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  1. After yesterday's success & the little hot spot still producing when I had to leave due to dark & the cold chasing me out, I just had to get back there. Again it was pretty cold & bleak with a bit of a hoar frost going on & the bushes clothed in ice crystals. Again, this was 2pm. Note the same in the background. Fired up the Gold monster, full max sensitivity on 10, deep all metal mode & we were off. I had hardly put the coil to the ground & had my first signal. And first tiny bit of gold It was just a continuation of yesterday. When the signals stopped coming it was just a matter of scraping out a bit more of the rotten schist bedrock. And the gold kept on coming. And coming And coming When it stopped, just scrape some more bedrock Again the dark & cold drove me out. The scrape hole was getting bigger but still producing when I had to leave. 25 pieces for just .55 of a gram. I am going to have to put the dirt through my sieve buckets & then put the concentrates through a sluice box. I can see that happening. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  2. Hi GB_Amateur, My scales go to 100th of a gram. I keep a diary of my gold finds & there individual weights, where I detected them, what detector & what size coil. I have learnt that with the Gold Monster, GB2 & the EQ 800 the gold can be so small as to not register. Even with numerous tiny bits in one weigh they can still register nothing. So now when I get a heap of tiny bits I just weigh a bunch of them & write in my diary how many & what the weight was. The big one was .19 of a gram & quite a few were .03 but in the end I just weighed the other 19 all together & they came to .42. So sorry, but no I couldn't get a weight of those tiny tiny ones individually. I had a hard enough time just recovering them as the dirt was pretty damp & when I got down to almost having it the dirt just stuck to my finger & I had to smear it on to the scoop to see any gold. It was crazy. I don't think I have ever found such small bits as three of those pieces. The Monster is just so deadly. Being able to run it flat out in manual 10 helps I am sure. Today manual 10 was hot. Sometimes Auto+ is hotter, but not today. I am picking that these are glacially deposited. Yes the Nox & 6" coil will be very interesting. I meant to say too that 18 pieces all came from what looks like that one dig hole but they were spread out on different layers as I scraped my way down. Just a little hot spot where numerous small/tiny bits deposited out back in the day. I guess you could call it a small pocket. Cheers. JW
  3. Hi Simon, Seems you are too busy skiing these days to go looking for gold. Best you pull your finger out then. It is funny how a weekend or two of no detecting seems like months. I know that feeling. My turn for visitors this weekend. Bugger. They weren't even invited, they just invited themselves. Cheers. Hi there beav_can, Thank you. That photo is actually one I took not long after getting the Monster. Ironically it was taken only a stones throw from where I was detecting today. I just happened to come across the pic yesterday & thought it would be good to incorporate into a post on the Gold Monster. I actually did send it to Minelab back then & I offered it to them to use any way they may want & I never heard a thing from them about it. I seem to get that response from Minelab. Cheers. Best of luck out there JW
  4. Hi guys, I headed back to the spot where I got 10, Eleven but lost one on getting home, bits of gold that I showed a couple of posts ago. I got chased out by the dark & hadnt quite finished the area. Due to my little bit of success I was keen to go back & finish it. I just took the GM with 5" coil as per before. Traveling nice & light. 👍 I didn't get there until 2pm & we had a hum dinger of a frost this morning & got a stunning clear blue sky day out of it. This spot at this time of the year gets no direct sun & was still in hard frost when I got there. Bugger. going to be hard ground to go with it. It took me a while to get my first signal. I had to use the pointy end of the pick to "break" the ground out & the signal was coming from that frozen clump of dirt. I broke it in half & then saw a bit of gold poking its tongue out at me. Tiny. A 2nd signal wasn't long in coming Another small bit of gold That was it from this area, In could get nothing else. So I moved on to another area that had been good to me in the past. I got a few pellets & quite a few signals all in a very tight area. The ground didn't look overly favourable so after a few pellets I decided to give the other signals a miss & jumped across an old tailing race to a spot where I got a nice haul of chunky gold back with my GP 3000. Thinking this would be worth having a go for tiny gold with the Gold monster. I knew there was rotten schist bedrock not far down & I was going to scrape off the top dirt to expose this bedrock for the monster. I did a quick scan before doing so & BANG, got a signal. Not thinking it was going to be gold. But it was Nothing more so I scraped away about an inch of gravels over a bit of an area. Got numerous very soft faint signals. Gold Gold And more Gold I then whittled down a very positive hit to a bit of small schist It was nutting off. How I didnt discard it initially I dont know. I was in full max sensitivity 10, Deep all metal mode & the gold chance indicator was hard all the way to the right & not flickering at all. I went into iron reject & the audio was nutting off & the gold chance indicator still hard to the right. I had rubbed the stone clean of dirt, or so I thought, & couldn't work out what the heck was going on. My magnet ignored it. I rubbed it again to clean or dislodge any gold that might have been stuck to it. Nothing dropped off into my scoop. I tumbled the stone over in my hand.....and then I saw it. Mystery solved. Was a bit of a head scratcher. Once these signals dried up I just scraped down to the schist bedrock & signals & gold just kept on coming. I ended up smashing into the bedrock & still they kept coming. I then got a very good hit & the biggest bit of the day came to light. Still the signals & tiny gold kept coming. I gave up taking pics as it was not far off dark & getting bloody cold. My feet were going numb. I called it quits at 20 pieces & will have to come back to it. .61 of a gram. Was bloody fun though. I will be back. It ain't over..... The Gold Monster was on fire. Cheers Good luck out there JW
  5. Hi there GB_Amateur, Thank you for your kind words. To answer you query on the coil sizes on the GM. In all honesty I have found no discernible difference in one coil over the other being more sensitive to tiny gold. I am just of the believe habit that by logic & science in small versus larger that a small coil "should" be more sensitive on tiny gold. But will of course lack the depth of a larger coil & not give the same ground cover per sweep. The smaller coil, as Andyy stated, can get into tighter spots. In this post that wasn't really a problem but in my previous post when I was detecting in among the schist outcrops the little 5" just got into those areas that the 10 x 6 couldn't. Performance wise they a pretty much identical. Old habits with me die hard so I stick with the 5" if I am desperate to not get a skunk. The small coil thing with me is more from my experiences with the Minelab PI's & our generally small gold. Cheers & thanks. Good luck out there JW
  6. kiwijw

