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  1. delnorter

    Steve's Mining Journal Update

    I really like your new magazine type format Steve, and had not been very aware of your journal. What great resources of information. I think the magazine format will be more inviting to introduce new detector/prospectors. Thank you for all your efforts, Mike
  2. delnorter

    Gold & Silver Melt Value Phone App

    Thanks johndoe and Steve. Cool link and app. Mike
  3. Up here in northern California we usually leave an inexpensive tool/ shovel, a 5 gallon bucket and possibly a gallon milk jug with a name on it. This is along the streams where we would be digging in a gravel bar or close by for placer gold. Pretty well respected up here. Mike
  4. delnorter

    Newest Big Nugget Found..........

    Thank you Reg, Please don't take a lot of time with this search. I assumed it would be in chronological order. Steve has provided a link to this publication as well as others. I'll take a look see when I have more time. I was a land surveyor (not licensed) for about 30 years. We performed many, many surveys between public and private land here in the western US. A lot of it being retracement of the original surveyors of the 1800's. Imagine being paid to traipse all over hill and dale of the west and not yet be a prospector. Only late in my career did I become interested in gold and as such, geology. What a great deal to learn with limited time. Thanks to all who contribute here, Mike
  5. delnorter

    Newest Big Nugget Found..........

    Alright, thanks Steve. What a great resource. Mike
  6. delnorter

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome Steelheader, you're going to like it here. The steelhead are just starting to run up the Smith River here on the northcoast of California. Mike
  7. delnorter

    Newest Big Nugget Found..........

    Very interesting post and reference Reg. What is the earliest date nugget found in this report? Thanks Reg, Mike
  8. delnorter

    Minelab Equinox Full Specifications & Brochures

    Thank you Steve, really looks like a great detector. Mike
  9. delnorter

    Minelab Equinox Full Specifications & Brochures

    Thanks for all the info on the new Equinox detector. A couple of you have mentioned a great detector for a low price. Do you have the price range for the two models? Thanks, Mike
  10. Great thread with a lot of helpful information Steve. Thank you, Mike
  11. GB, looking at the photos of the river, I believe he means 850 cubic feet per second. Mike
  12. Nice gold Sjmpainter. That looks like a pretty swift current to be doing any kind of dredging in. What's your weight belt setup? mike
  13. delnorter

    Hello From Germany - Silvanus

    Good to have you join the forum Silvanus. I'm on the west coast and don't have any experience with civil war relic hunting. I'm sure you'll hear from knowledgeable folks on the forum about your interests. We always like to see photos of fellow hunters finds. Take care Silvanus, Mike
  14. Ya, Kiwijw, I'm also wondering if you have processed any of the material on the bedrock. I see a stream close by in one of the photos. Mike
  15. Great job on the LeTrap Harry. I have the full length one. I like the aluminum frame you're using. I;m sure it stiffens it up quite a bit. Not to long ago I ordered and received a Gold Hog Stream Sluice. I really like this sluice. I run it in quite fast water and basically don't classify at all. Just toss aside larger rocks (+3") as I fill my buckets. It catches small gold really well while kicking out most of the black sand. Post some results Harry. Hope all is well for you with the fires. We are getting a lot of smoke and ash from the Chetco Bar fire just over the border, east of Brookings, Oregon. Mike