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  1. Lagerphone

    A Good Month

    Tn the small goldies are $2 the large are $1 50c 20 10 5c all in there we ditched our 1 and 2c coins back im the late 80s early 90s still find plenty.the older folks with there deepseekers and coinmasters cleaned out a lot of the pre decimals. Still i find a gew of them too il put some up but having issues uploading photos at the moment. GB hello id say you are spot on in your analysis of the button i thought it odd to have any detail on the back. As for composition, I scratched it when retrieving it which exposed silvery colour so that was the trifecta as far as value loss along with the button conversion. In any case it was very out of place location wise.and curiosity has been bitting simce i found it. Again right on too its oddities like this that keeps me keen.
  2. Lagerphone

    A Good Month

    Hello yep mostly decimal coins. Pennies 7 half 2 sixpence 2 and a florin. Silver ringsa few but the gold is rare, for me it is. Australia is home for me. How bout you gents.
  3. Lagerphone

    Hello From Aus

    G'day JW. Swing'n At pro most of the time seems ok on coins and silver, Infinium for a few months if theres a bottle top on the beach it'll find it. Regards Lp
  4. Lagerphone

    A Good Month

    Well for coin alit was media content was a bit ordinary, but i digress. Found this button has any one seen something similar thought it was solid but scored the back when i dug it up. Hit in the mid 60s on my machin thought it was 20 cents and then?
  5. Lagerphone

    Hello From Aus

    Thanks beatup. Hey just pu a pic up over on coins&relics. More to follow havent had much luck with the yellow, well not the natural gold. Regards Lp
  6. Hello. Only new here. Have been detecting bit over a year, mostly coins. Heres how im getting on lately if only i could jag this every day.
  7. Lagerphone

    Hello From Aus

    Thanks. Rege-PA your spot on there mate. Figured i cant just sit on the side skimming info forever though. Tell you what theres allot to take in.
  8. Lagerphone

    Minelab Equinox Multi-IQ And Search Modes

    Hello. Yes its got my interest. not much help i suppose but i spoke to a dealer here in Aus hoping for a few by Chistmas. Hope so too. Regards Lp
  9. Lagerphone

    Hello From Aus

    Good day or evening to all wich ever the case may be. Have been haunting this site for a while lots of good impartial info. Been detecting for just over a year an this has been my go to particularly for info on equipment. Thanks Regards Lp