB637? You’d have your equipment confiscated, you’d be fined and you’d be dragged through the California court system and found guilty based on the current language. As a part of SB637 (The Suction Dredge Bill) signed into law in January of 2016, it was mandated that the California Water Board (CAWB) study and evaluate whether permitting should be allowed in the state, and if so, the CAWB was tasked with creating a permitting structure. We believe the sponsors of SB637, Izzy Martin and the enviro group The Sierra Fund, along with their Senator who brought the bill forward, Ben Allen, a Democrat from Hollywood believed the CAWB would toe the political line and just slow walk, or deny permits all along. SB637 morphed into a defacto prohibition on mining as it then labeled all things as suction dredges. High bankers, water pumps, track wheel chairs, trucks and even sluice boxes. People were cited, their equipment confiscated and fines were paid. We pointed out that this morphing of language was illegal, immoral and adversely affected 10’s of thousands of people. Kind of hard to say an airplane is a wheelbarrow just because both have wheels and that is precisely what the vague language in SB637 did. They stated “you can still pan”. As we pointed out in testimony at the Senate hearing on SB1222, panning is not, nor has it ever been a mining method. It is a final process, but not a mining method. Therefore, since that was really all they left us with, we made that argument, which was quite compelling that this is a ban and an illegal prohibition on small scale mining. So the CAWB didn’t toe the political line as some expected. What happened is the folks at the CAWB who are scientists and engineers pulled the raw data of all the studies over the past 20 years which were provided to them by WMA (Western Mining Alliance) and decided to see if dredging was in fact harming fish or fish habitat. What they concluded was dredging was deminimus, meaning it doesn’t harm fish or fish habitat. Their Board of Directors voted unanimously it is deminimus (no harm). We attended and presented (on your behalf) at every one of the public hearings with the CAWB when the permitting was being discussed and we produced a pretty compelling video of the Department of Fish and Game (DFG) actively suction dredging in other states to “create fish habitat”. Let that sink in for a minute….other states are dredging to “create” fish habitat. How is it that other states dredge to create fish habitat, but California thinks it kills fish? Well, it is because this is all political and not scientific (like you guys didn’t know that…). So what happened is they didn’t take Craig’s word for what the outcome was on all these studies, they pulled the raw data and then over the next year, AMRA worked with them on a permitting structure and we did this quietly and behind the scenes. If you recall, the DFG created a nightmare proposal on dredging, the one we recommended was nothing like that. It was one that didn’t involve keeping a diary, waiting a year for a permit or costing 5 grand to run a 4” dredge while being limited to a small 20 foot area in a creek they chose. CAWB listened and while ultimately it was their decision on what permitting structure to go with, it is nothing like we feared. Over the past week we have been in meetings, had calls and emails too numerous to list asking questions we know you’d be asking because hell, they are what we would want to know as we are miners through and through like many of you. Most questions we can answer now, some we cannot answer until late June when we have some formal meetings with the Director of the CAWB and a few Senators, but we are in fact going to be dredging next spring. It will be nearly impossible for the CAWB to pull back this acknowledgment that dredging WILL be permitted next year. AMRA will be discussing this live all weekend at out outing near Groveland CA, it's open to the public and it's free. We will also be covering this in detail at our annual dinner in Chino CA June 2nd, see our website for details or the post below for the outing directions and times. So, here’s the nuts and bolts: Firstly, almost all of the equipment wrapped up in the vague language of SB637 is being reversed and will once again be legal and not considered a suction dredge. High bankers are one piece of equipment we are still actively discussing and may involve a permit of some kind if run in the creek. We