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  1. Rios; You should keep careful notes and save your photos. Your mining story would make a very good book weather you succeed or fail. I look forward to your next update.
  2. klunker

    Broke My Ferrite Ring

    The steering box fell off and broke a brake line on my way there. Next time you headed this way holler - we'll do a comparison of GB with ferrite vs. GB without. You might be surprised.
  3. klunker

    Broke My Ferrite Ring

    Gluing it back together is probably going to change it's values. To be honest I haven't used mine since after the first couple of times. I still question weather it improves detector performance in the areas that I hunt.
  4. klunker

    GPZ 7000, A Look Inside

    Whoa!!! I always thought the danged thing was full of sprockets, cams, pulleys, bevel gears.prawls , latches, bearings, shafts, pinions, bell cranks, clevises, and maybe a few solenoids, ballast resistors and mercury switches. It's become obvious that an idiot like me has no hope of repairing the thing. I'm simply devastated. Thanks for sharing the video.
  5. klunker

    Yikes - Big Change To Forum!

    Had to sign in to reply. It kinda scared me after reading the gold monster knuckle heads I thought "oh no! He's finally had enough" Thanks for all the work you put into this forum.
  6. The slide produced some nice quartz/ gold specimens with high copper content.
  7. Splendid! Just a note of caution. Beware of a great BIG guy in flip flops that has a very peculiar American accent.
  8. klunker

    Bench Monster

    It's nice to have a pup that can drive (1st photo) It gives you more time to look for possible detecting sites. I gave up on my pup so I'll have to teach Sourdough Scott. Nice gobagold.
  9. klunker

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    I'm sure he could use a good washing. I sure wish he had KWs' camera skills.
  10. klunker

    Know Thyne Enemy

    Thanks for all the replies. ClayD. and SH. wrote exactly what I was trying to express. This situation is a blatant, egregious abuse of authority. I will probably not pursue it further as the claim owner just wants to be shed of the stress and I still need to deal with the minerals officer on other projects.
  11. klunker

    Know Thyne Enemy

    I got a call at my business the other day. A miner was desperate to get some reclamation work done. I thought I had this guy pegged as another miner that made a mess on public land and now he is being told he has to clean it up. I was wrong. I ask his where the work was and what needed to be done. When he told me I told him this could cost several thousand dollars. He said he well understood the cost involved but the U.S.F.S. was going to keep his bond in addition to charging him for them to do the work which was several times more expensive than what I told him my work might cost. The work was to construct erosion control in his access road, remove a section of the road, and block off the road from future access. This didn't sound right and I told him I needed to see his Plan of Operation. He drove 100+ miles to bring me a copy of his plan. It was for occupancy for more than 14 days and to construct and maintain an out house- nothing more. The bond amount was extraordinarily excessive. I called the U.S.F.S. minerals officer to try to get a better understanding of the situation. She said that she considered the road as part of the reclamation. I replied "maybe it was but it wasn't part of the plan". She didn't care and if he didn't do as told he would be charged for the costs of the U.S.F.S doing the work. Somehow I managed to hold my smart@$$ mouth and my temper and politely said I believed the historic public road was protected by statute and she was acting outside of their own minerals administration guidelines, that if I could be shown a regulation, forest rule or any thing the claim owner signed or initialed that obligated him to eliminate his own claim access or something that gave her the authority to make these demands, I would immediately load up equipment and do the work otherwise I would need a better explanation from District Forest Ranger and Forest Supervisor. The claim owner received a call soon thereafter and was told he did not have to do the road work. The claim owner nearly spent thousands of dollars needlessly. So if any of you own a claim, please take the time to familiarize yourselves with regulations that apply to you AND regulations that apply to the regulators. Claim owners have more rights regarding their claims than what most realize. Please-no anti government rants if you reply. Thanks. Klunker
  12. klunker

    Four Tiddlers

    I think that to improve your success we need to manipulate the price of gold to about $72,945.00 per oz. You ,sir, are a very patient man.
  13. klunker

    Driving Off The Beaten Track

    Dang AU! I always thought that if I remembered my lunch, I was well prepared. Any photos?
  14. klunker

    Gravel Monster

    Your patience and skill has been well rewarded. It is now obviously time for you to invest in an air compressor, a jack leg drill, numerous cases of giant powder, fuse. caps and a box of matches. You could have an absolute ball!
  15. Thank you for the update Rios. I think everyone here is hoping for you to make a phenomenal discovery.