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    I think they are still in their nappies. JW
  7. Mrs JW & I headed off to the hills today to a gully I haven't been to for a long time. I was hoping the gold had grown back. I took with me the Zed, Nox 800 & the Gold Monster. The ground being damp I was hoping to get a depth & sensitivity edge from previous successful times here. Got stuck into it with the Zed first off. I was able to run High Yield/Normal & 18 sensitivity. I hit an old patch area first & got a faint signal that disappeared on me when I scraped it. So I used the gold monster to re find it & locate it. Damn shotgun pellet. Bugger. This happened a few times. I then tried the EQ 800 over this old patch area but the coil wasn't very suitable so I gave up on that. Long story short, I got skunked with the Zed & the EQ 800. The day was saved with the mighty Monster. I came to an area in these old turned over gully workings from the old timers that I had found some tiny gold in the past. Broke out the GM & very slowly combed over the piles. Deep all metal mode & sensitivity on full max 10. First signal was not long in coming. Bingo. Skunk averted. The beauty of me having been over these old workings many times is that there is not much rubbish, & the rabbit shooters seem to have not hit this area in a long time. It is a bit of a drive to get here so that is good for that reason. 2nd signal, another bit of gold. Then another This went on for a further 4 pieces making 7 in total for .31 of a gram The white rock is a cemented quartz conglomerate boulder & is the same rock that is in the foreground of the above pic of the gully workings. I ended the day trying again with the Zed but got skunked with it today. So I was saved by the mighty Monster. My rubbish haul was 6 pellets & one hobnail boot tack. So gold to junk ratio was 50/50 Cheers Best of luck out there. JW
  8. kiwijw

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    I thought they had BIG nuggets over there Paul. Even I can find those size bits in my backyard. Maybe the 19" will come to the party.👍 Oh well... at least you are on the board. Good going. Good luck out there JW
  9. kiwijw

    Doing The Monster Mash

    Thank you oneguy, Bummer on the skunk. There is always tomorrow. I got skunked with the Zed & the Nox 800 today but the Gold Monster saved the day with 7 little bits. The Nox coil was just not suitable for today's hunt. Good luck out there. JW
  10. kiwijw