believe strongly since this is incidental fallback, like a dredge, it adds nothing and does not cause any adverse impacts on California waterways. Science should prevail, not emotion or how someone feels it might, may, could or potentially impact a waterway. Facts and science. Permitting applications will be available in early Spring and we are shooting for the very first day of Spring which is March 20, 2019. Why does it take this long, well this whole process was in fact ready to go last summer and the permitting structure was created, written and was ready for public comment, then the Director of the Water Board was replaced. The new Director, appointed by Governor Brown stopped all progress on the permits. SB637 had a mandate of 1 year for the CAWB to come up with a plan and they are now at 2 years, 4 months and 16 days. That is not just unacceptable, it is in violation of the law and we made sure they knew that. What remains now in the process is the public comment period where they tell the public what they plan to do and ask for comments. We expect you all to provide input. Cost: It is not going to be $2000 like someone posted on FB, that is incorrect. The permit costs we expect to be around $200 or close to it. They have a calculation where the permit structure needs to be 110% of the cost to do the permits so it shouldn’t be that much. It will be an on-line application process meaning you go to a specific link at the CAWB and fill it out on your computer. It should take no more than 3 or 4 weeks for the permit, but we are going to see if this can be sped up like the Ag permits farmers obtain routinely and rapidly. The permits are good perpetually, meaning that you pay for the permit in 2019, then if you want to dredge next year, you do not have to re-apply, just pay the fee and go dredge. I dredge multiple rivers, do I need a permit for each waterway? No, one permit for the whole state. Do studies have to be done for the creek I want to dredge? No. There will be no site specific studies required for any permits. Will I need to get a DFG permit like we did in 2009 in addition to the CAWB permit? No. Department of Fish and Game, who is currently required to obtain a permit from……….will be eliminated. No permits will be required from DFG for suction dredging. Who enforces this? DFG will be the enforcement arm and will be the agency tasked with checking for permits like we all remember….although in decades of dredging with a permit, I never once got checked. Do we have to keep silly diaries and all the other documentation like what was proposed before? No. There are no after season, nor continual season reporting requirements like DFG proposed in 2012 like keeping a diary and all that nonsense. There are a few things still unanswered like: Are there restrictions on sizes of dredges and motors. We believe dredging will be handled like it was prior to the moratorium in 2009, but do need this in writing before making a statement. What specific rivers/waterways will have a season, although it appears as it is exactly like it was in 2009. No dredging during spawning season (which we support). The exact cost, although we believe it will be a few hundred dollars at most, not the $2,000 circulating on the internet. We also do not know the specific regulations to a fine detail. However the CAWB has specifically stated they would like AMRA (Shannon Poe) to help them with the language and make sure the language does not encompass other equipment like the vague SB637. So as you can see, this is monumental. We are going to obtain this in writing shortly and you have our sincere promise that we will be working with them daily if necessary. They have made these statements in front of two sitting California Senators. It would be close to impossible for them to back out of this without some severe exposure to a lawsuit….and bring one we would on your behalf. We know you’ll have questions, and if we can answer them, we will, if we cannot, we will get them. Mr. Shannon Poe President, AMRA Fighting for your right to mine
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    Enjoying everything but one person’s posts rub you the wrong way? Go to your settings in upper right and look for “Ignored Users”. Ignoring a user allows you to block some or all of their content from showing. Users are not notified that you are ignoring them. Just add the user name you wish to ignore to the list accessed under “Ignored Users”.
