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  1. http://www.dankowskidetectors.com/discussions/read.php?2,147352
  2. Tnsharpshooter

    Equinox 800 Relic Hunt Frustration

    You are welcome.
  3. Tnsharpshooter

    The Deus Handbook

    Folks may find this link helpful.
  4. Tnsharpshooter

    New Nox Fan

    Welcome to the forum. Look forward to your future commentary.
  5. Tnsharpshooter

    Field Hunt With The Nox

    Nice finds. Nice reporting.
  6. Tnsharpshooter

    Nokta Impact Going Crazy

    If it's doing what it's doing in all 3 freqs, I would seem to think you have something wrong with your detector.
  7. Tnsharpshooter

    Some Equinox Finds From Last Weekend

    Some nice finds. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Tnsharpshooter

    6"x10" Coil For Minelab Equinox

    Relic and nugget hunters would buy that coil in a heartbeat- me included. Closed design would make the coil defintily more user friendly overall. Minelab should make pronto. A no-brainer. Besides I think the Equinox platform is not getting a fair shake by some- due to coil sizes offered.
  9. Tnsharpshooter

    Rock-n-roll Yard Hunt

    Some nice finds.
  10. Tnsharpshooter

    New XP Mi4 Pinpointer

    I have seen the pointer listed on one dealer's site for $129.
  11. Tnsharpshooter

    Be Conscious When Transporting Your Nox

    Correct. Something real small could get in there. And when a person plugs up to charger, on the detector it would be possible to short the charger or possibly send power where it shouldn't go going. Like on the update pins on detector port. The small module, folks may put in bag with other things too. Its magnetic port might latch onto some thing. Something real thin and small, a person just might attach charging plug and turn on charger and poof. There goes your charger. We all here are just looking out for each other. What a fan club does I think.