    Doing The Monster Mash

    Hi there Andyy, Thanks mate. And you are spot on with your comment. I just really wish I had of videoed those first two recoveries. I did them in great detail & the fact they were both small bits of gold was icing on the cake & would have made great footage of the Monster in action & the settings etc.. Trouble is I would have just done it with my smart phone & I have to hold it in one hand & detect with the other. Does not make for overly good footage. Clumsy. Been there tried that. I need to get a either a head mount or similar so both hands are free. I have used my Go Pro on a shaft mount with my 4500. That seemed to be ok. Cheers. 👍 Thanks beatup, Gosh.... don't know about the master I guess the gold is either there or it isn't & the Monster is a sensitive little devil for sniffing them out & so simple to use. I know our insanely mild ground really helps to in that regard with being able to run the detector flat out. Outside of that it is just technique & knowing what to look for & listen to & react to. That comes from time & experience over all the years of using all sorts of detectors & honing all that "knowledge". Plus the fact I just love doing it & being out there. Like Andyy said, it isn't all about getting rich from gold finds. It is the journeys in finding it. Cheers guys. Mrs JW & I are off for a mission today with the Zed. It is a stunning clear blue sky day. Living the dream. Good luck out there. JW
  11. kiwijw

    Doing The Monster Mash

    I am hearing you Fred. I am sure my ANYMORE day will come. I have actually calmed down a lot. These days I go past skinny little ledges that I use to shuffle out on to & rock climb around, detecting. These days I shake my head at myself thinking....you were a mad bastard. But I got gold. . I have had one fall....& I was very lucky. It slowed me down...... for a bit. My philosophy is: If I die doing this then I have died doing something I love. Best of luck out there JW
  12. kiwijw

    Equinox, Gold Monster, & Arizona Gold

    Nice to see you on here Bill. 👍 Welcome. I know all too well the urge to just dig a signal....even when doing a video shoot. There is usually quite a bit going on when trying to cover all on the video with settings & options &........everything else. Thanks for the efforts you go to in doing your footages. It is appreciated. I enjoy your channel. Now get out there & kick that skunk. Best of luck to you out there JW
  13. kiwijw

    Doing The Monster Mash

    Thanks Simon, But .53 grams for 10 pieces Nothing to get too excited about. No catch & release I guess & better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick but......Chunks...... I don't know about that. Helps that the pics are bit bigger than they are in reality. Cheers JW
  14. kiwijw