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    There is an old park near my home, one I've hunted fairly often not that I've found much of interest beyond the usual junk jewelry and clad, but the area is rich in history, so I'm always hopeful. Sadly most of the old park is gone to new grass, play areas and everything else park like is new'ish, still the park is dear to my heart with fond memories there as a toddler watching my dad play music on stage there, towards the end of his music career on one holiday, the old grandstand long gone. There is one area above the developed park that looks like fairly virgin ground, a little section kept to wilderness and loaded with trash old and new, more on the old side but still plenty of non ferrous. It's an overwhelmingly difficult area to isolate a signal and when I go in there I usually don't last very long before finding myself back into the manicured lawn. With the new hunting season on us and plans for the high country in the works I've taken to punishing my self in this undeveloped part of the park testing different settings on the deus 9"hf coil, with the exception of milder soil than up north making things a bit easier, I'm thinking this should be good practice for my ear for the iron infested gold field areas. I took a couple of pictures in my hunt area, the city crews cut the grass in a few spots and the poison oak's not out much yet so hunting is not to bad in those places. The other two pictures other than the coins show some old stone steps running up the hill in one picture and the other shows what looks to me like the foundation from an old stone fire place and some of the building foundation stones. I found the handle from an old cooking pot not far from the fireplace stones, the coins came from different spots between the fireplace stones and stone step, all targets around 4" or so deep. Hunted an hour today and all I could find were pieces of old aluminum, rusted bottle caps (I knew, but checked due to the iron trash) some clad and a house key also a bit of melted lead, junk...but still targets. I really think this spot has something if I can find the willpower to stick it out😏😁. The buffalo didn't see much circulation before someone dropped it and is fairly decent if not for the heavy corrosion from being buried for so long, my scrubbing didn't help the coin any, but I don't think when they are corroded that much that it really matters, so I scrubbed the heck out of it so I could enjoy my find. So, buffalo, couple of wheats... must be something else???
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    Today I got a 10 - 12 signal with iron and mid tones mixed, sure sounded like a bottle cap. Typically I'll dig a scoop to try and determine if it is a bottle cap by how and if the signal changes. . After 1 scoop all I had in the hole was an iron tone. I decided to look in the scoop and there was the mid tone.....3 grams of PD 950 with tiny diamonds.....pretty blue main stone. Pretty amazing how this machine can see a good target around the iron. Be careful on those bottle cap signals!
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    Instead it was a Gucci! My first one. A couple of days ago we had some low tides and it was time to get out. When I say get out I mean at 4 AM with my light on my cap. There are a few beaches you have to get to when the tide is low and BEFORE someone else. This was one of those mornings. When I get there I head directly to the wet sand and the spots where I've found stuff before. This pattern I repeated the other morning and I got a strong target on the Nox about 2 minutes in to the hunt. I was in Beach 1 just about standard settings. When I heard the target it sounded like a quarter (30) and then a little bit higher (31,32). The only targets I have heard this high have been the miniature cars and cell phones. This had to be a cell phone. I have a big scoop with an 8" diameter and the first couple of half scoops didn't get it. It was still chirping at me. I was now down 8" and it was one of those broad signals. Got'a be a cell phone. I had to set the Nox down and dig with two hands and I flipped out the dirt and the target was out of the hole but no cell phone. I pushed the mud around with my boot and I saw silver! This is the heaviest silver ring I've found so far. It is a Gucci Bamboo that weighs 18.4 grams at 10-12 inches and I think it could have seen it deeper. Mitchel
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    For the first time in many months I fired up the 2300. The first spot I went to was birdshot alley and I only lasted there about 30 mins. I then went to a spot where I knew there wasn`t a heap of birdshot and I got these 15 from digging about 30 targets. The smallest 5 here weigh 0.14g and the whole lot goes 0.85g. This lot took me 6 or 7 hours over two days. It stll amazes me what the 2300 is capable of finding. Dave
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    Had some business to do out in the country over the weekend and hit a recommended spot that produced in the old days. It's been hard, hard hit, so hard hit it was left to wither away. I don't mind taking a crack at those kind of sites. At any rate, I gave it a try for a few hours and was pleasantly impressed with what I was able to dig up on this site left to die. I think I may have dug a half to one of those cheap stamped brass 49er buckles, but this one is a plain Jane. Also got a civil war era eagle button but it's seen better days. Some kind of neat buckle all twisted up, but the prize was a surface find - I believe that tiny bottle is an opium bottle? And of course, leave it to me to find a merc that's likely 100 years newer then the site!!! The canslaw was punishing!! Not too many small arms shells, zero shotgun shells (amazingly!) but some BIG OLD LEAD (bottom) !!! As large as a couple of those pieces are, there could be anything from a gold coin to a silver dollar still out there IMO 🤓 Aside from aluminum, not many conductors left! This poor eagle button: Felt good to get out!! I did a lot better at the sale I was picking stuff up from, but there's nothing like detecting old sites HH, Cal
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    First two pics are from previous hunts at a fresh water beach with the ID Edge. Found an area where the sand moved out a bit and made some older finds. The 2 large rings had been in the water quite a while the small one is a newer drop probably from last year all marked 925. and today's very first finds with the Nox. Small Sterling Silver bracelet and the usual stuff. The melted car looks a bit like a Delorean that perhaps did too many time travels and the large metal ball.. I have no idea what that's from. Perhaps a weight from a fishing net?
