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  1. The larger the coil the deeper it will go on a good size chunk of metal. If conditions allow, the Mother Ship 40" would be a good choice provided you have something to push or pull it with. It is the larger orange coil at the top of the photo. Also realize terrain can change the size of coil in an area to be used.
  2. Thanks for all the great comments guys. Sorry I have not been on here much chatting detectors, sharing knowledge and or photos of finds, but my shop has been running 16 hours a day 7 days a week for the last few. Those who personally know me realize I am a 1 man unit. All orders of all major brands by me, all shipping of all product by me, all billing by me and on top of that I help run our local MD'ing club, will be in NV training 17 clients with their gold detectors in the mud and still trying to reply to each email and phone message. So yes it might take me a day to get back to someone, but my philosophy is to reply to each within 24 hours. I will not be able to do this next week while I am out of office, as those 17 fresh shiny faces will be sucking gold detector knowledge from some of the best Nugget Hunters (my Field Staff) on this planet. I even have one guy flying in from Maine. Yes I jumped big and heavy early on the announcement and have been able to get my share of units to my customers. Sorry for the delays those were out of dealers control, but things are looking better. In fact my list is shorter now, so if you are in desire of an EQ-800 best get on it. EQ-600's I have them in stock and can ship across the US. Again, Thanks for the wonderful comments guys and when things slow down, you'll see me on here more..after I get to use it some. BTW, Yes I finally pulled one for myself last week, so I actually have used it. The 1st silver dime and 1st silver quarter I dug with my new EQ-800 are pretty good for Idaho finds.
  3. Gerry in Idaho

    Md'ing Prvt Property & Looking Down Barrel Of Shotgun?

    Funny, fantastic and factual as this has happened to folks in times past. So here is the real deal and someone stole my thunder, almost word for word too. Chase, your outside of the box thinking is Golden (Goldman)... Thanks for all the comments, suggestions and feedback. MD'ing Private Property & looking down the barrel of a Shotgun? What do you do? He dropped to his knees, almost pissed himself, thanked the lord, called his father (who is the police - for real), went home to show his wife and son the cool find.... then took photos. As one famous Paul Harvey would say "And now you know the rest of the story" My friend took out his camera phone and started taking photos of the scene. Fantastic find Eric and I think this is the 1st firearm found with the Equinox in the US?
  4. My buddy (who is still alive) was out using the NOX on Private Property last week and all was good. Then he gets a signal.. is bent over digging for treasures and not paying much attention around him. Next thing you know... he is looking down the barrel of a DBL Barrel Shotgun. What would you do? 1) Drop to your knees 2) Piss yourself 3) Run home 4) Call the Police 5) Thank the Lord 6) All of the above Your answers please???
  5. Gerry in Idaho

    My Weekends Gold Hunts

    JW, You live the life we all dream of. Beautiful scenery, good gold, a wife who tags along and the best detectors on the market. May I share a occasional photo of your success with the different detectors, as it is still very impressive (NOX) to me the Sensitivity to small gold with the stock 11" DD coil. Again, Thanks for sharing.
  6. Gerry in Idaho

    Bit Of Monster Gold

    JW, Interesting on the EMI and I am most certain you did not have both machines on at the same time? I hunted last week with my brother who has the NOX and my CTX 3030 was acting up 20' away. Did a Noise Cancel on CTX and could get to about 10'. He had no issues with the NOX, but the CTX did not like it. Those Monster bits are very impressive. Just think of how small you can detect with the little 5" round coil? Reality is, the small coil does not even need to be used, unless in extreme rough terrain. Both machines are way better at small gold than what we expected. Keep it up.
  7. Gerry in Idaho

    What Does A Hand Full Of Gold Coins Look Like? This!!!!

