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  1. Chase Goldman

    Question On Recovery Speed And Iron Falsing And Depth

    I addressed this in my response to you on this topic in your other thread here: http://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/6800-settings-and-4th-hunt/?do=findComment&comment=70565
  2. Chase Goldman

    Wall Charger?

    A LOT of confusion on this whole charging thing: The Equinox draws 1.7A (current) at 5 Volts DC. At that rate, the Equinox will charge up in about 4 hours from "empty". If the charger is designed to limit current to less than 1A (e.g., computer USB ports which can only typically put out 0.5 A of current) then the Equinox will just charge slower and just take the current that the source will allow. That is why ML recommends the name brand 2A+ rated chargers, since these chargers can source the maximum current that the Equinox needs to charge at the maximum rate. Higher current rated 5VDC USB chargers will not harm the Equinox as the Equinox will only draw the maximum current its charge circuit will allow (about 1.7A). Additionally, as Phrunt said, the Equinox does not support any of the proprietary rapid charge protocols. However, ML wants you to stay away from medium duty, non-current regulated (cheap) 1A chargers that are not designed to throttle back current so they will attempt to potentially source current greater than their rating as the Equinox can suck up to 1.7A, and that may result in in overheating or of the charger or having the charger shut down on thermal overaload. Niether of which will harm the Equinox, however, they may interrupt your Equiox's charge or worst case catch on fire which is not a good thing to happen right next to your Equiox, plus risking damage to your precious, proprietary Equinox charge cable. So just get a beefy charger (2A or greater) from a reputable electronics power supply manufacturer and you should be all set.
  3. Chase Goldman

    Settings And 4th Hunt

    The Equinox is designed to be operated near the middle to top of its recovery speed settings. In the manual, ML actually describes how higher recovery speed settings result in less ground feedback noise. Not only does this improve target separation in dense trash, it also lowers noise which increases relative depth and also makes iffy junk target signals stand out better, as you experienced. A lot of folks, latch onto the fact that theoretically, lower recovery speeds increase detection depth. While this may be true under ideal circumstances (no trash, no mineralization), the fact is that real world detecting situations typically encompass more challenging conditions where the advantages of high recovery speed outweigh raw depth capability and the result is increased "relative" depth for the conditions at hand. This means that the Equinox with high recovery speed and the advantages of MultiIQ can beat slower depth monsters like the CTX at their own depth game when the site is trashy and/or ground conditions are less than ideal. So generally, you should try to run the Equinox at the mid or high recovery speed settings.
  4. Chase Goldman

    66 Audio-bts Pro Bluetooth Headphones Aptx Ll

    How did you know that was Emily's response. Lol.
  5. Chase Goldman

    66 Audio-bts Pro Bluetooth Headphones Aptx Ll

    This is what I got back from 66 Audio: "Thanks for reaching out! I checked with my technical team. Unfortunately, Pro Voice is not APTX LL compliant. " So that's that. Oh, well. Thanks SD for the firmware. Otherwise, I think the 66 Audio Voice Pro phones are the ticket for workouts so I may take a look at the BTS Pros separately for Equinox.
  6. Chase Goldman

    66 Audio-bts Pro Bluetooth Headphones Aptx Ll

    Unfortunately, despite 66 Audio touting the Voice Pros as an "upgrade" to the BTS Pros, it appears they dropped APTX LL support as they only pair up as APTX with the Equinox. Useable but noticeably more laggy than APTX LL. I have queried 66 Audio tech support to verify this. The 66 Audio site lists ambiguous specs for the Voice Pros, implying both APTX and low latency but never specifying APTX LL explicitly, unlike the BTS Pros which are explicitly spec'd to APTX LL. Disappointing.
  7. Chase Goldman

    I Admit That I Am Stumped And Now Seeking Help

    Agreed. That's why Sinclair is laughing at my post. Staffydog Matt insisted to Sinclair that the bottle cap ID method was "99% accurate", now it's "dig it all" so I was (and still am) interested to hear from Matt what changed his mind. [and also interested to hear whether he cleaned up in the wake of the coastal storm]. It seems some folks tend to one extreme or the other, when the answer is likely somewhere in between, at least that has been my experience. I still dig bottle caps but I have found the Equinox audio to be telltale enough to allow me to "play the odds" if pressed for time using Matt's method or variations on that theme. It is by no means fullproof nor is it 100% impossible to differentiate bottle caps from desirable targets. But I know that is a pitifully boring answer versus attention grabbing headline type post claims. Nothing wrong with "dig it all" advice, since that is the only way to be 100% sure of anything, but I have not found the Equinox to be a machine that necessarily forces me to do that.
  8. Chase Goldman

    I Admit That I Am Stumped And Now Seeking Help

    Not what you said here re bottlecaps. What changed?
  9. Chase Goldman

    I Just Did A Coin On Edge Test....

