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  1. phrunt

    Doing The Monster Mash

    Hey Fred, You have no idea just how crazy JW is with heights, it's either on these dirt ledges with a 100 meter drop into a fast flowing river smashing away at it with his pick or on the side of a cliff with a drop down to a lumpy rocky landing and he's there not bothered at all. I'm there scared watching him I guess with his job he's up on house roofs all the time so has got used to heights over the years. I'm quite the nancy when it comes to heights however. I get wobbly knees on a ladder. In saying that we took our visitor from Scotland to do a Bungy jump yesterday, she was so sure she wanted to do it, the main thing she wanted to do on her trip, she paid her $205 and went out on the bridge and backed out, tried again an hour later when her nerves calmed down, backed out again. No refunds if you don't jump. A lot scarier to actually do it than to watch others doing it. But again, JW's done it And you're right about the gold size, they're considered big to me
  2. phrunt

    Doing The Monster Mash

    Jolly good read, thanks JW, A great story, looks a bit like where I found my GBP nugget the other day. Your jet boat story wasn't out of place, it just never had a chance to get finished. Thanks for the post, a .53 gram day is nothing to be sneezed at 🙂 Some really good looking chunks there too. Simon
  3. phrunt

    A Bit Of A Mixed Bag. Hope You Enjoy.

    I think we're all a bit weird around here Norn 🙂
  4. phrunt

    A Bit Of A Mixed Bag. Hope You Enjoy.

    Looks like we are in for a treat 🙂 Looking forward to the rest of the post. One of the best things about NZ is it's low population, wide open spaces with no people around. I greatly enjoy going places where there is nobody else around. Call me weird, but I hate big crowds and busy places.
  5. Outstanding information Jim, thank you! I very much appreciate that, I will have to give it a go. The coins come up like new.
  6. phrunt

    My First Detector

    The problem is I've found is there are a thousand little sub gram bits to one over a gram one... as a matter of fact, I've never found one over a gram 🙂, obviously this would be different in different parts of the world.
  7. phrunt

    My First Detector

    You're going to have a great time prospecting, you'll need to find a place with pretty big nuggets to use your detector, it's not going to be overly sensitive to tiny nuggets being a 13khz detector however using it's small 5" coil will help in that regard a bit. I have a T2 which is similar to your F70 in frequency and from the same manufacturer. Anything over about half a gram it's pretty good on with reasonable depth but struggles on much smaller than that unless its very close to the coil. Nugget hunting is one of the hardest if not the hardest form of metal detecting so don't give up if you don't find any straight away, it takes time. You might find it good for bedrock sniping, using your 5" coil hunt around in the cracks in bedrock and see if you can find nuggets that got stuck. Enjoy your new hobby.
  8. phrunt

    Detecting Old Claim In Alaska

    My sister lives in Burns Lake, Canada and she says the Moose are much more troublesome than the bears where she is, although the odd bear strolls into town. But a Moose running in front of your car when you're driving down the road is the biggest threat as they have lots of deaths from accidents of that nature. I guess we wouldn't understand here in NZ, our most dangerous animal is a rogue sheep escaped from a farm 🙂 The only encounter we have had with a bear is watching Yogi Bear on TV as kids. I guess I'd never consider shooting a bear unless it was trying to gnaw on my leg. If one was nearby me, I'd just disappear from the area quick smart. I wouldn't shoot one for "fun" and only out of necessity, I think that's more what kiwijw was saying too.
  9. phrunt

    What Is This Gold Detector?

    I was a bit worried asking as I didn't want to be rude seeing they'd only just arrived on the forum and because I like the Gypsies but I "really" wanted to know why 🙂, it's been bothering me as to why they'd do it. They gave me a good honest answer which I appreciated. They must of had a good season with it as filming for Season 3 has already completed and they said they were getting some nice results on the ATX.
  10. phrunt

    Detecting Old Claim In Alaska

    Hey John, I'm completely with you on this as I could never kill any wild animal, I even swerve for pests, but I thought the joke was he'd shoot his friend so the bear gets his friend and he gets away which is why his friend went all white as he got scared but he was joking. Simon
  11. I can't wait to hear your stories from this really great detecting Steve! I really love reading about peoples adventures in detecting when accompanied by photos. It takes you along for the ride.
  12. phrunt

    What Is This Gold Detector?

    Well, As you probably know I was wondering why the Gold Gypsies were using the Garrett ATX over their Minelab's they used last season on Aussie Gold Hunters, fortunately, I've been able to get an answer directly from them as to why, and no, it wasn't sponsorship like I suspected See Here http://community.paydirt.co.nz/t/aussie-gold-hunters/2755/6 phrunt Aussie Gold Hunters is much better than Gold Rush, more realistic and great to see metal detectors in action. You’ve been my favourite team in it. It maybe a bit bold of me asking, but why are you now running an ATX over your Minelabs? Was it sponsorship or do you have a performance based reason for the nuggets you’re getting? Thanks goldgypsies Hi Simon we decided to use Garrett ATX in the show because we have been doing Garrett training days and really wanted to learn more about the detector. Found it extremely stable on hit ground to our surprise but Chris did find it a heavy machine to use and the volume was too quiet for us. There was no deal done, we just thought it was good to have some opposition to just Minelabs being used in the show. I do think it’s funny that Minelab advertise during the show and there we are using Garrett’s and getting some nice results. But that’s what happens when there is no sponsorship deal, we can use any manufacturer of metal detectors if we like to. Would like to hear more feedback about the show guys Cheers Chris n Greg
  13. phrunt

    Found A Little Guy Today......

    That's a nice chunky one, did you end up weighing it? I was hoping to go for a prospect this weekend but this week was riddled with disasters so it's prevented me going. I am hoping I can get out next weekend and test my new Nugget Finder EVO 14x9, haven't even taken it for a run yet since getting it.
  14. phrunt

    Small Nuggets Vs Big Nuggets

    Thanks Northeast, in amongst all the crap there was some good posts in there, The one moneybox put up with a photo of his scales showing a big bunch of undetectable gold was interesting, even the SDC2300 and Zed had trouble finding it. Surprisingly that gold looks like my undetectable bit. I can't wait to test my bit on John's Zed now that I know even it can struggle on some undetectable gold. It's made its way to being my favourite bit of gold now It could even be why I am now the proud owner of that undetectable bit, John and I have detected together a fair bit, he uses his Zed mostly and I was mostly driving my Monster. His Zed may of walked right past it and I got it on my Monster following on his tail The VLF's seem to come to their own on this type of gold and see it no problems, it's just a shame they're hard to operate in the Australian ground. I really like VLF detectors but a lot of guys in that forum thread are really hating on them, I assume as they're hard to operate in the ground there, however a guy on there Tim was making a lot of sense about VLF's in Australia and he manages to operate them well in the soil there. In the right soil types they are fantastic machines and can find things you'd only expect to get with a shovel and pan. Confirms what everyone in the know has been saying, you really need both. a PI and a VLF or even a Zed and a VLF. For a long time I was confused by even the best prospectors on this forum had a Zed, yet were out using their cheap little VLF's quite often not even taking their Zed with them. Sure they came home with gold on the VLF but I was always wondering why they just didn't run their Zed and leave the VLF in the cupboard gathering dust. It's all making sense now.
  15. phrunt

    Detecting Old Claim In Alaska

    looks some nice countryside to detect in. Did you come away with some nuggets? Is that a gun on your hip? far out! I just have a pick hanging off mine, you know, for digging gold 😄