    Doing The Monster Mash

    Thanks ophirboy. We have had a few snow falls low down in the last few weeks. But it never hangs around for too long at the low levels. The ski fields are up & running but they could do with some more snow. Like they say: Snow in May will never stay & snow in June is still too soon. Phrunt has been up skiing a few times. Yes it had been a while since I took the Gold Monster for a walk. It is a fun little machine on the tiny stuff. Cheers mate. Best of luck to you out there JW
  15. Hi guys, I guess the jet boating was a bit out of place so I will give it a miss. I can actually do without the video editing of a clip I was going to put up. So skipping ahead to sunday just gone. I was going to go jet boating up the Dart River at the top end of Lake Wakatipu as the New Zealand Jet Boating Association had its annual general meeting in Queenstown over the weekend & the Otago branch was celebrating its 50th anniversary on Saturday night, of which I am a member. So Mrs JW & I went along to that. They were following up with a jet boat run up the Dart River on sunday. Ironically Mrs JW & I did the Dart River on Saturday as the commercial operation was having a half price locals day which we had booked in advance. I was still keen to go in our boat on sunday but Mrs JW wasn't. The river was very low & there has been bad fog. so all that could have ended up in a few groundings. I think Mrs JW is still getting over the pushing we had to do the other weekend on the West Coast. So come sunday I decided to go for an afternoon detect to a local area. I grabbed the Gold Monster with its 5" coil & relented in taking the Nox or the GB2. Just the GM. Many of you will recognise the area from photos of previous posts of gold finds that I have made here. It is where I very first used my Nox 800 & the success I had there with it & also many times with the Gold Monster & GB2. No one knows better than me that you never get all the gold from a good producing spot. Ever. No matter how many times you go over it. No matter how very slow & thorough you have been each & every time. I have given up being surprised at getting more gold on different days at various location. Ok... it is very small gold, hence taking the GM 1000 & 5" coil. The Zed just can't cut it here anymore, but who knows...maybe one day it will. The thing I was banking on this day was how damp the ground was & how deep the dampness had penetrated into the ground due to a few recent snow falls that had melted away. But the cold winter days & frosts hadn't allowed the ground to dry out. I know I bang on about how this helps with better sensitivity & ground depth penetration, but it just seems to be a fact. So I get to the spot. Fire up the GM. Let it cycle through its start up tuning. Deep All Metal Mode, Full max sensitivity on 10 & just using the detectors internal speaker backed off a couple of notches from full max & into it. Despite the damp ground it is running sweet in our insanely mild ground. Due to getting many small bits of gold here I am in absolutely no hurry with my coil sweep speed. Coil kissing the ground. Not even a couple of minutes into it I get my first signal. I said to myself that I should video this from start to recovery. I didn't....but I went through the whole procedure as if I was videoing it. Even talking it out. I went through all the settings. Auto sensitivity, Auto + sensitivity. Backed off to 9, 8 ,7 All metal mode & Iron reject. First off in 10 sensitivity & deep all metal when I first got the signal it was a very positive hit with the gold chance indicator saying non ferrous most of the time, but the occasional flicker to the dark side. Push the detect mode button to iron reject & still a very strong positive hit & audio signal. If it was ferrous it would have been silent in the audio & the gold chance indicator would have favoured the left side. So I was of no doubt that it was non ferrous. But was it going to be gold? I went back into deep all metal & backed off the sensitivity to 9, still a strong good hit & the gold chance indicator flicking to the right but being a bit eratic, 8 still a hit but a lot weaker. Would have pulled ME up but there was no movement on the gold chance indicator at all. Ok...time to dig. More of a scrape really. Signal was still in there so bit more of a scrape until the signal had moved. Ah.... now had it in the scoop in that clump of dirt. I see it. Ye Ha a bit of the good stuff. Off to a good start. Slowly scanning about & not two feet away another sweet little signal. Went through the same procedure with settings as before & knew it was non ferrous. It was on a schist face dropping down to a tailing race which is down in among those bushes to the left. Another small bit of gold Then another signal Another bit of gold Not even a bit of junk yet. Moved on a little bit & was pulled up by another positive signal This was a bit deeper But gold again Not two feet away I got another signal. This had me digging down to the schist bed rock & even smashing into it. This was very promising, peeling out schist bedrock & the signal still in there. Non ferrous all the way. Then the signal was in my dug out pile but seemed a lot more mellow. MMmm... thats strange. It should be screaming. Isolated the target in my hand down to a bit of ferrous crap. WHAT....no way. Scanned back over the smashed out bedrock hole & bingo....screamer signal. That's more what I expected. And here is why. You beaut. 👍 Then things went quiet for a wee while so I did my mountain goat thing scrambling on the edge. A 6 foot section of this drop off face has already succumbed to the river below & from where I got a bit of gold in the past with the Zed before it broke away. That was a bit of a wake up call. But I got a signal with the GM & couldn't help myself. Looking down to the left you will see the smooth slicken schist face from where the rock face peeled away & the ruble way down at the rivers edge. But gold it was for the GM But oh so small Back away from the edge a bit I got another sweet little positive hit. Smashing into the schist bedrock again to move the signal. Another bit of gold It was starting to get dark so I took a pic out in the field of what I had so far. 7 What are my chances of getting 10 bits before I call it quits or get driven out by the dark? I made 10 my goal, then I would leave. Carrying on from my last bit, I got a signal between two raised edges of schist bedrock. Scraped away into it until the signal was out. Gold bit number 8. Playing mountain goat again I got a faint faint signal. This glacial deposit area is prone to hot rocks but they are a distinct sound & the rare earth magnet soon sorts them out. This signal was better than that. Still plenty of battery. Auto+ Sensitivity, deep all metal mode & volume down a couple of notches. Gold bit number 9 One more to go. Come on..... A few minutes later & it came Number 10. Cool. Time to go. Couldn't help myself & kept detecting as I walked out. Got another signal & gold bit number 11. Somehow when I got home to wash & weigh I lost a piece. Bugger. So 10 bits here for the Gold Monster .53 of a gram First swing of the Gold monster for quite a while & it didn't fail to produce on absolutely flogged ground. Loved the damp conditions & although I am not too much of a fan of this tiny gold & all the effort that goes into it, it is a bit of a novelty & a fun way to fill in a few hours close to home on a nice cool wintery but sunny afternoon. Cheers Good luck out there JW