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  1. I was just wondering if there was any plans of aftermarket coils being produced for the Minelab GM1000? I can think of a couple reasons why they would be welcomed. The coils seem to be impact sensitive, and the coils do not have good edge sensitivity.
  2. Sounds pretty interesting, if your in an area with heavy EMI, it could be a valuable tool. I mostly hunt very remote areas of Nevada, so only get the occasional airplane emi, or a random radar blip now and then but nothing steady or repeatable that is worrisome. But that advertised 1-2 points on the gain is tempting. Most the time my gpx runs very quiet. If you get sunspot emi this would be great too. Lowering noise level on a machine can not hurt for sure. I run the RF chokes on my coil wires near the box, not sure if it does much but maybe. I notice my GB2 runs considerable quieter after sunset so I think its affected by the sun in the sky. Pretty interesting topic for sure.
  3. Hybrid Half Sine Wave Nugget Machine.
  4. Mxt Sniper

    Scarab Mono 18”x14”

    Get a larger coil from Miner John, his coils are the best match for the TDI machines, even better than oe coils.
  5. Great adventure and cool old workings with all the tailing piles.
  6. Mxt Sniper

    A Couple Pounds

    Wow, very impressive, we all know the amount of work gone into finding that jar of gold!!! Congratulations!!
  7. Mxt Sniper

    Gpx 5000 Question

    I got a .55 gram porous nugget with the 14x9 evo/4500 last may in nevada, at a solid 8" depth, it was not a bell ringer signal but was easy to know something was down there. This was on a thrashed old patch gone over by many machines.
  8. Mxt Sniper

    Gpx 5000 Question

    I sometimes gauge a coils ability to hear tiny gold by the size of shotshell shot they can detect, my 14x9 Evo hits on #9 dove load shot pcs to 3" consistently and plenty loud in alkali gold areas I hunt in Nevada, am very satisfied with that, my 14" round elite mono barely can hear the #9 dove load shot pieces close to the coil. Just another way to gauge coil sensitivity to small gold. The Elite 14" round can hit 1.3 gram nugget at 13" in same soil. So it pays to have a few different coils with different strengths. I run mostly in Sensitive extra.
  9. Mxt Sniper

    Gpx 5000 Question

    Let us know how that Sadie works on the other two nuggets.
  10. Mxt Sniper

    Gpx 5000 Question

    Not too good of odds on those tiny ones, miss two and get one, maybe the new coiltek 9" round mono elite will pick em all up? The new Elite 9" comes out in May.
  11. That new form of ground balance is what interests me the most on the CZX nugget machine they are working on. Maybe VLF can play some much needed catch up to pi performance and depth in alkali ground.
  12. Mxt Sniper

    Contest For Small Power Inverter

    26 yrs total between two.
  13. Mxt Sniper

    Brazilian Gold

    Great catch Steve. Either machine could be something new coming to market. Maybe not what they appear to be.
  14. Mxt Sniper

    All-around Vehicle For On/off Road

    If you must go with a SUV type vehicle the only rig I would recommend is same as Steve H. A late model Toyota 4Runner in 4x4. You can't beat that 4.0L engine, driven 63 mph max it can get you over 20 mpg. Plus it has plenty of power to tow a travel trailer if needed, but don't expect over 13 mpg towing. I hear they are soon planning on putting the 3.5L in the 4Runner I wouldn't recommend that engine/trans combination, too much downshifting amongst other bugs. One other thing I would recommend if your going offroad very far, be sure and buy a set of tires with 3 ply sidewalls 8 plies tread or 10 plies if you got a large truck, such as the BFG TA/KO-2's or General Grabbers X3. There are not very many tire carcasses with 3 ply sidewalls on the market you will need these to ward off the sharp rocks from the sidewalls. They will get you there and back much better than standard tires. A lot of the 4 ply offroad tires look tough but are really not. Most of those have 2 ply sidewalls.
  15. Mxt Sniper

    Brazilian Gold

    Maybe that was some of that hybrid machine gold!!