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  1. Dan, the Pa facility isn't doing the Equinox repairs just yet. Minelab in Naperville? is doing the first few months to ensure they capture any problems/concerns with the machine while the Pa facility gears up to take over after a few months. The Pa. facility is doing a great job with all other repairs and I wouldn't expect that to change when they take over repairs on the Equinox. Also since the unit is sealed, I would assume most "repairs" would be replacements. Cliff
  2. Inquiring minds want to know...… 🙂
  3. Thanks, that sounds promising. I plan on doing some testing tonight to verify. Cliff
  4. Don't use foam to insulate (unless closed cell) if you are using them underwater, you won't like the smell after a period of time. Applying silicon to the inside of the ear cups will help and not stay wet when out of the water. Taping over the vent and drain holes helps some too, just remove the tape IF using them underwater. Cliff
  5. Steve, thanks for that input ….. but..... I'm in Florida, on the Gulf coast with really mild conditions.....I can hunt all day in the water without the overload coming in UNLESS I have my coil near a beer can OR put my scoop next to the coil for a longer period of time (haven't tried big iron yet). That is when the overload comes in and does not clear.....so …..conditions do go away but it doesn't reset when in the water... My main concern is IF transmit power is reduced does transmit power stay reduced IF the symbol is still showing on the display? Cliff
  6. Well, I tested my 800 in the garage and it will reset after approximately 10 seconds, however, when in the saltwater it will not reset on its own. Once the overload is in, it stays in until you turn the machine on and off OR use the user profile button on then off to make the symbol clear. Cliff
  7. Biggest thing is it won't clear on its own. Easy enough to clear IF you know it is there but as you know Dew, when water hunting deep, you can't always see the screen. So tonight, I'll do some testing just to see if I can still see a deeper target with the overload symbol on the display. Cliff
  8. On page 25 of the manual you have this note: "Beach Mode automatically senses black sand and reduces the transmit power to ensure that targets can still be detected without overloading occurring. When black sand is sensed, the Beach Overload Indicator will appear on the LCD. When this icon disappears, full transmit power automatically resumes." I added the bold to the text above because that is my concern. I've had another hunter ask IF I was experiencing overloads on the 800 and to be honest, I hadn't until tonight. I was running into quite a few beer cans and noticed the overload symbol a few times. My concern and question is (MINELAB, ARE YOU READING THIS?) when will the icon disappear? Only way we have found to actually get it to disappear from the screen is to go to user mode then back again OR turn off the machine and then back on. So, are we at a reduced power or not and for how long? Another question MINELAB, how low does the power get reduced? Anyone out there have any input on overload in the beach modes? Cliff
  9. I won't even ask about any delay because you have to be just excited to have that system work for you! Congrats for figuring that out, I'm sure it will "aid" others.....(pun intended) Cliff
  10. For diving, the yellows probably will not work due to noise from the bubbles. Hopefully by next week, I'll be able to report on IF the modified ones will work for snorkeling. Clive, I couldn't agree more, good audio with this machine is a must. Cliff
  11. Since there seems to be a few questions about these waterproof Minelab phones and since I stepped up to get a pair so I can snorkel, I'd like to tell about my experiences with them and what I've had to do to make them workable in normal hunting conditions. First off, I've used underwater detectors such as Aquasound, CZ-21, Sand Shark, ATX, Excal, CTX and now the Equinox. Out of that list, only the CTX and Equinox gave me problems underwater.....due to the inadequate headphones Minelab sells for underwater use. For the CTX I used yellows, 2 different GG Amphibians a set of OBN's audiosear headsets and a similar pair of HR Headphones. Hands down the audiosear phones work best on Minelabs but sadly will eventually die from water exposure over time..... The GG ampbians worked good but I had problems with the volume adjust knob corroding on one pair and a piezo assembly that leaked and corroded on the other.....both were reworked with Audiosear speakers. The Minelab yellows don't use an adequately sized Piezo to give the needed volume and the plastic on the Koss earpieces is thin and allows to much ambient noise into the ear. On a windy day the surf and the wind will keep you from hearing your machine. I don't have the best hearing BUT I don't need hearing aids. The Aquasound, CZ-21, Sand Shark, ATX, Excal could blow your ears off with stock headphones (Garrett blues for the ATX). So, to help the inadequate yellow Minelabs, I took them apart and used flowable Silicon windshield sealant to coat the inside of the yellow earcups for ambient noise sound deadening, also I taped over the vent and drain holes (to be removed when snorkeling). In addition I then installed gel earpads on the phones. Doing all this has actually made the phones usable on a windy day and I'm sure will help underwater some too. It is sad that Minelab has continued to use the same phones that were used on the Excal II. I am not an engineer but I'm willing to bet that the audio driver is more robust on the Excal II than on both the CTX and Equinox.....why not put out something that will work without using MAX volume on the machine? Cliff
  12. Good video Mark. Appreciate you putting the time to make that video, I'm sure others will get a big benefit from seeing it. Cliff
  13. cdv

    2nd Test Drive, 1st Ring

    Always a nice find, got one last week myself, Claddagh ring is the name for it. I find a few each year but only one that was gold. Good find! Cliff
  14. Today I got a 10 - 12 signal with iron and mid tones mixed, sure sounded like a bottle cap. Typically I'll dig a scoop to try and determine if it is a bottle cap by how and if the signal changes. . After 1 scoop all I had in the hole was an iron tone. I decided to look in the scoop and there was the mid tone.....3 grams of PD 950 with tiny diamonds.....pretty blue main stone. Pretty amazing how this machine can see a good target around the iron. Be careful on those bottle cap signals!