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  1. Ridge Runner

    Tom Boykin What’s New In White’s?

    Tom It’s good to hear from you anytime and a pleasure to have you on the forum. Oh I receive the newsletter from White’s for sometime.I look forward on getting it with the hope that something new is on it’s way. A new detector is like a new car in it may not have that smell but has the excitement of something I’ve never had before. To be truly exciting it has to have something that no other detector has had but if it does it has to out shine way beyond what may came before it. If a detector is on the market and you can’t exceed that detector beyond anyone wildest dreams you have nothing. One detector came out not to long ago I think that has gone beyond any expectation a person could have. If you can’t exceed what I’ll call top of the line of detectors. Then you just as well pack up and go home . I’m saying you’re a day late and a dollar short. What I mean by that is what your selling is history and like history it’s in the past. Chuck
  2. Ridge Runner

    Detecting Old Claim In Alaska

    Looks as if one has a GMT and the other GP of what I don’t know. I do know that if a Bear came out of the brush you wouldn’t have time to kiss your butt goodbye. Chuck
  3. Tom you may have posted one time or another but if you did I didn’t see it. Just checking up on you and White’s to see if any new detector coming that you could talk about? Right now on this part of the forum I’ve seen more goings on in a Funeral Home than here . I’d even listen to a lie if you can make it sound believable. Hope all is well with you and don’t be a stranger.. Remember you don’t have to be selling something to say hello. Chuck
  4. Ridge Runner

    Equinox, Gold Monster, & Arizona Gold

    JW Like you said if left in the ground would have been a true test of the Equinox on gold . The trouble is that little word if . What I really want to see is that 6” coil in action like Bill was talking about. Being we live in a in perfect world how can I expect Bill’s video to be any different. i’m Looking forward to his next video he makes. Bill I thank you for your hard work and just seeing that pretty face is a pleasure to behold . That’s the way it is Bill and that is some got it others got to go get it. Chuck
  5. Ridge Runner

    MX Sport Comes Now With Waterproof Headphones

    Thanks Steve I think that’s what I had but over 20 years ago from White’s. Like you said it was hard wired to the detector. Chuck
  6. cjc More people on the beach the better is it is to find something good. That’s unless you’be been hunting on the nude beach. No pockets on Birthday suits. Chuck
  7. Ridge Runner

    MX Sport Comes Now With Waterproof Headphones

    Everyone knows how hard salt water can be on anything. I have four waterproof detectors and three with the cost around 8 hundred or more. Then a hand held under 2 hundred. I’m like a kid getting into a bathtub not sure if he wants this or not. That’s the same way I am with my high dollar detectors. I think that dollar two sixty nine detector with scuba gear will go first. Then if this venture pays off and I see it’s truly worth it . I’ll make my pick of the three. Chuck
  8. Ridge Runner

    MX Sport Comes Now With Waterproof Headphones

    I was wondering being White’s include the waterproof headphones if they was including the adapter cable as before. So I trot right over their site and sure enough they do. Question ; Is this the first time that waterproof headphones came with a waterproof detector ? Maybe not being White’s has one detector that has fixed headphones that I think I had one some time ago . Again I think this is the first you’re able to remove and use others. Whatever the answer it’s a great buy even if I don’t have them .😢 Poor me! Chuck
  9. Ridge Runner

    Rock Hound Books Give Away

    Phrunt If you had put your name in and been the winner you would have gotten it. Unless I say lower 48 then don’t be shy. Chuck
  10. Ridge Runner

    Rock Hound Books Give Away

    Ok everyone this contest is over and we have a winner.. SittingElf this is your day because you’re the winner. Please PM me your address and I’ll get it off Monday headed your way. Thank to the ones that played. Chuck
  11. Ridge Runner

    Coming Soon - Waterproof Wireless Earbuds

    I think that will be great to have over headphones. Before you ever had a jack for headphones I’d drill a hole in the detector box and put in a 1/8” jack to fit my earbud. I could hear great and left the other ear open to hear what was going on around me. The best thing they waterproof. I just have to remember to put it in my good ear. Like me and some others we do have better hearing in one ear over the other. Chuck
  12. Ridge Runner

    MX Sport Comes Now With Waterproof Headphones

    I hear you Steve but this is my first time seeing the ad. What can I say. You’re in the know and I don’t know. I took a look at what you had posted. That was a year ago today as you said. Chuck
  13. I was in a bookstore and pick up a copy of Western & Eastern Treasure mag. I flipped over to the inside of the front page and low & behold was a big blow up of the MX Sport. You may say what the big deal being I have one. What put me in a state of shock Is when I read Waterproof Headphones Included. The price is the same as it always been. All I can say is people is if you’re looking for a great buy look no further. Look down in the left hand corner of the picture at the number of coils that White’s offer for the Sport. Chuck
  14. Ridge Runner

    White's Sierra Pulse Pro (White's SPP)

    I do remember now when I got the TDI the coil said on it Dual Field. When I got the SPP and seeing the same looking coil all I said was great. I guess this didn’t come to my attention because of it sitting in the corner most of the time. Old saying is seeing is believing but in this case you can’t believe what you see. Oh well it was and still is going strong at a great price. It’s like that Special TDI SL with Miner John’s coil on it and it too is a great price. My problem is I don’t like the tan color! Me they could have stayed with black. I know to some that may sound stupid but again that’s me. Maybe my Mama bounce me on my head when I was a baby 👶. Chuck PS White’s all I can is next time you make a big decision like that you really need to call me. I been thinking what would be a good name for the Special. Hang on after this they will be flying off the shelf. T D I SSL and leave it black
  15. Ridge Runner

    White's Sierra Pulse Pro (White's SPP)

    Got home and the first thing was check my coil . It looked to be a dual field coil but that all it is just looks. Chuck