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  1. Yeah it seems they put a small amp inside the equinox and it just doesn’t have the power to run anything for water use. An external amp would definitely fix it but it’s a PITA to have another set of batteries to charge or replace 🙄
  2. Amazing, that “Manta” PI sure looks interesting, hope Fisher make a solid waterproof case for it whilst keeping it lightweight.
  3. This is so true, there is often a black sand layer of decaying crap not far down, often it stinks but has little effect on detectors. I detected on what I now know to be volcanic rock and it really killed the equinox’s depth to the point where it was practically useless. The Pulse Induction detectors I used also took a hit to their depth but still useable. there are so many variables out there that there isn’t really much conclusive evidence about any detectors abilities to be honest, everyone says how “DEEP” their machine is but as Steve says, it’s all relative
  4. Edsped

    Underwater With The Equinox 800

    Ok good to know! Dont want smelly headphones 😉
  5. Edsped

    Underwater With The Equinox 800

    I’m thinking about attempting some alternatives for water use, I’ll post them if they ever come into existence
  6. Edsped

    Underwater With The Equinox 800

    They are easy enough to pop apart, just pull the squishy part and the rest pops out with it or use a flat head to get in there. You could probably stuff some foam in there or other material for sound blocking. Had another cracker day yesterday and my first SCUBA with the equinox, had so much fun too! 😊 here is yesterday’s top treasures:
  7. I’ve taken the equinox underwater with the Hungarian headphones twice now and I think I’ve experienced the best and worst scenario for the equinox. Firstly I went into a popular rock pool which I’ve detected successfully with one of my Pulse Induction machines (ATX) with decent success although I did ok, I had to greatly reduce sensitivity and increase pulse delay for it to be stable but still it was enough to find about 60 coins and a few rings in this small pool HOWEVER, the equinox was very very unhappy in these conditions and struggled to signal when the coin was placed on the rocks which was 2- 3 inches on our 10c coins (which is very similar in size and conductive to a nickel and therefore general gold ring territory) but when detecting purely through salt water it was capable of 7-8” on the same coin (just estimating but it was MUCH more than over the rocks) I messed around with sensitivity, discrimination, different modes (was using beach 2), sweep speed, swing height, ground balancing with tracking on and off, recovery speed as well as testing to see if the test items would register in all metal (if they came up as iron) to no avail, I don’t know what kind of rock it is but detectors clearly don’t like it. Next outing was a sandy beach with sandstone rocks and clay base which the detector functioned adequately over. I only used beach 2 and found recovery speed 4 is good because swing speed is slower under water so theoretically gives more depth, the sensitivity couldn’t really be run over 14 (I was 2m deep in salt water) at this location apparently but 10c targets were recoverable from 8” The Hungarian headphones aren’t very loud underwater (even to my 24 year old ears) which seems to be a theme with the equinox so I believe it COULD be that the 3.7V lithium battery is insufficient to run these kind of Piezo’s but I’m far from an expert. Anyway, the nox went well and found some smaller than usual gold pieces 👍 Today’s treasure:
  8. I’ve received my Hungarian headphones and so far they seem alright, they don’t blow your ears off like an ATX with it’s waterproof headphones but they are probably equivalent to using my whites surfmaster DualField in terms of volume. It seems that some tones are much louder than others through these headphones. in my case, tones 12 and 13 DO ACTUALLY blow your ears off but all other tones are standard really. edit: ok they have a faulty connection in the wire that goes through the band, opening and closing the headphones over my head causes them to stop and start working 🙄
  9. Appreciate the report, looks like I’ll steer away from these as I’m going to be mainly under water 😔 Someone mentioned the Hungarian ones are very loud and it looks like he’s selling them again.
  10. Edsped

    Waterproof Headphones Ukraine

    He said when they are back for sale they’ll be $85 again. But still we are paying $20 more than the Garrett version of the same thing just for the equinox plug. my hearing is fine but I really want loud ones to hear over scuba bubbles!
  11. But Bluetooth latency can be very effected by EMI, that’s why pro-gamers use wires because in competition the Bluetooth signal becomes delayed because of all the other Bluetooth signals from other peoples controllers.
  12. Edsped

    Waterproof Headphones Ukraine

    Mine has been canceled also “Greetings. Unfortunately there were technical problems with the product. I have to cancel the order.” maybe there is a problem with using these phones with the equinox for one reason or another, my luck!!! or maybe minelab don’t like other people selling them for the nox cause the Hungarian ones are gone too!?
  13. Edsped

    Waterproof Headphones Ukraine

    Just ordered a pair too as the Hungarian ones are no longer listed so I’ll let you guys know in 3weeks what they are like
  14. Edsped

    Waterproof Headphones Ukraine

    Yeah it’ll cost a lot to get a connector especially to Australia but that’s a really good point, if they suck I’ll chop the connector off and get the ctx headphones or something lol.
  15. Found some cheap-ish waterproof phones on eBay and also noticed that they do the same ones with the Garrett connector, anyone tried them? https://m.ebay.com/itm/Underwater-headphones-for-MINELAB-EQUINOX-600-800-METAL-DETECTOR/183235707657?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D20180306143914%26meid%3D548e73500f864ba4b6f03cb386904682%26pid%3D100935%26rk%3D5%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D253645860653%26itm%3D183235707657&_trksid=p2056116.c100935.m2460