    Don't forget to use Park 2 on the dry sand so you don't miss out on all the on edge silver... the results might just "shock" you... HH
  10. Chase Goldman

    66 Audio-bts Pro Bluetooth Headphones Aptx Ll

    I decided to take the plunge but with the slightly upgraded/newer Pro Voice model which is actually cheaper than the older BTS Pro by about $40US on Amazon. The newer version appears to be the same as the BTS Pro (including APTX LL) but has Alexa Voice integration built in (which I plan to immediately disable - lol), but more importantly, has blue highlights vs. the flourescent green or orange (fan of neither) colors of the BTS Pro. See: https://www.66audio.com/pro-voice/buy And 66 AUDIO - PRO Voice - Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Amazon Alexa Voice Recognition Technology https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079J34T9L/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_ZOwjBbAAH0ZQK
  11. I've often thought it would be neat to have some sort of augmented reality app with smart glasses that would give you some sense of your swing pattern and coil coverage at a given site as an aid to the detectorist. GPS alone is not accurate enough to do this so it gets mighty complicated, mighty quickly.
  12. Chase Goldman

    I Just Did A Coin On Edge Test....

    Believe me, Matt is taking advantage of that fact. This particular dead horse is being dragged to several venues for its beatings. Lol. All kidding aside, for dry sand beach hunting where this MIGHT be an issue, nothing prevents you from using Park 2 or Field 2, if you are that worried about it, Matt. Those modes will work just fine in the dry sand (wet, not so much). Not many, if any, other detectors would even give you that option if they had a similar "blind spot". Accordingly, IMO it is a non problem and that is why I am concerned ML might actually TRY to fix it and inadvertently break something I DO care about. Furthermore, theoretically, the Beach modes, being low frequency weighted, should not hit that hard on gold, either. Far from being histrionic about that, folks are killing it out there plucking gold goodies off the beach. In fact, I have found my Equinox gold targets exclusively in Beach mode. Fretting about a very niche, low probability target situation is not worth getting stressed out over, IMO. If you are not finding keepers at the beach with Equinox (where it impresses me the most), then, yeah, Equinox is not your cup of tea.
  13. Chase Goldman

    I Admit That I Am Stumped And Now Seeking Help

    Randy, What Tom was saying is Blank all segments first, then use all metal in DETECT mode to scan a desirable target's ID, record it, so you can go into the accept/reject SETTINGS screen and manually individually accept back in the desirable targets by their recorded TIDs you obtained in AM mode and manually stepping through the range using +/-. Tedious but doable. The Equinox is set up in detect mode assuming you are only going to reject a few trash targets you encounter, not most of the range, so it is impossible to do from there unless you have a sample of every piece of trash you might encounter. Agree the CTX sounds easier to setup in this regard and appears to be the tool for the job because you are going purely by TID, not audio, and the CTX can be more selective in this regard.
  14. Chase Goldman

    Second Hunt With The Nox 600 And More Silver

    That is exactly how I feel about Field 2 vs. Park 2. Nice saves.
  15. I think it's probably just coil coverage, but Field 2 should be similar to Park 1 as far as clad is concerned as they are both weighted to the lower frequencies and hence higher conductors. There should be no scientific reason why Field 2 Should have performed better than Park 1, unless the targets were masked by trash/iron and missed due to iron bias settings (which are high by default in Park 1). I frequent a small recreational field that I swear I have covered every square inch, and although it is occasionally refreshed with fresh drops, Ialmost always find older dropped dimes and quarters where I have sworn I previously swung my coil. All user adjustable settings being equal (disc, tone breaks, # of tones, recovery speed, iron bias), it is still a mystery to me what Multi IQ secret sauce differentiates Park 1 from Field 1 and Park 2 from Field 2.