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  1. G'day Steve. I know what you are saying, My wife had a similar situation with a pack of dingoes on the Canning stock route when they tried to keep her attention while the others tried to move behind her. She was lucky she had the sense to back up and head for camp. Cheers Dave
  2. cadian

    First Day Out For 2017

    G'day Dave. I know you and the boys certainty find much bigger ones than that one. Good luck for this season . Cheers Dave.
  3. cadian

    First Day Out For 2017

    Good to see you back on the small gold again Dave. Looking forward to the next videos from the gold hounds mate, Also waiting eagerly for your next book. It will not be long before start to push them out like James Patterson. Cheers Dave.
  4. To stay healthy and fit enough so I can continue to chase the mellow yellow. Cheers Dave
  5. Great specimen Dave. I look forward to seeing a photo once it comes out of its bath. Cheers Dave
  6. Great looking Tektites guys,every time I go to the west I never seem to be able to find any. the best thing I found was nice large Quartz Crystal which I had made into a large heart shaped stone. Cheers Dave
  7. cadian

    Long And Exciting Dig! Thread

    Could not agree more. Con will be deeply missed,he is no doubt working a new patch with a big grin on his face. Cheers Dave
  8. cadian

    Golding Relic Pics

    Sorry Jen still trying to work out how to upload,I put the photo in your with your photos. Helen and myself plan on catching up with you guy"s shortly before you head West. Cheers Dave
  9. cadian

    Golding Relic Pics

    Great photo"s Guy"s, Heres a photo of relic sitting in a relic
  10. Great video mate,very well done. Very similiar to the XP Deus machine,very good for finding two targets close together with the fast reaction time being wireless. Cheers Dave
  11. cadian

    G'day From A New Member From Oz

    Thanks Guy"s for your welcome comments. Cheers Dave
  12. G'Day, My name is Dave and I am another one from downunder, I have followed the forum for quite some time now and I thought it was time I joined.I have found the content to be of a very high standard.Keep up the good work Steve as I see you run a tight ship mate. Cheers Dave