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  1. boulder dash

    New Minelab Gold Monster 1000

    I'm going to just keep on using my 20 year old gold bug 2. I'm scared of monsters.
  2. Yes I have Chris, my 151 drywasher recovered 92% of recoverable gold with one pass. No unnecessary pre screening. Just used the screen it came with. Strangely it lost very little fine gold and lost the larger fluffier types of gold.
  3. Keene 151!! Mine is awesome on recovery. Can even run it damp with no loss of values.
  4. boulder dash

    GPZ 7000 Too Much For A Beginner?

    In my opinion master all the basics such as panning, drywashing, dredging, and hard rock mining. Once you have found a pound from each of those activities buy your detector. In my opinion detecting is the hardest to be successful at. 95% of detectorists never find a nugget . People skip the basics and because they do this they just guess and hope for luck. Experience is the best teacher. Good luck
  5. boulder dash

    Hot Time @ Rye Patch

    You killed it! Nice going for rye patch.
  6. 20 years old and the classic gold bug 2 can't be beat!!!
  7. boulder dash

    Casting Call For Gold Prospecting TV Show

    I also have been interviewed by two different production companys for TV reality shows. In my opinion it's just them pitching ideas to major networks. Obviously no networks were interested in the 2 different reality shows I did interviews for. Guess I need to work on my personality.
  8. boulder dash

    Big Drywasher / Blower

    Here is picture of my dry washer which is a 3 tray Keene 151 that I put together. We have a article in this month's icmj magazine if you want to read about our struggles. Has a shaker screen and about a one ton hopper. Gold is from only one clean out. Runs about 8 tons per hour.
  9. boulder dash

    How Important Is Getting To Bedrock?

    Your new, just stick to bedrock.
  10. boulder dash

    Does Anyone Use A Garrett ATX For Gold Prospecting?

    I used one for a day. Previously had found a few 2.5 gram slugs in the drainage. The mine lab 3500 could easily hear them from one foot plus. The atx on the other hand could only hear it from a maximum of 6 inches. Maybe I just got a junk atx machine or don't know how to detect.
  11. boulder dash

    Gold Police

    I couldn't tell 100% if they stole gold that was already out of the ground or were detecting?? Article was confusing. I'm learning that it was already out of the ground gold.
  12. boulder dash

    There Goes Gold!

    I'd be very happy with a consistent 1500 an oz. Much easier to make wages from gold.