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    Been getting my new car fixed up with Dale"s help... We put a 80 liter water tank under the tray, put a pre filter in before the main fuel filter in order to keep the water out. Got some neat track systems mounted to hook the sand skids, spare tires x 2, 5 jerry cans, and the quad. I go tomorrow to get a radio/back-up camera unit installed along with the roof rack over the extra cab.... And then the dual battery isolator charger for the 2 solar batteries 230 amp total. That should about finish it up 😁
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    I've been carrying a unit from Walmart for a few years now it has light, air pump, USB and jump start, the thing was about 50 bucks and has worked great and I've saved a few people grief out on the road including myself. It will also give me quite a few pulls with the 4K portable winch, comes in handy moving tree trunks and rocks as well as a back-up to the winch on the front of my jeep.
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    Well for me at least 😀 So another 2 hour hunt at the pounded out early 1700's Hole, abandoned prob around 1850 or 1860. I Kept circling in the general vicinity of the home site and found a few more buttons and lead bullets. I had a faint but audible signal which read 13/14 and from a good depth out came the little Georgian strap buckle. The buttons were reading at 9/10 in Field 2. The little buckle might not be a silver coin but I'm totally happy that I found it. I've never found one so small or seen one to be honest! I think the conical button might be militia issue as I've had them before with militia insignia on the front. I like that button because the shank is Wayyy off centre! I guess that one was made on a Friday 😁 I thought I might be out this weekend but its rain/thunderstorms both friggin days 😢 Good Luck to all who get out! I'm really starting to think this Nox 800 is going to be one heck of a ride! Oh, penny in there for scale. HH Sillllvar
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    Well it is official...........l-the Yank is back He rolled up in a new truck all knocked up ready to go detecting-- I think he is staying in my motorhome tonight--Already ate me out of house and home for dinner! Giving him over to Tremain tomorrow. Lol , great to see you back in the North buddy. 😉
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    I have been mostly keeping my mouth shut about Multi-IQ and gold because I am operating more from a gut feeling than any direct comparative testing. Yet my use of the Equinox for nugget hunting and the tests I have done so far has me thinking that Multi-IQ is going to prove markedly superior to most VLF gold detectors currently on the market, and that it might possibly prove out to be the next best thing to a PI for larger gold at depth. It certainly has the hots for smaller gold. The old rule about single frequency packing more punch on gold than multifrequency may be something that Minelab really has made obsolete. Gold prospectors however have been inundated the last few years with quite a few machines all promising new edges in technology, etc. That being the case I decided to specifically lay low on that particular aspect of Equinox since it is clearly being marketed primarily to coin, relic, and jewelry hunters. It’s certainly not because I don’t think the capability is not there however - just the opposite. I think we will be seeing lots more posts like yours and Mitchels fairly soon Lunk. Thanks for posting!
