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  1. Take it with a grain of salt, a Minelab USA rep told us in April that they would be shipping in a couple of weeks.....that was a couple of months ago 🤔
  2. When we go on multi-day marathon detecting adventures, we detect until we drop. We're usually out in BFE territory on a well researched and rare 3-5 day detector adventure, so we go as long as possible when possible, and that includes hunting into the night sometimes. In BFE where it's pitch dark, a low backlight is a godsend. The F75 was the worst, damn thing would blind ya to death and it was stuck on, ya couldn't turn the damn thing off...dumb idea there. The Nokta and Makro machines almost have it right, you can lower it enough to provide a pleasant, almost non-existent night time display...switch to a RED LED/LCD display system and it'll be perfect. The EQ even with a red film will be visually far brighter then what's comfortable, no biggie, the 50 tones are so nice and the PP is so darn accurate, you really don't need to see anything. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see the TID#s, but I can tonally tell a low-mid-high tone and oh those warbley, soft, faint high tones, the ones that even pinpoint faintly, love 'em (well not when their deep iron!).
  3. I don't think the 800's backlighting is that great either, still too bright, get out the red film (will be my solution as well). I like the backlighting on my Racer/Impact/Multi Kruzers the best, has two low modes that are both useful when night hunting. The low mode(s) on the 800 are far too bright for effective night hunting IMO.
  4. Cal_Cobra

    Rye Patch Nugget Shoot Sep 15, 2018

    From what I understand unless you have a megabucks PI machine, any gold left there is few and far between BUT this is a free hunt with over $20,000 in prizes! Sounds like fun, and even though it's supposed to be pretty cleaned out, it would be a fun to test the EQ800s prospecting mode out there and possobly eek out some tiny speck of gold that's worth a penny haha
  5. Cal_Cobra

    Rye Patch Nugget Shoot Sep 15, 2018

    I love going to the desert, gets me out of this cement jungle they call the bay area and there's so many amazing places to detect, although most are already pounded to death, but doesn't matter, stuff is still found and the adventure is the best part.
  6. Yep. Dan used to be a regular on the California (Kinzli) forums, but dropped off the radar the past couple of years (I know he has some health challenges). How's he doing these days? If you guys get an opportunity to flag some deep silver signals to check on the EQ600 that would be really interesting, I know he had an incredible knack for sniffing out those ultra deep silvers with his Explorer SE. GL&HH, Cal
  7. Nice nickel trifecta! Those LA parks have been pretty well pounded, used to be a Minelab ExpSE guy down there that detected them (CaptSE) and he would usually get somewhere around 1000 silver coins per year, unbelievable!!
  8. Cal_Cobra

    Makro Gold Kruzer First Look Videos

    George now that you've tested the EQ800 and the Gold Kruzer, can you give any comparison between the two using EQ800's prospecting mode in contrast to the Gold Kruzer? I'm not a prospector, but the higher frequencies might be good for some of my tough mineralized relic sites (heavy desert alkali soil handicaps the VLF machines I've used at these sites). Thanks, Brian
  9. Cal_Cobra

    Equinox Rod Mod

    Nice mod. I'd like to try both versions before making the swap, as I haven't really had any issues with the straight shaft due to it's lightweight. I bet with the 15" coil on it, it would be a totally different ballgame. The F75 is probably the most ergonomic detector I've used, an S-rod with a pistol grip. I will say though, that after swing the EQ800, Racer or Kruzer, the F75 is feeling a little heavy these days
  10. Anyone planning to go to the Rye Patch Nugget Shoot Out in September? Now that I have the EQ800 we're thinking about going to check it out. HH, Brian
  11. Cal_Cobra

    Still On Cloud 9

    That's a nice pile of finds 😮
  12. Cal_Cobra

    Still On Cloud 9

    BINGO!! Although far from a KISS design, it employs a KISS user interface and default settings. With it's ability to real-time sample the ground, it's continuously adjusting GB/mineralization adjustments on the fly to aid in better depth and unmasking, and that along with Minelabs superb Noise Cancel go a long way to getting world class depth. Now you have speed, light weight, ease of use, power, waterproof and a ton of adjustments on top of that IF and when you need them. I've found .... for me .... the best detectors are the ones I need to fiddle with the least, the EQ fits that bill for me.
  13. Cal_Cobra

    Still On Cloud 9

    I'm with Strict on this one, haven't touched half the features, but just from what I have used, I can tell it's a great machine with tons of potential, great depth, fast recovery, good unmasker, great in mineralized soil, with tons of additional features and settings for different types of ground.
  14. Cal_Cobra

    Park 1 Or Park 2 For Beginners

    I had great luck with Park 2 and Field 2. Next time I'm at the same spot I had good luck with Park 2 at, I'll switch over to Park 1 and see how it does. Might use the 50 tone audio though, I'm getting dialed in to the whispers and warbles of deep coins in the 50 tone audio, so likely stick with it, but I'll try the 5 tone for a bit to see how it does 🙂