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  1. principedeleon

    Aussie Gold Monster Appraisal

    Same thing i have posted as a review on the GM 1000 dont trust much that discrimination bar to it be rock soliddd !! And still digg it up more and swich angle to make suree is still rock solid thenn . Just move one. !. Thank you for your review ..
  2. principedeleon

    What Backup Detector Do You Carry ?

    Steve is it me or this thread sounds more like GPX 4500 vs GPZ topic. Well i heard here of a lot of what i have been wanting to explain lately and is all coming from the mouth of the experienced . :)
  3. principedeleon

    Minelab GPX 5000 Versus GPZ 7000

    I have read upon mix reviews on how it handles the ground / hot rocks. But i guess this is probably different for everyone at every different place and certain hot rocks could be picked up more with one then the other and visa versa. The faster response of the Zed is nice since i have notice from youtube videos you have to very slow sweep over some targets to get a signal but with such a large coil and heavy weight guess you wont be sweeping TOO fast. But is nice to see what everyone thinks about what is better for them after all. To me in the world of mining you would always want to invest in what you believe you could end up paying off better with a Price / performance ratio. So you must know where you at.
  4. Editors Note: This topic was split from the following thread - http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/3923-semi-auto-gpz-ground-balance/ I believe there is a lot of reasons of trying to turn GPX into a GPZ. They wont be never the same thing since they are in different technology . But anyone would like to walk around with an more affordable machine that could pack a punch of the " GREATEST". Im someone who started metal detecting and someday looking to upgrade to a heavier and more powerful machine. So after reading the pro and cons of each one i would pick a GPX over GPZ even if i found a Pound of Gold. -Lightest machine? GPX wins even with a larger coil. -Coils price and more coil options? GPX takes that. -immune to the hottest of ground? GPX i guess wins this since is a PI. Dont know where that ground exist but i know is out there. Okay so i have seen running a GPX with one of the newer coils could match the performace on depth on sub-gram nuggets and up. Now the GPZ would clearly stand out on tiny, spongy and specimen gold. But wouldnt you have enough money left to even buy a SDC 2300? I just dont see the reason of boasting a machine for ability to pick up super tiny gold when you need to pay so much for it. That headline for me fits more a GM1000 since its a way less expensive machine.
  5. principedeleon

    Gold Monster 1000 - My Thoughts

    I would recommend not using much the gold indicator .. it could read out iron some targets and may be missed.. All targets must be almost dug to get a more solid reading. . But some tiny targets might not achieve this and might get a jumping signal from left to right even close to the coil. I run mines as hot a possible.. but it sure isnt as sensitive in hot ground even a .3g could get lost in 2 inches. So you must investigate everything and be very careful.
  6. principedeleon

    GM 1000 And Headphones

    My GM gets only a VERY low volume from the external speaker believe it came with that issue. I just always try to carry headphones with me.
  7. principedeleon

    First Day Out With A Gold Monster

    Thanks everyone for ya comments. And Mn90..im the only one on my sector nugget shooting that i know of. People around have a muilti purpose vlf and use them for treasure hunt. But very little know how to operate these machine since they come in english. Kiwi- i start of on auto sen+ with discrimination and as it gets quite i meaning no ground noise or metal objects i try to back it down to deep all metal and sensitivity to 10 and it just might work well for a minute to i get very soon to a hotter piece of ground . So i just stay mostly in autosen+ and in discrimination mode . GoldRat- GoodLuck!! Hopefully you find a muilti Gram nugget =] I love the discrimination on the machine i just couldnt figure how i would have ignore all these iron signals from blasting my earphones and digging it without it. *something i notice is the sound coming off the speaker are kinda low at full volume . I dont think i could even hunt just using the internal speaker it makes me struggle with my hearing to pick up these signals .*
  8. principedeleon

    First Day Out With A Gold Monster

    Yeah steve .. i was even getting some ground noise sometimes but i would just past the coil again if i didnt get a double signal i would just ignore it and move on. And Thanks IdahoPeg!
  9. Hello everyone.. Im rookie starting out gold prospecting with a metal detector. I have always dredged for my gold and wanted to give metal detecting a go. So i have gotten the GM as my first gold prospecting detector and i would have to say im very impressed. Im happy with how simple it is even in our hot soil here the Dominican Republic. I had to switch from deep all metal to "Gold Mode" most of the time because of the ground noise. But it was manageable for a rookie like me just walk everywhere and just detect. Found a couple false signals but they was like pockets of black sand they appear while scraping off the overburden to reveal more the signal. So i have went to a place where some lady just walking by found a piece of gold since i dont know of no place here where people would metal detect since no one do nugget shooting with a prospecting machine. After about like 10 minutes i got a good signal and i dug my first gold nugget about 4" down. It weighted in at 1.4 Grams. After trying to search the are for 10 more minutes and not founding nothing more i left since it looked like it wanted to rain. So i have found my first place where i know i have found shallow gold. Hope i could start now a list of these deposit to revisit when i have a PI machine .
  10. principedeleon

    Minelab GPZ 19 First Gold Plus Gold Monster Tidbits

    I need to do a lot of scouting around and for being light weight, sensitive and with a long battery life it makes it perfect for walking around up and down hills finding new ground. .
  11. principedeleon

    Minelab GPZ 19 First Gold Plus Gold Monster Tidbits

    Steve ..i have seen so many people test this machine all over the world and i havent heard of them being in that ground where a typical vlf wouldnt just work. Is there is something special about GM that no other detector GB2 or GMT or any other vlf has in abilty to work in hot ground and dealing with hot rock. Just curious. . I would be recieving mines next weekend. ! Im excited already by all the great reviews. Thanks Steve and everyone else ..
  12. Okay. . So i have been able to read a review where the GM1000 have gotten a good signal on a 11grain nugget a 6" in hot dirt and a 5 G nugget at around 10 inches screaming. . This test was done in a hot pi test bed and the 11 grain nugget was pulled out in the field on wet soil. Heres the review. http://www.goldprospectors.org/News/News-Details/ArtMID/3269/ArticleID/201/A-Field-Test-MINELAB-GOLD-MONSTER-1000
  13. principedeleon

    Minelab Gold Monster 1000 Begins Delivery

    Hi Rob, im living in the Dominican Republic .. So i guess this is why he said it was Okay ..
  14. principedeleon

    Minelab Gold Monster 1000 Begins Delivery

    Thats in mexican pesos. If you change it in currency its about 800 dollars . i have gotten a reply with one of the them and i was told they are willing to ship anywhere. . Now i just hope they are in stock if soo ima go ahead and order mines. .
  15. principedeleon

    Minelab Gold Monster 1000 Begins Delivery

    This company seems to have the Monster; But is located in Mexico. https://www.masterdetector.com.mx/REMATE I been trying to contact them to see if they would ship internationally. Hope is okay steve to posting this website up.