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  1. SavingThePast

    Made Its Journey Home...

    cut off the bottom of the oem screen protector and installed that piece then cut out and installed ascreen protector over the entire face. Also added a couple decals to mark it.
  2. SavingThePast

    Made Its Journey Home...

    awesome Dan!
  3. SavingThePast

    Made Its Journey Home...

    charging it and the headphones now...
  4. your ctx will probably wet himself knowing he will no longer be your favorite detector after you use the nox
  5. SavingThePast

    Gent's First Day Thoughts Video- Equinox 800

    its a game changer!!! https://youtu.be/k8xzHOTxwTg
  6. SavingThePast

    The First Equinox Delivered To A Customer?

    now we need him to fire it up and show some video👍
  7. just saw on another forum the first one made its way to its new owner.
  8. SavingThePast

    Folks Desiring Accessories For Equinox

    he/she cant per se but if you have a good relationship with your dealer you can tell them I want the first 6",15" coils with 2 extra lower rods as soon as they are available.
  9. SavingThePast

    Shipping Confirmation

    mine is enroute to my dealer and should be to me middle/end of next week. I was #1
  10. I have had mine paid for since may 2017, i originally paid for an atmax preorder but switched it over to the nox the first day it got talked about on the forums.. My dealer is a good guy and I still have t heard anything so I would guess his distributor hasnt confirmed anything with him.
  11. I am #1 on my dealers list and I still havent heard anything.... bet you guys are excited!
  12. SavingThePast

    The Consequence Of Equinox

    you nailed it! I sold off my racer and racer2 to pay for the nox and I dont get out as much as i was so I am past the point of owning multiple machines. I am hoping the nox offers most everything I hope for and its going to be my only machine.
  13. I had paid for an atmax preorder with my dealer way back in june, long story short, the equinox buzz started before the max released. I just had a gut feeling about the nox so i talked to my dealer and asked if it was ok to switch my money over to an early preorder of the nox. Glad I did it, I am first from my dealer so I will hopefully have mine to play with soon..