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  1. Minelab Pro-Find 35 technology: Minelab’s Detector Interference Free (DIF) technology significantly reduces interference with an operating metal detector, when the pinpointer is switched off, by disengaging the pinpointer coil’s magnetic field.
  2. SittingElf

    Minelab, Eq, Availability Suggestion

    Wow! Sorry you feel that way. I suspect you would also complain about different models of the same automobile because you wanted the Bose speakers that were available on the XL edition, but not on the cheaper base model. These two detectors are already worth MUCH more than their selling price. The 600 DOES have wireless APTX LL capability but doesn’t include the WM-08 external wi-fi unit. Works perfectly with APTX LL wireless. So what are you after? You think they should include the $278 WM-08 for the extremely reasonable $649 price of the 600??? if so you don’t understand marketing. Oh, and the 600 DOES have the “gold” modes...just like the 800, just not individually.
  3. SittingElf


    Just got delivery! I'm now a bi-detectorist!😜 600 and 800 in the house! Now back to the manual to learn the differences and additions with the 800! Cheers, Frank
  4. SittingElf

    Anyone Using The Garrett Z-Lynk Module?

    I think Steve is selling a New WM08 with or without the charging cable...or at least he was last week... HAH! Wrote that above as you were posting yours!! LOL! Birds of a feather....
  5. SittingElf

    Homemade Scuff Cover / Skid Plate

    Seems like a no-brainer for some enterprising entrepreneur to work with a Chinese factory to produce third party skid plates. Thousands of potential customers amongst the Equinox crowd...all with 11" coils.
  6. I use both the Garrett Carrot and the Minelab Pro-Find 35. No issues at all, and both are waterproof to 10ft. I have not heard of anyone with an Equinox having issues with ANY modern pinpointers, and why would they? The pinpointers are not radiating unless you turn them on while using in a hole. You turn them off before putting back in their sheath or pocket. I would suggest that you research the different pinpointers, and just choose the one that has the features you want. You don't have to be concerned about "matching" the Equinox, or causing issues. It's not a consideration.
  7. SittingElf

    Great $8 Digger Shovel At Aldi

    The shovel has to dig, AND make a nice replaceable plug. That Aldi shovel is NOT going to do that job well. Remember, we have to be conscious of leaving no trace of our digging!
  8. SittingElf

    My New $10 Digger Tool

    Bought two of the cheapos for my wife and son. Problem is that they need to be sharpened to be effective. Very, VERY dull on arrival. Once sharpened, they work OK, but not what I would call superb by any means.
  9. SittingElf


    My number has finally come up! My 800 being shipped today! Should be pretty easy to learn the additional features over the 600 that I've been using for the last two months. Ordered on March 13th, and my dealer is shipping today. Bought with Minelab's full Military Discount. Thank you Minelab for recognizing those who have served, or are serving their country!
  10. SittingElf


    Yes. Via USB according to Minelab. The user manual reflects this.
  11. SittingElf

    Holbrook Arizona Meteorite Hunt

    Well, I think anyone could have spotted the PBR on the surface. 😜
  12. SittingElf

    Will Minelab Roll Out A Fix For Depth?

    Welcome to the forum...the BEST Equinox forum! If you do a search, you will find a lot of posts about Equinox depth indications. The reality is that the depth indictors are based on a specific target, and lying flat underground. Anything else is going to diverge from that depth indication. Most of us don't really use the depth indicator at all, but rely on aural indications of both search and pinpoint for better depth resolution determination. I have never seen a detector that accurately determines depth of more than a couple of specific targets. It simply isn't finite. The only time I believe the indicator is when the target is very near the surface, and it's showing one, maybe two triangles.
  13. SittingElf

    2 Nox's Or 1?

    In my case, I originally ordered the 800 and then bought the 600 that I could get immediately. We are a military family and move frequently. Our permanent home is on the Florida Space Coast. I will be leaving my 600 in Florida, where it will be primarily a beach and saltwater machine, and like Dave...a backup for my 800 that will move with us wherever we are stationed. That way I don't have to pack or ship my detector to Florida whenever I'm going to be at our permanent home. No brainer, really.
  14. SittingElf

    Blast To The Past With White’s

    I don't remember what model my first detector was, but I DO remember that it was a White's, Then Garrett's, and now after drooling over Minelab's for years, I will have two! Too long ago...and the brain cells are going faster than they are being replaced!
  15. SittingElf

    Rock Hound Books Give Away

    Count me in! I love old books and magazines like those.