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  1. Awesome job Dukeboxer! The statement you made about using the tip of ther coil caught my eye. I use the tip of the coil a lot and seldom use the pin point button. Glad you're liking it. I really like mine too!
  2. I've used the whites trx and the garrett carrot with no emi issues from either one.
  3. Tometusns

    Still On Cloud 9

    I hope these pics will convey how I feel about the Equinox. 😍 99% found in pk1, default settings except iron bias set at 3. Sensitivity set to what location dictated. Tom
  4. Tometusns

    50 Tones Or.....

    flakmagnet, that one statement got me to thinking as well. It just seemed to make sense. So I set up field 1 just like pk1 but with 50 tones. I thought they would be similarly weighted is why I used those two. I've been listening to targets in both to compare the differences. It will certainly take some time but....I love this hobby and if something helps me to be better at it. I'll give it a go. Tom
  5. I checked 13 war nickels. 9 came up solid 13's, 1- 12/13's, 2- 13/14's and 1- 14/15's. No explanation just what they came in at.
  6. Happa54, Just want to add when sweeping a nickel target and a14 pops in I don't like it... but war nickels will hit there so even though most of the time that's a bad sign it could be a war nickel. Obviously more tabs than war nickels. With that said I'll dig them (a 14 popping in) more often in a yard than in a park where tabs abound. Same way going down 11,12 could be a beaver tail but it could also be a v or shield nickel. On the extremes I've had a worn v with a 10 popping in and even a 15 showing up on one war nickel. Location and how many times a bad number pops in are the main factors that determines when I dig a nickel signal. But I dig a lot of nickels... and tabs too...lol. Good luck... hope that helps a little. Tom
  7. Happa54, you will certainly miss some v and/or shield nickels unless you drop it down. 10 to 14 with 11,12,13 being the main numbers. It seems it's always better if there are just two main numbers but that's not always the case. I've got to get a war nickel before the end of the month to do the nickel sweep. Last month I found all but the war nickel in one day. Buff and v from a yard and shield from a park. I was pretty stoked. The Equinox loves nickels!! Good luck!! Tom
  8. Tometusns

    The Past Couple Of Hunts...

    Nice job Steve! Good write up as usual.
  9. Tometusns

    Flutie Tones

    Well, that maybe true from guys who like 50 tones but not from me.. lol I had my etrac set up to more traditional tones. I read the Andy S. manual and one of the guys in there didn't like the warble either. He told how to set it up to a more traditional sound. Much better for me! Good luck with 50 but I honestly believe the feel for what's good or not comes with time hearing any machine's different tones on good and bad targets. Good luck!!
  10. Tometusns

    Flutie Tones

    Mark, are you in 50 or 5 tones?
  11. Thanks Steve, nice write up on your comparisons.
  12. Tometusns

    Short Relic Hunt With The Equinox 800

    Nice hunt with an awesome find Cal!! Congrats!!
  13. Tometusns

    Hello E800 - Hat's Off To E600

    Congrats on the half Tim!!
  14. Tometusns

    Trouble Turning My Equinox Off & On

    A friend of mine had to send his back because the on /off switch quit working completely. He called minelab on a thur. Had a shipping label within minutes. He mailed it on fri. A new unit was put on his shaft and he had it back on the following thur. They paid shipping both ways and the whole process from the time he notified them till he had the detector back, one week. He was sad it broke but very happy with minelab customer service. Good luck!
  15. Tometusns

    6"x10" Coil For Minelab Equinox

    I would Love to have a 6x10 coil for the Equinox. I have very seriously thought about just waiting until it happens before getting another coil. I mostly hunt yards and the 6x10 would be my everyday coil for sure.