    Marx - Old house demolition site in a small area probably scattered by heavy equipment. Bay - He has been using older White's detectors for 10 years, then Garrett Ace detectors for 10 years and just the last couple years has been able to trade with me to get used Minelabs. Not a wealthy family financially, but will give you the shirt off his back...if you ask.
  8. Gerry in Idaho

    Golden Nuggets Of A Different Kind

    Most $5 US gold coins read 12-30 +/-. Were found in small area at an old house demolition site. My guess is the coins were together at one times and got scattered from the tractors.
  9. GOLD COIN ALERT. A HAND FULL of $5 US Gold Coins found today. Not only has he been a friend of our family for many years, my dad got him involved into metal detecting 20+ years ago and today was the PAY DAY. 1st his daughter digs a 1905-S $5, but then they dig 8 more. Congratulations to you both. Gold nuggets come in many ways and they will remember this day forever.
  10. GOLD COIN ALERT. A HAND FULL of $5 US Gold Coins found. Just found today in Idaho
  11. Gerry in Idaho

    Whats Wrong With This Gold Photo?

    Great answers folks from all of you. Some hilarious, others to much thought into it and a couple off the wall. That's alright as nobody is right or wrong. Reason I did not chime in the last couple days is business comes 1st and with the EQ firestorm I am trying to keep things running. 2nd is I had ran out of "Likes" so I could not "smiley face" the comments, as Steve has a limit, which is good. This photo was take in July 2007 during one of our training sessions at Rye Patch (Yes my staff and I have been training customers out there for many years). The lucky lady is one Hot Nugget Buster girl who is the wife of a staff member. She was deadly with a GP-3500 and could sniff the deep ones most of us missed. The nugget was about 6 grams if I remember correctly and 18 - 20" deep. She was swinging a 16" MONO SL. It was one of those signals most folks walk right over and in fact when she first called us over and we listened, we were not 100% certain it was a target until after removing 6". During training, I have the customers dig broad wide holes so the other folks and their detectors and different size coils and try to hear the signal. All the other machines are behind me. After a foot removed she hit a really hard layer. One of the other pics shows her starting to narrow in on the target as she digs another 8" down. Eventually we used a GB-2 to help pin point the nugget as to not damage it with the pick. I had the group get together for the photos as I try to get shots of each session for memories. Peoples comments are so interesting. Sometimes it is best just to post and ask a questions. Besides, occasionally there is good stuff to learn from comments and the newer swingers might be able to learn a nugget of info. Thanks for your cooperation and support.
  12. Yes I offer the 15% VET discount. I too have units coming int his week and the EQ-600's are not all spoken for. Contact me direct to get one paid for. The EQ-800's I have coming in are all spoken for. Gerry's Metal Detectors in Boise, Idaho at www.gerrysdetectors.com
  13. Cal-Cobra? Is this the same person who did not want to wait for their EQ-800 like most of the other folks? Heck buddy, if you told me you were going to walk out there and dig up a gold ring on video, I would have flown a machine to you personally. Hats off to you my friend, as that is 1 stunner of a beauty. At the 20 minute 54 second mark, it looks like the ring might have a stamp on the outer band as well? I recovered 37 gold rings last year and one of mine did have the stamp on the outer band. All the others were on the inside as expected. Well done video ( a little long) but you sure had a Golden 1st hunt. If you decide to sell the ring, let me know your price. Looks like the wait was worth it too. Keep it up and wishing you more success.
  14. Gerry in Idaho

    4500 Vs 5000

    My staff and I train customers in small groups at famous Rye Patch, NV and Sumpter, OR. When we get a good soft signal we allow all the detectors in the class to try and hear it. This allows everyone to see which model and brands of detectors are doing best (on that target in that soil) at hearing it. 9 times out of 10, the 4500 with same size coil hears what the 5000 does. If money is not an option, then the 5000 covers more bases. But so would a Gold Monster 1000 and 4500 for less money than a 5000...Just something to think about. As for the 7000 seeing big gold the GPX do not? Oh boy does it ever. That is part of Day 1 class and seeing many varieties of gold and how they respond to different detectors and technologies. I can even show you $500 pieces of gold my GM-1000 sees better than my 7000. More food for thought. So many people assume a high dollar gold detector finds it all. Not so fast my friend. Proper Education will help you find more gold.
  15. Is that photo on the side of Hwy 21 outside of Boise? The ladies Shower Caps work well and the pinks ones are best. Yes I have used them and plastic bags, like the other folks say. Just remember to take it off when finished and let your control box breath.