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  1. Blackcoffee

    Minelab X-terra 705 Gold New For Only $554?

    I bought the warehouse deal...arriving Tuesday...then I'll be in the game with my first detector...woohoo!
  2. Blackcoffee

    Minelab X-terra 705 Gold New For Only $554?

    There's another one listed from Amazon Warehouse Deals--"Used Acceptable"..."20% cosmetic damage...box damaged..." $376.91 any thoughts on how Minelab's warranty would apply to this one?
  3. Fun ideo--thanks for posting--"quit for the day more often" if you can find a small piece of faux fur and tape it over the mic, it will limit the wind noise.
  4. When I first began fly fishing, I caught zero fish and lost a bench if flies to bushes and snags. Since I couldn't count fish caught, I started tracking flies lost, with the goal of minimizing that number. Gradually it dropped to near zero, and number of fish caught began climbing, along with the size of my grin. So, maybe this is too analytical an approach, but what would you say your "trash-to-treasure" ratio is, per outing, and how has it improved, or not, over time?
  5. Blackcoffee

    Lead And Gold

    This is great thinking for rookies like me who need to put in hours with their machine. I can do that in the back yard for a half hour after work. Knowing the difference between lead and gold allows me to create more realistic scenarios.
  6. Interesting thought on confidence as a detectorist...
  7. Blackcoffee

    Exploration Gold

    Rookie question- what do you mean by "pothole"? "searching for a patch" what are some key features of likely looking spots in your neighborhood?
  8. If I go to the June GPAA show near Denver: -what is the likelihood of being able to test a Minelab 705, White's MX Sport, Garrett AT Pro, Gold Bug Pro and a Makro Gold Racer 2? In water? -will the big names in headphones be there? -what will there be to see and do? -can individuals sell used gear, or is it shops only? i can't find a vendor list, schedule or event map...any links?
  9. Thanks. I searched but apparently didn't get the keyword right. A dehydrated folding digger arm would be nice. (!)
  10. Blackcoffee

    Packability And Ruggedness

    Thanks, y'all. That SDC2300 is definitely packable...but the dent in my wallet might throw me off balance, landing me in the creek. If I found a rare large nugget, it would be worth it. Any thoughts on the waterproof coil options for the Xterra 705? Being a rookie, that machine looks like a good option to get started. It seems like most people hunt nuggets on dry land, not on creek bottoms. (??)
  11. I've seen metal detectors in stores and shows for thirty years, but am only now thinking about them like I'll own one within a few weeks. Maybe this is too sci-fi of an idea, but given the popularity of the wireless XP Deus (the name! god and an outdated operating system), and the ubiquity of smart phones, when will we see a mfr put the computing power of a smart phone to work? Put a digitizer in the coil, broadcast the signal to the phone, where the processing happens, perhaps with highly customizable features (user programmable?), then bluetooth to send the audio to headphones... Graphics happen on the phone from its secure position on the handle... Too crazy? Too simplistic?
  12. Hi y'all, this is my rookie post. Living in the mountains of CO, I'm interested in hiking a thousand feet up a ridge, after hiking five miles in from the trailhead, hoping to find relics or gold. Looking at the mid-freq VLFs. How small do they break down? Or must they be left full-length assembled, from the truck? I want to stash it in the pack next to the camera, or what about stashing it on my back while fly-fishing, for something to do when the fish aren't biting? Also, how fragile is a Gold Bug Pro or Minelab Xterra 705? Can I leave it in the back of the truck while driving off-road? thanks, Scott