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  1. Can someone tell me how long the coil wire is? Coil through connector, Thanks Dave
  2. I am adding pictures, also this detector will come with a Anderson waist mount strap! Same price....Super clean, low hours! Thanks Dave
  3. Hello I have a very clean Excal II with 10" coil. This detector has the all important Peltor headphone mod. I have owned the Excal as a back-up to my Sovereigns. It has been lightly used. Pictures upon request. $850 Shipped. I would consider meeting in person in either Wisconsin or Michigan, depending on your location. Thanks Dave
  4. Wow! Do you need another grandson...........I am available! 😁
  5. midalake

    Equinox Beach Hunt

    The picture below is from my hunt yesterday. I threw out the trash before your reply. The trash was minimal yesterday with a few small "hot" rusted iron objects, about 15 or so trash items in total. I understand about digging everything, as I use a Sovereign GT in all metal pinpoint mode. I get the fact that depth and sensitivity go hand-in-hand. But if the Nox is concentrating too much on small items at the beach this may actually be a drawback. So do not get mad at me but I would not rather see and dig little stuff...especially stuff that goes through my scoop holes. By the way 367 pesos 151 coins in total and one lousy bracelet [no other jewelry].
  6. midalake

    Equinox Beach Hunt

    With all do respect.......I do not want to find the items in your picture. Dave
  7. midalake

    Short Bursts Of Intense Static Or Interference

    A couple of days ago on the beach. A friend got close to me with a power mega phone......My Sovereign went nuts, chirping like a canary. So you never know.....
  8. midalake

    Short Bursts Of Intense Static Or Interference

    Can the detector go in airplane mode?
  9. midalake

    First Beach Hunt…not Bad

    Put the coil cover in the closet and put a coat of marine epoxy on the bottom. Dave
  10. midalake

    3 Hours At The Beach With The Equinox 800

    I do not know, I have never had a failure in a coil except for the sheeting covering the wires....way out of warranty.
  11. midalake

    3 Hours At The Beach With The Equinox 800

    In my opinion, the most pressure on your shaft is when you are moving it in water or when you have water rushing by it. The coil is the heaviest part, putting all the pressure on the portion of the shaft above the coil. Personally I do not want to weaken that portion of the shaft. Due to water weight, sand, the ease of taking the shaft apart....keep the water/sand out to begin with. I have drilled a hole in the end cap of my custom straight shaft by my arm. When I am done I just point the coil in the air and if a drop or two comes out that is a lot. D
  12. midalake

    3 Hours At The Beach With The Equinox 800

    A few people here have been talking about issues/problems with salt water detecting. I will address a few of the problems and solutions. Your scoop......When putting your travel scoop together do so with some heavy white grease on both portions. Then Put electricians tape around the seam. This will keep water and sand out, also allows the white grease to remain longer. Every month re-do it. Coil covers... Throw the coil cover in your closet. It has no place being on a detector in the water. To protect the bottom of the coil take JB weld or two part marine epoxy and brush a thin layer all over the bottom side. Mine will last about a year, just touch-up missing areas as necessary. Your shaft....PLEASE do not drill lower holes... Again use a heavy White Grease to put your shaft together. Also use Black Electricians tape to cover all water/sand entry points. If you have issues with the tape unwinding use silicone caulk on the last 1" or so. Same as the scoop about monthly just remove the tape and re-do the connection. point. Edit/add......if you are breaking in a new coil to be coated with epoxy, it is better if you do run it in the sand some to dull the surface of the factory coating. The epoxy will adhere better...of course clean well before applying. Dave
  13. midalake

    My New Treasure Talk Blog - Equinox 600 Vs 800

    Partially taking you advise. Off for a 3-4hr Salt water hunt. D
  14. midalake

    My New Treasure Talk Blog - Equinox 600 Vs 800

    Well that is a disappointing answer. I just want to say you are the one stating these two machine are identical. If your not sure where does that leave me? That the difference in Iron Bias adjustment and I will throw in recovery speed adjustment as well.........maybe these machines are not the same! Also to mention a PI machine in the same breath with an Equinox is a horrible comparison in my opinion. Dave
  15. midalake

    My New Treasure Talk Blog - Equinox 600 Vs 800

    So Steve Assuming one wants one of these machines to hunt salt water. How can one justify the Iron Bias settings between the two detectors? The 600 comes preset at 2, The 800 comes preset at 6..............The 600 has a max setting of 3..........This seems like a complete disconnect. And yes I know a 3 setting on a 600 is 6 on the 800. But the 600 is missing settings 7 and 8. Am I really going to be able to get rid of bobby pins and nails at the beach with the 600? Dave