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  1. Aussieau

    Question On Bunk's Hermit Pick

    i think the place i got mine may have spare heads , ill check on monday for you...once this stock is gone though its gone ...almost impossible to find anymore
  2. Aussieau

    Question On Bunk's Hermit Pick

    Yeah im interested as well, will he ship to Australia or do you know an australian supplier? just picked (haha) myself up a Supersede pick for those times when you need to dig to the centre of the earth to retrieve the target (pic of the pick below :) ) but im looking for a new day to day pick that has better ability then the Walco pick i usually use to pull the dirt out of the hole
  3. Aussieau

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    cheers N/E ill have to have a chomp when i see them available :)
  4. The problem with the little half battery is the battery life, i unlike you steve need a battery that lasts all day like the current GPX battery does, the little half battery although i would love to be able to stick it to the side and become "wire free" is not viable when im kilometres from the car prospecting on the side of a hill somewhere... i tend to walk around quite a lot and dont carry spares with me ....What i need is a little battery that has a big batteries "life"! ahh in an ideal world :)
  5. Aussieau

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Norvic, you say its not the best eating fish but id give my left leg for a nice barra "steak" like what we used to get @ Robertson barracks (Army) what do you consider better eating? ill give it a go cause i love me some barramundi
  6. Aussieau

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    barramundi not barracuda :)
  7. Aussieau

    What I Saw Today - Stamper Battery

    i have been reliably informed this stamper was actually in use 14 years ago! certainly got some years of use :)
  8. Thought i would post what i came across today, not sure how common stuff like this is still set up in the US but over here in Australia it isnt that common anymore with many being broken down and sold off or bits and pieces stolen over the years. Its a Stirling 3 head Battery, used to pulverise ore releasing the gold , looks to have been reused in the 80s maybe even 90s as there is some fairly modern hoses etc connected but overall its a great piece of antique prospecting equipment....if it wasnt so bloody heavy i would have thrown it in the back of the truck and set it up at home :) hahhahaha
  9. Aussieau

    First Impression Of GM1000

    sorry must have missed that and now i read it back i see you mentioned al foil
  10. Aussieau

    First Impression Of GM1000

    as you prob know, lead and aluminium foil will also hit on the "likely gold" side of the meter
  11. Gday Guys n Gals, I thought i would retell this story from my page a few weeks ago as it still blows my mind that it happened :). Bob a lovely gentlemen from Northern California came across to Western Australia for a once in a lifetime adventure that he had been dreaming about for many decades. He wanted to prospect in the red dirt and flew across for 3 weeks with his next door neighbour Fred and a 7000 and a modded GP extreme(not the ideal detector unfortunately). After arriving he spent a few days doing an in class prospecting course which enabled him to use the company that was running the courses leases around town. Unfortunately Fred and himself didnt have much luck swinging there detectors and it reached the last day before they were heading back home the next day. For the entire 3 weeks i tried to get him to join me on a tag along tour(free of charge as my wife is american and i didnt want him going home empty handed) to some better ground but he persisted on his own until the last day where he finally gave in and decided to join me in a different area that i had access too. The guys only had a few hours before having to drive back to town before nightfall and in the last hour of the day and in fact his last hour detecting in Australia he managed to ping a fantastic 18 gram speci with approx 12 grams of gold in it! Unfortunately Fred who had never detected before this trip and using the GP extreme didnt find anything but Bob went home with a nice little chunk and in his words "at least my neighbours wont laugh at me now!" statement :) Made my day and i believe the gold gods rewarded him for his days & weeks of swinging that 7000 around Australia. Steve Congrats to bob who joined me on a one day tag along for his last day of a three week prospecting trip from America, three weeks he hadn't found a thing by himself with his 7000. Last hour of his last day detecting and he pulls out an 18 gram specie with approx 10-12 grams of gold! Absolutely made my day ! Well done bob ! Goes to show a little local knowledge goes a long way! ✋✋✋✋Nugget in the Hand Prospecting✋✋✋✋✋✋👍
  12. Aussieau

    Minelab GPZ 19 First Gold Plus Gold Monster Tidbits

    def agree with you there steve, the auto settings on the GM1000 are the way to go, nice looking nuggets!
  13. Aussieau

    Favorite Pick

    a 750mm & a 900mm according to their website but I have personally seen the 900mm in the shop the other day
  14. Aussieau

    Favorite Pick

    bit old but yes finders keepers still have that pick but its MASSIVE...biggest bloody pick I have seen
  15. Just thought you guys would like to see some of the bigger nugs found in the last couple of months detecting in Western Australia.....lots of little ones but the bigger ones are still out there just fewer and further between