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  1. ColonelDan

    Nox Detecting Question

    Steve has given you some very sound advise. I would also add that after noise canceling as he suggests, auto ground balance then adjust sensitivity. Just the view from my foxhole...
  2. ColonelDan

    Scoop For Small Jewelry Detecting In Water

    Steve, Before buying another scoop, you might consider attaching 1/4" stainless steel mesh on an area of one of your current scoops to see how you like it. I did that on my Stealth 920 and it will definitely catch the small stuff.
  3. For fast and easy, the EQX manual suggests; turn it on, choose a mode, noise cancel and go detecting. In my particular case however, I've found adding the auto ground balance step enhances the performance of my EQX in this particular area. I get deeper, clearer target hits in my test garden anyway when I add that one additional step: Turn it on, choose a mode, noise cancel, auto GB and then go detecting works best for me. Admittedly, your area and ground conditions may be or will be different than mine here in central Florida but give it a try and see if you get similar enhanced results. I'd be interested in reading your opinion after including that additional step to "fast and easy". Just the view from my foxhole...
  4. ColonelDan

    Finally Got My Hands On A Production Equinox

    Re: Equinox shaft wobble. I didn’t experience any wobble in the factory shaft but then it was only on the EQX for about two hours. I really like carbon fiber shafts so I installed the Plugger 2 piece carbon fiber travel shaft the day my EQX 800 arrived. Solid as a rock. Not even the smallest hint of wobble. I tend to modify all my detecting equipment and seriously “personalize” it anyway so changing out the shaft on day 1 will not surprise anyone who knows me. 😉
  5. I contacted Wayne at MDS in the latter part of March and placed my order. Sent him a copy of my DD214, received the Minelab military discount and was #14 on his list. Received a personal phone call from him on Wednesday, 2 May, letting me know that it was in and would be FedEx'd that same day. He also told me that the ProFind 35 that I'd asked about was also in. I told him to throw one of those in the box also. Expecting the normal 5-7 day ground shipping, I was really surprised when I was notified that my package was a 2 day shipment...all at no charge! He also included one of his t-shirts...Army green. Perfect! Wayne and Doug were real pleasures to deal with and a true gentlemen in every regard. Can't recommend them and MDS highly enough. Thanks again Wayne. Now off to the beach!!!
  6. ColonelDan

    XChange 2: Windows 10 And Mac Os

    Thanks Steve.
  7. I've gotten some conflicting reports/answers on this question. Is the Exchange 2 program for the CTX compatible with Windows 10 and the Apple Mac OS. How about system requirements for the Equinox web based upgrade system? Thanks...
  8. ColonelDan

    1st Time At Beach With E-800

    Agree. I never disc out anything at the beach where I do 99% of my detecting. I set the tones to tell me what may lie under the coil. Too many times, good targets are found next to junk wherein had the "junk" been disc'd out, the good target, partially or totally masked by the junk, would have been passed up. More digging? Yes, but sand is easily dug. Just the view from my foxhole...
  9. ColonelDan

    Anderson Shafts Available Soon For Equinox

    One of the design features I really like about the factory shaft is its 3 piece construction...easily broken down and packed for travel. However, if that proves to be the source of wobble, the travel advantage isn't really an acceptable feature. The Anderson shaft looks to be 2 piece...not as easily packed but not as susceptible to wobble I would guess. I'll just wait and see how mine works with the factory shaft before pulling the trigger on the Anderson shaft even though I would prefer carbon fiber.
  10. ColonelDan

    Free Target ID Cards

    Truly outstanding Scott. Great job soldier!
  11. I hunt both on land and at salt water beaches. I own the Deus, have tested the Kruzer on land and at a salt water beach and extensively researched the Equinox 800. My personal conclusions in order of preference: 1. Equinox 800: Best on both land and beach. Waterproof and extremely sensitive to small targets, proven Minelab technology 2. XP Deus: Lighter but more complex than the Equinox and the control box isn't waterproof, 5 year warranty 3. Macro Kruzer: A distant third place; performed much better on a salt water beach than on land...which was surprising I will soon be selling my Deus and Excalibur II, keeping my CTX 3030 and Equinox 800 for all my hunting. Just the view from my personal foxhole...
  12. Colonel Dan's Detector Rack Anyone who is into metal detecting knows what its like to pack your vehicle for a day in the field or at the beach. This is what my SUV looked like...and that was on a very organized day! Two detectors, a shovel, a sand scoop, equipment bag and cooler Not much room left for Miss Mary's suitcase or art equipment when she goes along. Not much usable space for anything else really except for a small area behind the passenger seat. I'm sure everyone has their own version of this load plan but you know the deal. There had to be a better way. I experimented with different ideas that worked to some level of success but none that fit the primary Cavalry Principle of KISS. I wanted a system that was portable, i.e. easily and quickly installed in and removed from my SUV. It had to be solid and stable with some heft so my detectors could ride safe and sound without tipping over or sliding around back there. Secure vertical stacking seemed to be the solution for me. The question was how to do it. I thought about several things I could build or re-purpose and finally settled on an unused truck gun rack. It was solidly built for my intended purpose, had rubber protection on the hooks to prevent damaging the detectors and had pre-drilled holes I could use for mounting it on a vertical frame. I decided to use 2x4s: easy to build with enough weight and heft to provide stability for my detectors. I built a frame that was 20” in height, 24” in width with feet 8” long which prevents tipping over or sliding around when fully loaded with equipment. Padding on the back helps protect the sidewalls of my SUV and a layer on the feet adds an additional level of prevention against slipping. My detectors finally have a safe place to ride—they're happy campers! And my load plan now looks like this. Much more available space for Miss Mary to use any way she likes! Life is good!
  13. ColonelDan

    Moving To Florida

    Steve’s on target. We get more than our fair share of “depositors” but we also have more hunters than the average beach. Places like Daytona and Cocoa beaches get hit hard. Good luck
  14. ColonelDan

    Equinox 800 Video - Gold Chain In Salt Water

    Excellent video...great news. Good job soldier...