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    The Ferrite is needed to accurately calibrate the detector, the ground holds varying degrees of Ferrite like signals called X. In Auto mode the detector will slowly measure any X component in the ground but can be adversely affected by Salt and Saturation signals. If there is no Ferrite available then the detector can be used in Auto mode and hopefully the ground conditions will allow for a reasonable X measurement. When Quick-Trak is triggered the X balance and G balance track really quickly then throttle back to their respective speeds, in the case of Auto mode the X balance is really slow with an active G balance when Quick-Trak is released. In Semi Auto mode the X balance is FIXED once the Quick-Trak button is released. If you do not have a Ferrite then with Quick-Trak engaged used the "Walk and Detect" method shown in the Minelab YouTube tutorials. Ideally it is better to use the Ferrite at all times using Quick-Trak in Auto, Semi Auto or Manual mode. Using the Ferrite is far more accurate than solely relying on there being enough X signal in the ground. Hope this helps JP
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    I was charging stuff off my truck a few years ago, and at one point was not paying attention and had the heater turned on in the truck with while I had the key on but motor off. A panic situation developed when my truck was dead in an out of the way spot, but I got lucky and was able to round up a jump. Still, it spooked me and I have been taking a spare 12V battery with me in my truck on my trips by myself to remote places, especially when out of cell range. Driving around with a spare wet battery is a pain for various reasons, so I have been eyeballing an alternative for over a year now. My preferred option was a bit expensive for my taste, but my recent sale of extra detectors and such left me with some funds, so I pulled the trigger. NOCO Genius Boost Pro GB150 4000 Amp 12V Lithium Jump Starter This baby is overkill I am sure, but I kept worrying about cheaper units. When dealing with emergency gear I am not sure cheaper is better! Anyway, this thing will jump start almost anything, can charge detectors, etc., has a built in flashlight and 12V meter, and only weighs 6 lb 3.3 oz or 282 grams on my postal scales. On one of my upcoming outings I will find out how many times I can charge my GPZ 7000 off of it and report back, but that may be awhile. Specification Sheet
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    No worries Judy, and again my apologies. I got an email recently giving me a good going over for “running my forum like a dictator” and then downhill from there with personal insults. Being a forum moderator does include making some calls people will disagree with, sometimes quite forcefully. Forum members here have made it clear repeatedly they prefer that the forum be kept clear of strife and off topic threads. It’s basically the reason many people are here instead of somewhere else. The fact is I am just one person doing the best I can when it comes to dealing with these things. I use as light a touch as possible (I think) but I am far from perfect, and I do make mistakes. Sometimes I act too quickly, and sometimes I am just not in the right mood. For those times when I do seem to make a mistake in execution, please just let me know. I actually am the sort that can admit to being wrong. I am willing to discuss things out with people, and I can actually “undelete” things for up to 30 days if convinced of the error of my ways. These days however people do seem to prefer to attack first and ask questions later. Unfortunate really, because everything in the world does not result from evil intent and conspiracies. Usually it’s just miscommunication or errors that can be corrected with rational discussion. You can come at me with all guns blazing if you wish, but all that does is shut down the communication. Long story short, I will make mistakes in execution but I do try to keep them at a minimum. As I said, I am just doing the best I can. Thank you everyone for your understanding and patience.
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    Ferrite balancing is a "Calibration", the detector could care less where it gets its "X" excitation from but IMO using the supplied Ferrite is more accurate than having a random potentially inaccurate reading from the ground. The Ferrite "Calibration" will remain constant if the localised detecting conditions remain the same relative to ambient temperature and the temperature of the electronics, it has nothing to do with the ground except for aquiring an X balance either through having no Ferrite or if the X signal in the ground is different to the Calibration setting potentially causing spurious signals. If there is no X signal in the ground your working then the calibration of the detector is not so important, however there can be a lot of X signal in ground with minimal mineralsation so it is hard to tell by eye when it is present or not. Best bet in my opinion is to always "Calibrate" the detector with the Ferrite, use in Semi-Auto mode and check the Ferrite periodically, especially if Ambient temps fluctuate a lot. Hope this helps JP
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    Uh oh...there go all my readers.... Lol
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